Baicui [High Beauty Coffee Machine] Fantastic Home Use


Baicui retro Italian coffee machine, concentrated semi-automatic manual, household small flower milk foam machine, integrated steam type


This Baicui retro Italian coffee machine is a semi-automatic coffee machine that integrates a manual bubble machine and a steam coffee machine. It can provide high-quality Italian espresso and easily create rich milk froths, making it a multifunctional coffee machine suitable for home use. This coffee machine features a retro design and excellent performance, meeting all your coffee needs. This coffee machine is a great choice for both coffee enthusiasts who enjoy making their own coffee and beginners who want to try making Italian espresso.

Additional information






Foshan City




Chinese mainland

warranty period

12 months


Guangdong Province


111V~240V (inclusive)

pump pressure

10bar and above

Applicable places

Household use


Italian semi-automatic

Coffee machine brand


Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence


Foshan Shunde Baicui Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty trillion and one hundred and ninety billion seven hundred and seventeen million three thousand five hundred and thirty-four

sort by color

Green Green Package 1, Light Green Package 2, Retro Green Package 1, Green Package 2

package type

Official standard configuration

13 reviews for Baicui [High Beauty Coffee Machine] Fantastic Home Use

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    The machine is very satisfied and produces abundant oil.

  3. Anonymous

    It feels pretty good. You can make it yourself at home. It’s great.

  4. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Very beautiful and easy to use. I can make coffee at home. I’m happy.

  5. Anonymous

    The experience is very good. I personally make a cup of coffee every day, which feels great

  6. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: This color is really stunning, beautiful, compact and doesn’t take up much space.The functions are still complete.

  7. Anonymous

    Good looks, this green color is amazing and very beautiful. It also has a pressure gauge that can control pressure well. It is beginner friendly and easy to foam.

  8. Anonymous

    The appearance is very high, and the mechanical version is also better than the manual version. I bought a manual one before, and then the company bought a mechanical one, which is really useful

  9. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: The machine is very user-friendly, with high appearance and temperature control effect. It is very comfortable and suitable for making coffee at home. Types of coffee: very dense and greasy

  10. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: This price point confirms that the product is worth it. The foam can be made very dense, and the concentrated oil extracted is also very full, better than expected. It is just right for home use, and we recommend five stars.

  11. Anonymous

    This coffee machine is beautiful. I just tried it according to the manual and it is quite easy to use.There is plenty of steam very much.I hope to learn more about coffee in the coming days.Enjoy the freedom of coffee! Thank you to the store and express delivery.

  12. Anonymous

    Super beautiful green, even the packaging box looks great?? The instruction manual is very detailed and suitable for first-time coffee makers, making it easy to get started?? The accessories are all easy to clean, and this price is very cost-effective???? (Paired with the coffee I made for the first time?)

  13. Anonymous

    After referring to the seller’s instruction, it is super easy to use. It is a perfect first-time test. It heats up quickly and does not waste too much time. Drinking coffee by yourself does not require so much, but this machine already has very good coffee quality. It has enough steam and can froth milk very quickly.People who like to drink coffee really need a coffee machine of their own, so buy it early and enjoy it!

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