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Kefu UV disinfection lamp, with medical grade quality, designed specifically for home environments, has efficient mite removal, sterilization, irradiation, and ozone sterilization functions. Suitable for indoor environments, especially suitable for disinfecting intimate clothing such as underwear. This disinfection lamp uses medical grade ultraviolet technology to effectively kill various bacteria and viruses. At the same time, combined with an ozone generator, it can effectively remove odors in the air and keep indoor air fresh. Convenient installation method allows you to easily enjoy a healthy home environment.

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Warranty period

3 years

Switch type

remote control


111V~240V (inclusive)

Is it intelligent control


Lamp body material

ABS material

type of light source

UV light source


31W (inclusive) -40W (inclusive)

Control type

Intelligent switch control

Does the lighting fixture come with a light source


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Classic black basic model] 38W ozone free+three speed timer, Rose gold basic model] 38W ozone free+three time slots, Classic black upgraded version] 38W with ozone and three timing modes, Rose Gold Upgraded Edition] 38W with ozone and three timing options, Classic black high-end configuration] 38W ozone free+three speed timing+wall mounted remote control, Rose gold high configuration] 38W ozone free+three speed timing+wall mounted remote control, Classic Black Supreme Edition] 38W with ozone, three speed timing, and wall mounted remote control, Rose Gold Supreme Edition] 38W ozone+three speed timing+wall mounted remote control

20 reviews for Kefu Medical Disinfection Lamp UV

  1. Anonymous

    The countdown sound is very user-friendly

  2. Anonymous

    Good quality, recommended for purchase. Sterilizing lamp tubes can be used.

  3. Anonymous

    Very good, with a high appearance and a 30 second delay, the effect is very good.

  4. Anonymous

    It's very easy to use and feels safe to use. I recommend buying it. It works well.

  5. Anonymous

    Easy to use, believe in big brands. After using it, my son will no longer experience any allergic reactions

  6. Anonymous

    Very good, the quality is excellent, and the color is also very atmospheric and beautiful. It disinfects the room with confidence

  7. Anonymous

    Special function: Disinfection, brightness of light: Sufficient for home use, material and workmanship: Guaranteed for large brands, design style: Simple and odorous after use, this is ozone

  8. Anonymous

    The things are very good. The baby has been suffering from respiratory infections for several months now. In winter, there are many clothes covered in bacteria and dust. This one is much cleaner after use

  9. Anonymous

    Returning from Guangdong to the south, I am very annoyed by the smell of mold. After using the ventilation, there is still a fragrant smell on the quilt. It is used well at home and has been arranged for a reliable partner

  10. Anonymous

    I personally feel pretty good about it. I bought it because of allergies and disinfect it when I go out.The air is fresher when I come back, the irradiation area is large, and it doesn’t take up much space, which is great!

  11. Anonymous

    The usage is very simple, but I feel there is no need to buy a remote control. The dormitory is small, and a few dozen seconds is enough to go out.There will indeed be some smell after it is done, and the items will feel less moist.

  12. Anonymous

    Great, it has a timer function. It takes thirty seconds to close the door and disinfect when the person goes out. After disinfection, there is a smell of disinfection, which is very useful for daily disinfection in pet raising households.

  13. Anonymous

    It is very safe to use. After use, after ventilation and odor dissipation, the air has significantly improved, and it has been used very well. The effect is really great. The product quality is indeed good. The effect is very good, the product design is quite beautiful, and the appearance design is very attractive

  14. Anonymous

    It is cost-effective and I started using it immediately after buying it. Overall, it is very light and easy to use. I didn’t buy a remote control because there was a 30-second prompt. I feel that it is inconvenient to have multiple remote controls at home. The experience is very good. The rest depends on the durability. Got it

  15. Anonymous

    Material and workmanship: Rose gold is very high-end. Special features: This time, due to chickenpox, the scab has fallen off and recovered. After that, the entire room, living room, and toilet have been placed and disinfected one by one. The smell of the home is very good and fresh, and the living environment is also more reassuring

  16. Anonymous

    This sterilization lamp has a delicate exterior design and a high aesthetic value. The product packaging is very tight, with several layers inside and outside, and the sterilization lamp is very well protected. There is a timer, a remote control, and the remote control can be operated through a wall. There is also a delay start function, which is very comprehensive

  17. Anonymous

    In January, I bought it specifically to avoid infecting my family. I have used it several times and the disinfection effect is very good. I bought it for too much and it is very safe to use. The design is quite beautiful, it can completely disinfect the room without worrying about being damaged by ultraviolet rays. The product design is very beautiful, and the air is very fresh

  18. Anonymous

    This UV disinfection lamp is very professional and has a good reputation. Many friends around us are using it and have their own hygiene licenses. It is a true medical grade disinfection lamp and has been registered on the website of the National Health Commission. The workmanship of the product is really good, the appearance is excellent, the structure is reasonable, and it is very beautiful

  19. Anonymous

    I saw this germicidal lamp at a colleague’s house. It is very beautiful and has a very good appearance. My colleague has been using it for a while and said that it works very well. I also bought this lamp on the recommendation.The goods received are really good. The packaging is very tight and there is no damage at all. After using it, the ozone smell is very strong. After ventilation, the air feels very fresh.

  20. Anonymous

    After receiving the product, I opened it immediately and saw that there was no damage inside. The several layers of packaging were very strong and there was bubble packaging inside to prevent shock. The product inside was not damaged at all.And this one can be timed and started with delay.The operation is very convenient and safe. I always feel that there is an odor in my home. It is like buying a germicidal lamp to remove the odor. I have used this to sterilize several times. The effect is very obvious. The air is fresher and the odor is reduced. The effect is very obvious.?

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