Changhong air conditioning fan remote control cold and warm dual-purpose machine


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Light-noise tower fan bladeless water-cooled fan refrigeration unit

This Changhong air-conditioning fan is a multi-functional indoor mobile small air conditioner that integrates an air-conditioning fan, a household refrigeration machine, a light-noise tower fan and a water-cooled fan.It not only has a powerful cooling effect and can quickly lower the indoor temperature, but is also equipped with a bladeless water cooling device that can spray water mist evenly to keep the indoor air fresh.In addition, it also has a soft sound function, which makes almost no noise when running, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful home environment.Whether it is a bedroom, living room or office, this air conditioning fan can easily handle it and bring you a comfortable and pleasant indoor environment.Regardless of spring, summer, autumn or winter, Changhong air conditioning fans are your ideal choice.


Additional information






3rd gear





Power mode


maximum noise


Intelligent type


warranty period

12 months

Water tank capacity

Below 3L

Energy efficiency rating


Additional features


control method

remote control

working principle

Negative ions

Refrigeration method

Water cooling

Does it support sleep mode


Energy efficiency filing number


Air conditioning fan type

Single cold type

Air supply type

Natural Wind Standard Wind

Air conditioning fan timing function

Over 7.5 hours


Changhong Meiling Xinhua Technology Co., Ltd

3C certificate number

two thousand and nineteen trillion and ten billion seven hundred and two million one hundred and seventy-seven thousand one hundred and fifty-nine

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Mechanical version (free of 8 ice crystals) highly upgraded, Touchscreen version (with 8 free ice crystals) highly upgraded, Luxury version (negative ion purification+remote control+8 free ice crystals) highly upgraded, Flagship model (30x negative ion purification+remote control+8 ice crystals included) highly upgraded, Dual use cold and warm (remote control+cooling/heating+8 ice crystals included), Leaf less water-cooled mechanical model (including 8 ice crystals, large water tank, and air conditioning fan), Leaf less water-cooled remote control model (including 8 ice crystals, large water tank, and air conditioning fan), Learless water-cooled remote control luxury model (including 8 ice crystals, large water tank, air conditioning fan, and DC motor), Mechanical payment (free of 6 ice crystals), Humidification version (air humidification+negative ion purification+remote control+6 ice crystals included), Voice version (voice control+air humidification+negative ion purification+remote control+free 6 ice crystals)

20 reviews for Changhong air conditioning fan remote control cold and warm dual-purpose machine

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    The goods have been received. Very good service, good quality, recommended

  3. Anonymous

    Appearance Material: Very beautiful Silent effect: Almost no sound can be heard Power size: 65W

  4. Anonymous

    Fast delivery speed, high efficiency, and complete packaging. The three levels are comfortable and easy to operate.

  5. Anonymous

    Received it for two days, with high appearance and low sound, stable body, soft breeze, cool breeze, very satisfied

  6. Anonymous

    Appearance Material: Can be silent Effect: Can cool Heat Effect: Good effect, old brand High quality Power Size: Can

  7. Anonymous

    Appearance Material: Can also be muted Effect: Yes, very good, there is no sound at all Cooling Heat Effect: Ice cubes need to be added

  8. Anonymous

    The appearance is beautiful, and it is also very quiet. The wind speed is also adjustable in three gears, which is quite good. I am very satisfied!

  9. Anonymous

    Appearance material: good quality Silent effect: low sound Power size: high power Cooling and heating effect: good cooling.It is just right for us in Yunnan.

  10. Anonymous

    It’s really good and recommended to buy!! The refrigeration effect is very good! The effect is also great without adding ice cubes!?? Duoduo also has excellent service. Everyone comes to buy it.

  11. Anonymous

    Appearance and material: Smooth and upscale. Silent effect: The noise is a bit loud, but it can accept power. Size: There is an instrument that measures the function to be fully turned on at 40 watts when the next gear is reached

  12. Anonymous

    The real thing is really good, it looks high-end and has high quality.The Double Eleven event is awesome enough.And it’s leafless, very safe and easy to clean. It’s really good! It’s a product that you can repurchase. I like it!

  13. Anonymous

    The appearance is very good, with white as the main color tone, fresh and durable. Overall, the body feels good and does not take up space. The cooling effect is good, and the sound is very low. It is not afraid of being disturbed when sleeping

  14. Anonymous

    After using it for a few days, it feels pretty good and the wind is strong. I gave away eight boxes of crystal ice. It needs to be frozen first to make it cooler, but I haven’t bought a refrigerator yet. In this weather, I shouldn’t be able to use the mechanical model I bought at work. Just add water and use it??

  15. Anonymous

    The appearance is pretty good, high enough. The air conditioning fan at home was too low before, and I could only blow to my feet when lying in bed. Now this one is just right. Also, just turn on one gear when sleeping at night is enough, and the sound is not too loud. In short, it was a satisfying shopping experience??

  16. Anonymous

    It’s beautiful, I caught it at first sight.Later, I looked at many styles, and I still think this one is beautiful.Just bought it.Ha ha.There is a bit of simplicity in the freshness, and there is a bit of sophistication in the simplicity.There is a little tenderness in the senior level.Anyway, it’s beautiful.Also practical

  17. Anonymous

    I fell in love with this negative ion purification function because I have a smoker at home hahaha.I didn’t expect the purification effect to be so good. If you turn on this fan and a smoker smokes next to you, the smoke will disappear quickly and you won’t be choked by the smell of smoke like before.Really good value for money.

  18. Anonymous

    Appearance material: Appearance can be mute Effect: mute is OK Cooling and heating effect: The cooling effect is still OK. I am in south-southwest and it has become too hot to sleep in the past few days. Normally, just turn on the hair dryer. When it is too hot, pour water from behind. When the cooling is turned on, it still feels good. It can also be used as a humidifier, which is good.

  19. Anonymous

    Appearance material: It looks good and is easy to install.Silent effect: The mute effect is very good and will not disturb your rest.Cooling and heat effect: The cooling effect is very good, it is very cool when blowing, and it has a humidification function, so you are not afraid of the room drying out.Coupled with the negative ion function, the cooling effect is much better than ordinary fans.Highly recommended!!

  20. Anonymous

    I was pleasantly surprised to receive the goods. The over 600 air conditioning fan I bought at Mouli malfunctioned after only a few days of use, which was just too flashy. Changhong National Old Brand, Trustworthy! The warm breeze is very warm, there are many ice crystals! I will recommend the purchase to my colleagues and come back for review in the summer. In short, the price is fair and the cost-effectiveness is extremely high. [Customer Service Qingyun]

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