Philips hanging ironing machine household pressurized iron steam


Philips Hanging Ironing Machine High Definition Household Boosting 8540 Intelligent Single Rod Large Steam Ironing Small Ironing Machine


Philips ironing machine is an intelligent ironing tool designed specifically for families. It combines turbocharging, large steam, single pole design, and a small ironing machine to provide a professional ironing experience for your clothes. This hanging ironing machine adopts pressurization technology to increase steam output, making clothes smoother and shortening ironing time. The steam function is suitable for various materials of clothing, whether it is cotton, linen, silk, or wool, which can be easily handled. The single pole design makes operation more convenient, making it easy to iron various styles of clothing. In addition, it is also suitable for small wardrobes, which do not take up space and are convenient for storage. The Philips ironing machine is your perfect companion, allowing you to keep your clothes neat and tidy anytime, anywhere.

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2 years

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3rd gear

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Household use

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0.9L (inclusive) -1.3L (inclusive)

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Vertical and horizontal hanging ironing machine

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20 reviews for Philips hanging ironing machine household pressurized iron steam

  1. Anonymous

    Philips is trustworthy. The ironing machine works well and is assembled by oneself, with fast air output and smooth ironing, saving money on dry cleaning shops.

  2. Anonymous

    Appearance Material: This one is a great ironing hanger with excellent quality. The marks on the clothes are smoother and of good quality compared to the previous one.

  3. Anonymous

    It’s very, very easy to use. It’s much easier to use than the 399 ones at home. Ironing clothes will no longer be a hassle.I won’t have to wear wrinkled clothes anymore

  4. Anonymous

    A product worth recommending, with strong steam, flexible ironing lines, and a large ironing machine surface. The appearance is also grand and upscale, very good, very good, buy it!

  5. Anonymous

    A great ironing machine! Unlocks various new ironing positions! It doesn’t damage clothes, which is so worry-free! After buying this, my husband rushes to iron clothes, recommended!

  6. Anonymous

    The hanging ironing machine has just been used up and is very good. It is truly a product of a big brand and deserves trust. It is much better than other brands of hanging ironing machines.

  7. Anonymous

    This Philips garment steamer has a nice-looking design and is high-end. It has full functions and is very easy to use. It has a large and even air output, and the ironing effect is very good.

  8. Anonymous

    The hanging ironing machine is easy to install, easy to operate, and has a very good ironing effect. The appearance is simple and atmospheric!!! Big brands are indeed at ease and highly recommended??????

  9. Anonymous

    The function is very powerful, and the steam generation speed is very fast, which is much better than my original portable steam iron. In addition, this ironing board and hanging clothes hook make ironing very convenient

  10. Anonymous

    The color is very stylish, and it is easy to assemble after receiving it. It is worth mentioning that the clothes are very smooth when ironed, and it is suitable for ironing all kinds of clothes. It would be even more perfect if an ironing glove could be delivered.

  11. Anonymous

    Features of the Garment Steamer: This Philips garment steamer is fully functional, easy to use, has large and even air output, and delivers great ironing results.Appearance material: The appearance design is atmospheric, good-looking and high-grade.It is the best garment steamer I have ever used.

  12. Anonymous

    I just received the goods this morning and immediately ironed more than ten pieces of clothes, which were very useful and had a large air output. A thick piece of clothing was quickly ironed. The speed is significantly better than the old model. Very satisfied. I have been using this brand all along.

  13. Anonymous

    Repurchase for the second time and give it to a friend.A very easy-to-use ironing machine. It releases air quickly and irons quickly. It won’t damage the fabric no matter how you use it.Since I bought this ironing machine, I no longer have to worry about clothes getting wrinkled. It can be done in two minutes without affecting work. It’s great.

  14. Anonymous

    After selecting Philips for a long time, I finally chose Philips, which was very easy to use. I ironed several clothes immediately after loading. It was very fast, without waiting. The ironing was very smooth. It was the hang ironing machine I wanted. I really recommended it. The customer service was very awesome. If there was a problem, it would be solved quickly

  15. Anonymous

    This Philips iron is very efficient. Compared with ordinary handheld garment irons, the lowest setting has a large air volume and a large water tank. It can iron 10 pieces of clothing at a time. The iron has a large contact area and can be ironed in one go. The speed is very fast. quick.The shape of the iron is very ergonomic, easy to operate and simple in appearance.The rice cooker provided is also very good, white, suitable for serving rice and porridge for one person.

  16. Anonymous

    It’s really good! It’s the best ironing machine I’ve ever bought. I usually have more silk clothes and have to have someone iron them. This time I can iron them myself, which is very convenient! Highly recommended~ It’s easy to assemble, for girls. You can install it by yourself in a few minutes. The ironing board above is very good. It can be used for flat ironing, diagonal ironing, or hanging ironing at various angles.The main thing is that it doesn’t take up much space, just find a corner.Good things are good things

  17. Anonymous

    The delivery arrived very quickly and I assembled it myself. It is relatively simple and easy to operate. It is easy to understand and not complicated. The machine is user-friendly and very good to use. I liked the two models, one cost more than 1,000 and the 2,000 one. I hesitated for a long time and finally bought it. This model can be said to be good value for money. It can be used many years ago. It was also made by Philips. It has been used for almost 10 years. It can still be used, but the functions cannot keep up with my needs. I have been laid off.

  18. Anonymous

    The product received a pleasant surprise. Firstly, the delivery is fast and the packaging is exquisite, giving a sense of brand quality; Secondly, the installation is very convenient. I asked customer service for an installation video, which was easily completed in ten minutes. Overall, it was very advanced and beautiful. The initial experience of the final product was great, with a lot of steam and a slight aroma. The quality and feel of the product components were very good, which matched the price very well. Currently, the overall initial user experience is very good?? Appearance Material: Advanced and good-looking

  19. Anonymous

    I tried it in a mall before and it felt pretty good. It doesn’t have any peculiar smell. It needs to be preheated when starting up, but the steam output speed is OK. Double-clicking can produce steam, but it is not easy to operate. The double-clicking speed is not easy to control. You may need to use it a few times. , the customer service attitude is very good, the overall machine is not bad, but the details need to be improved, the mesh behind the ironing board is not neat, there are gaps or scratches in some places, but it does not affect the use, the only bad thing is the logistics , I didn’t call and communicate in advance for such a large item, I just left it at the inn, but the inn refused to deliver it, and suggested sending it to SF Express next time… I can only say that the Zhongtong store near my home is really rubbish, but this has nothing to do with the store. Relationship… I paid a one yuan refundable deposit before and it has been refunded. I still haven’t received the gift. I will follow up after receiving it…

  20. Anonymous

    Philips hot stamping machine is a very excellent product, with a beautiful appearance design, golden luxury, beautiful appearance, and exquisite workmanship. The steam outlet speed is very fast, the heating is fast, and there is almost no need to wait much. The ironing effect is excellent, the operation is simple, and it is easy to iron smoothly, instantly restoring comfort and softness to the clothes. The steam size is moderate, with high pressure and strong concentration, fast exhaust, large uniform volume, continuous and uninterrupted, without flowing water, and the steam does not wet clothes. The storage method is convenient and flexible, with foldable hooks for easy storage, and the double pole rack is relatively stable. It also has a small footprint and a roller at the bottom, making it easy to move and labor-saving. There are five ironing modes and energy-saving modes, with intelligent temperature control that can be switched directly on the handle. It will automatically shut down when not in use for a long time, ensuring safety and reliability. In short, Philips ironing machine is a high-performance, convenient to use, aesthetically pleasing, safe and reliable product.

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