Four Seasons Muge Energy saving and Energy saving Small Sun Warmer


Four Seasons Muge Small Sun Warmer Household Energy saving and Electricity saving Warmer Small Warm Air Office Foot Warming Stove

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This compact Four Seasons Muge Little Sun heater is an energy-saving and energy-saving heater designed specifically for homes and small offices. It adopts advanced electric heating technology to quickly increase indoor temperature while maintaining energy conservation and environmental protection. This heater is compact, lightweight, easy to move, and suitable for use in every corner. It also has multiple security protection functions to ensure safe use. In addition, it is also suitable for baking and warming feet, making it a practical household necessity. Whether in the cold winter or in situations where temporary heating is needed, the Four Seasons Muge Little Sun heater can provide you with comfort and warmth.

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2 years


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Ningbo Ningda Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

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two thousand and twenty-two trillion and ten billion seven hundred and seven million four hundred and eighty-two thousand four hundred and twenty

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White, Recommended by the store manager for white [2-meter extended extension line], White Upgraded Shake Head Style, White shaking head style [extended extension cable by 2 meters], White Plus (Home Edition)

20 reviews for Four Seasons Muge Energy saving and Energy saving Small Sun Warmer

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    I have been using it for a week and it is very warm. I don’t have to worry about winter anymore. Very good

  3. Anonymous

    The heater is very good, it is super convenient to step on without bending down, and the two light tubes can be adjusted by oneself

  4. Anonymous

    The heating speed is very fast, even at low temperatures, it is very hot, and the brightness is also very low, which does not harm the eyes

  5. Anonymous

    This grill is quite energy-efficient, with only about one degree of electricity per day. It is very useful and has a strong firepower. I also like it.

  6. Anonymous

    Old brand, trustworthy and durable. The foot switch is very convenient, and the shaking head function is also easy to use. It is also safe to prevent tipping

  7. Anonymous

    It is really warm, and you can shake your head, and the up and down angles can be adjusted to a certain extent. The advantages over other brands are obvious.

  8. Anonymous

    The Little Sun Heater is pretty good. I tried it and it warmed me up instantly. It is also very convenient to use in winter and I no longer have to worry about frozen hands and feet.

  9. Anonymous

    The details are well done. Two patches are given with the stirred piece. When it gets dirty, you can just wipe it clean. I will continue to buy it next time. Sijimuge is a big brand.

  10. Anonymous

    The appliances and water heaters at home are all from the Four Seasons Muge brand and have been using this brand all along. Little Sun is quite convenient and cost-effective, worth buying!

  11. Anonymous

    After opening it for a while, it becomes hot and very warm. It fits the size of the office and can also change direction, eliminating the trouble of blowing on one side and easily drying out

  12. Anonymous

    The Little Sun heater is pretty good. It warms up right away after I turn it on. It is very convenient to use in the office. I don’t have to worry about my hands and feet getting frozen anymore.

  13. Anonymous

    It is really warm and quiet. It has two upper and lower tubes that can be adjusted according to your own situation. It is very user-friendly. I love it and have recommended it to other colleagues.

  14. Anonymous

    It is very easy to use, small and convenient, and can be used on the floor or on the table. It is too cold in the north this year, and it is very convenient to use it when I am on duty on the first floor. I am very satisfied with it.

  15. Anonymous

    The thing is small, suitable for placing at your feet, no need to bend down, just step on it and it will open, it keeps you warm during the whole winter, the only drawback is that it smells a bit during the first few minutes of opening??

  16. Anonymous

    It’s been very cold in Zhejiang these days, with temperatures as low as -5℃ at night. I bought a foot warmer and used it for five days. The effect is pretty good. The brand of Seasons Muge is quite famous. So the price is a bit higher, but it’s good for warming your feet, but don’t expect too much from the other functions.

  17. Anonymous

    It’s great. Although it’s small, it heats up quickly and is very warm. It’s good to only turn on one light bulb at ordinary times. It’s very convenient to use the foot switch, and you don’t have to bend down to adjust the switch. The delivery is fast, and the logistics is fast. There is a burning smell when I first use it, but it disappears slowly.

  18. Anonymous

    First of all, the appearance is small and exquisite, and the appearance is very good, much more fashionable than ordinary fans. Secondly, it can be turned on and off by foot, which is very convenient. It can also shake its head. Finally, the line is long enough, 2 meters, so there is no need to find another power strip. It is simply the little sun in my dream??.

  19. Anonymous

    It is very easy to press, and there is no odor (I thought it would have a little odor for the first time, but it didn’t), it is very warm, you can put it under the desk and turn it on, and you don’t have to bend over to press it, it is really nice. You can scan the code to verify whether it is genuine, it is very suitable for office and study, it is a good artifact to put under the desk for heating in winter. Recommended.

  20. Anonymous

    If you don’t turn on the rotation, there is no sound. If you turn on the rotation, the sound is very small and almost negligible. I like the silent feature very much. I don’t like the humming sound of the hot air blower. It’s a bit small, and it’s enough for one person to put it at the head of the bed. I don’t use it to warm my feet, but to use my arms to play with my phone. The heating effect is still good. It can heat up in a few seconds. You can feel the heat at a distance of about one meter, and the temperature of a stove can be felt at a distance of half a meter. It suits me very well. In addition, the product is also equipped with a level gauge, and the power will be cut off as long as it is tilted, tilted, or overturned. It is very user-friendly. The two heat pipes can be customized to switch on and off, which is very good.

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