Remote Control Foam Aircraft Children’s Fighter Glider


Remote control foam airplane children's electric fighter glider model aircraft resistant to fall helicopter boy toy drone


This remote control foam airplane children’s electric fighter glider model is a toy suitable for children to play with.It not only has the characteristics of electric flight, but also has the flying method of a glider, allowing children to fly freely in various environments.It uses drop-resistant material to ensure the safety of children.It is also equipped with a drone function, allowing children to control it freely and achieve multiple flight modes.In addition, this aircraft adopts a child-friendly design, suitable for children to play, and is a good companion for children to play.This remote control foam airplane is perfect for boys to play with and satisfy their love and curiosity for flying.

Additional information


Zhibei Si

Item number


Toy type

Electric toys


Chinese mainland

Applicable gender


Aircraft type


Empty weight

Below 0.25kg

Does it include remote control


Applicable age group

≥ 14 years old

Applicable age

14 years old and above

maximum flight altitude

Over 120 meters

Takeoff total weight

0.25kg (inclusive) -1.5kg (inclusive)

sort by color

[6th generation/EU quality] Dark Night Black [Upgraded Colorful Lights/360 ° Roll/One Click Takeoff] – Sticker style, [6th Generation/EU Quality] Technology Grey [Upgraded Colorful Lights/360 ° Roll/One Click Takeoff], [6th generation/EU quality] Sky Blue [Upgraded Colorful Lights/360 ° Roll/One Click Takeoff], – Collect and purchase/Send remote control batteries/Exquisite color box packaging-, – Lifetime warranty/shipping insurance/15 day no reason return or exchange-, – Can the top 200 people enjoy an additional 10 yuan discount on photo and text sharing-

package type

[1 battery] Comes with remote control battery+shipping insurance+replacement due to damage+original factory accessories, [2 batteries] Comes with remote control batteries+shipping insurance+replacement due to damage+original factory accessories, [3 batteries] Comes with remote control batteries+shipping insurance+replacement due to damage+original factory accessories, Official standard configuration

20 reviews for Remote Control Foam Aircraft Children’s Fighter Glider

  1. Anonymous

    Fun. Going to the sports stadium attracts many people. My son really likes it. Easy to get started with. Two batteries can be used interchangeably for a while. The airplane has a cool design.

  2. Anonymous

    Did you start playing with the New Year gift you selected for your son as soon as you received it?? Easy to operate, quick to get started, and flying quite high?? Does my son like it and have a lot of fun??

  3. Anonymous

    Boys are born with a love for airplanes? A remote-controlled toy, this remote-controlled airplane brings joy to children. It not only develops brain power but also exercises fingers and reaction abilities. I like it!

  4. Anonymous

    It's very fun, my baby likes it, it has many functions, it's light and easy to operate, it's fun, it has a long battery life, it's a good idea to give it away for personal use, the packaging is nice and tall

  5. Anonymous

    The aircraft has good stability, and the outer shell is made of foam, so you don't have to worry about bumps and bumps. There are instructions on the remote control for easy operation by children, making it easy to get started.

  6. Anonymous

    The plane is very small and delicate. Two switches can be opened to automatically match and connect. It is made of foam, lightweight and resistant to falling. The flexibility of remote control buttons is very good. Both brothers and brothers like it.

  7. Anonymous

    It’s in good condition and very resistant to falling.It’s quite fun. When the kids have time, they take it out and let it fly, bumping into each other.It can also fly on the roof, the quality is very good, and it is good for exercising.With flash, it’s very beautiful.

  8. Anonymous

    The operation is very simple. I was still reading the manual when I brought it back, and the child had already taken off. The aircraft has good quality, is very lightweight, and is also quite resistant to falling. It is not a problem to fall from a height of a few meters.

  9. Anonymous

    The whole thing is made of foam, which is very durable and not afraid of falling. The operation is also relatively simple. The children started playing with it as soon as they received it. The plane flew fast and high. The children especially liked it and couldn't put it down.

  10. Anonymous

    Compared to the remote control I bought before?? It is easy to control and operate. The children have a good time playing. The quality of the plane is good, the flight is stable, and the foam material can not be broken if it falls off! Customer service is patient and has a good service attitude.

  11. Anonymous

    This adorable foam toy is not only durable, but also fun enough for kids to play with.It is simple to operate and children can get involved immediately after receiving it.The flight speed and altitude of this plane surprised the children. They couldn’t put it down and were immersed in happy play.

  12. Anonymous

    This aircraft is really easy to operate. My son figured out how to play it within five minutes of getting it. He couldn’t wait to take me for a walk on the lawn of the community.The plane can fly high and far, which is beyond my imagination. It is worth playing with children! My son likes it??????

  13. Anonymous

    Applicable age: 3 years old and above. Easy to organize: The outer packaging is fine and the internal parts are fully arranged. Baby features: lightweight and beautiful. The remote control is easy to operate. Children love it and love it. Material introduction: Beautiful, lightweight, and resistant to falling

  14. Anonymous

    This is a remote-controlled airplane that my child has been dreaming about for a long time. When he received it, he couldn’t wait to open it and start playing with it. The operation is simple and the child can learn it as soon as he learns it. The foam material of the body makes it safe and secure to play with.

  15. Anonymous

    The shape of this aircraft is so cool! How can a boy resist the charm of a remote control aircraft? I couldn’t wait to get it and fly it on the community basketball court. It is easy to control and a 6-year-old child will understand it after playing with it for a while~ The battery of the aircraft is Rechargeable, not only convenient but also full of power

  16. Anonymous

    This remote control foam aircraft?? So cool! Does the child like airplanes?? I chose this toy for him, and after receiving it, the child will assemble it themselves! I ran to the garden downstairs to play. Foam aircraft is well made??, The plane flies smoothly and the control is simple and easy to understand. Are children having fun??. Not bad, not bad!????????

  17. Anonymous

    I bought a toy airplane for my child. It’s really good. The logistics was very fast. I couldn’t wait to play with it when I received it. My son was very happy. The quality of the airplane is good and it flies very high. It’s also a rechargeable model. It can be played for a long time on one charge. My child I like it so much, everyone looks envious when I go out to play

  18. Anonymous

    The charging convenience of this foam remote control aircraft is amazing. Upgrade the modular battery! You can charge with the power bank and play anytime! Convenient and worry free!??? The operation is simple and easy to learn, and children can quickly master it. Moreover, the colorful lighting module makes night flight more colorful, bringing endless surprises and joy to children!???

  19. Anonymous

    This remote control battle?? The bucket machine is quite cool, a sixth birthday gift for children??, The little one is extremely happy!?? The foam body is light, flexible, fall resistant and crash resistant, and the quality is really good. The control method is also simple, it can achieve one click hovering in the air, and the child will quickly get started. With ease of operation, how happy are you??

  20. Anonymous

    My daughter went out to play with this remote control airplane, and she really envied a group of children. It has a novel and unique style, a design with lights, it speeds up quite quickly, and it is full of horsepower.I had a lot of fun playing outside, but I said I didn’t want to go home if I didn’t have enough. It’s a good idea to have outdoor toys like this, which can help you exercise. Mainly, your kids also like it.

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