COLMO Home Fully Automatic Customized Panel Dishwasher


Colmo Dishwasher Fully Automatic Home Embedded Customized Door Panel Layered Large Capacity Disinfection Cabinet Integrated Machine FB3


Fully automatic operation, simple and easy to use; Layered washing design, can be washed in batches according to needs, saving water resources; Large capacity disinfection cabinet, capable of accommodating a large number of tableware to meet the needs of large families; Embedded installation, suitable for various kitchen layouts; Intelligent control panel, convenient for users to operate. In addition, it also has multiple washing modes and drying techniques, which can be selected according to different tableware materials and the degree of stains, ensuring the best washing effect. Overall, the Colmo dishwasher FB3 is a powerful, easy-to-use, and aesthetically pleasing dishwasher suitable for various home environments. It is a good choice for both newly renovated households and those who want to upgrade their dishwasher.

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Foshan City

gross weight


net weight





Chinese mainland

laundry guide

Spray type

Spray arm


warranty period

72 months

Package Size


time to market

August 2022


Guangdong Province

Installation method


Maximum water consumption


Number of tableware sets

15 sets

Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

Maximum washing time

230 minutes

control method

Microcomputer based

Limit of stacking layers

4th floor

Intelligent type

Other Intelligence

Power consumption per time


Opening and closing method

front opening

Logistics delivery installation service

Delivery to door installation

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[No Panel] – Custom Panel, [Black Panel]+Host, [Grey panel]+Host

19 reviews for COLMO Home Fully Automatic Customized Panel Dishwasher

  1. Anonymous


  2. Anonymous

    Well installed

  3. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  4. Anonymous

    Not installed yet, please review later

  5. Anonymous

    After many twists and turns, we finally installed it and look forward to using it effectively

  6. Anonymous

    Good service attitude, the goods are really good, and the installation attitude is also very good!

  7. Anonymous

    Very satisfied, customer service responded quickly and quickly resolved any minor issues encountered.

  8. Anonymous

    Timely delivery, fast delivery, convenient appointment and installation, and professional installation by the master

  9. Anonymous

    The store's service is good. The product arrived the next day after delivery. It has not been installed yet. I will review it after it is installed.

  10. Anonymous

    Sound size: can be ignored. Cleaning capacity: It has a large capacity and is also very reasonable for storing things, which is a highlight of domestic products.

  11. Anonymous

    It looks ok. I haven’t started using it yet. I’ll try it again after moving. I’ve been adjusting the cabinet doors for a long time and they’re not perfect yet.

  12. Anonymous

    Busy with the master all morning. The master installed it very carefully and responsibly. The requirements proposed have also been met. Very professional and dedicated????

  13. Anonymous

    If the dishwasher at home breaks down, I will try changing it to a new colmo immediately. It has a large capacity and can be put down even with a large population. The washing is also very clean

  14. Anonymous

    The dishwasher is quite easy to use. There is still a little water left after standard washing + 1 hour of drying, but it is acceptable to me. It consumes about 1.2 degrees of electricity at a time. In short, it is very convenient.

  15. Anonymous

    I recently renovated the kitchen and decided to install a dishwasher. I have a thousand choices, and finally bought COLMO. Looking forward to it!! The delivery speed is fast, and arranging for a master to come and install it is also very fast! Extremely awesome in terms of service!

  16. Anonymous

    Sound size: The sound is very low. Cleaning capacity: It is super easy to install. Other features: It uses a customized panel, which looks very nice and is cleaned very cleanly. The master was very careful when installing it, and even helped to buy accessories. Cleaning before leaving, stronger than Siemens before leaving

  17. Anonymous

    Very user-friendly. This price is considered a high-end model, and it feels good to wash it. The installation technician also does not charge any fees and installed it for me in an afternoon. The appearance is high-end and atmospheric, the workmanship is also very good, and the noise is low. I strongly recommend middle-aged women to get one for themselves.

  18. Anonymous

    I received the dishwasher in the morning and a professional technician came to install it in the afternoon. I have been trying it out for two days. I used the standard washing function and the dishwashing effect is very clean. After turning on the ion heating function, there are no water droplets remaining on the inner wall of the dishwasher. , the bowls and chopsticks are very dry, other functions need to be gradually realized, and I finally don’t use them after guests come to eat.

  19. Anonymous

    The overall height of the countertop is 90 centimeters. The dishwasher has raised the feet and fixed them on both sides. The invisible handles and baseboards on top are straight through without cutting off. The installer installed it very carefully, and the door panel was installed perfectly. The water droplets inside were left during machine testing and can be stored fresh for up to 7 days. They can be washed separately from top to bottom, and specific usage will be provided after being moved in later. Promotional price discounts. The customer service provided good service, and the after-sales customer service even made a follow-up call.

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