Beautifying and lightening eye patterns, removing eye bags and dark circles, eye beauty device


TOUCHBeauty Electric Eye Massage Device for Brightening Eyes, Light Eye Lines, Black Circles, Eye Bags, and Eye Cream Introduction


TOUCHBeauty Eye Electric Massage Device is a comprehensive eye beauty device designed specifically to solve eye problems such as dark circles, eye bags, and eye lines. It combines electric massage, eye cream introduction, soft LED lighting, and Bluetooth music playback, making it a truly versatile eye care tool. The Xuanmei Eye Massager not only provides comfortable and deep eye massage, promotes blood circulation, but also helps to better absorb eye cream, significantly improving the effectiveness of eye care. Its Bluetooth music playback function allows you to enjoy a comfortable massage while listening to wonderful music and relaxing your body and mind. Whether you are a busy office worker or someone with high requirements for eye care, the Xuanmei Eye Massager is the best choice for your eye care.

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20 reviews for Beautifying and lightening eye patterns, removing eye bags and dark circles, eye beauty device

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    The effect of the eye beauty instrument is good. The use of the store is completely awesome and awesome!

  3. Anonymous

    The color is beautiful and the quality is very good. Use it to relax the eyes and continue to observe the effect.

  4. Anonymous

    I received the item, it’s very exquisite and I like it very much. I tried it last night and the effect is quite good. I have already recommended it to my good friends.

  5. Anonymous

    When consulting questions, customer service promptly answers them. If the problem is dealt with in a timely manner, I hope the store will continue to improve~Business is thriving~

  6. Anonymous

    It’s very comfortable to apply around the eyes. I haven’t seen the dark circles fade away just after using it, but after using it, my eyes do feel relieved from fatigue and look good.

  7. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: appears high-end. Usage effect: After using it a few times, the eyes feel tighter. Packaging and appearance: The packaging is exquisite and the design is atmospheric

  8. Anonymous

    I received it and I feel really good after using it. It’s worth owning. The packaging is intact and the workmanship is fine! Good quality! It’s especially easy to use with eye cream. It’s very good. I recommend it.

  9. Anonymous

    The packaging is very thoughtful, the texture is good, and the response is very sensitive. There are several gears that can be switched freely, which is very comfortable to use. The expected effect is worth recommending

  10. Anonymous

    The colorful white color is very beautiful, the packaging is also very upscale, and it is very comfortable to use. The metal head can be heated, and the vibration frequency can be adjusted to three levels, making the eyes very relaxed after use!??

  11. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: 99 points overall, one point less afraid of merchant pride. Usage effect: Used once, hot, strong vibration, good feeling. Packaging and appearance: High end appearance, first-class grip texture, frosted silver powder * grid is very high

  12. Anonymous

    The beauty device recommended by my best friend is really good. After applying eye cream, you can use this beauty device for massage. The constant temperature heating design can promote the absorption of eye cream, making it a beautiful and useful companion. Say goodbye to the dark circles under your eyes??

  13. Anonymous

    The packaging is intact. I bought it for my mother. She likes it very much. The texture is very good. It looks high-end and not expensive.Not only can it be used on the eyes, it can also be used on the face for easier absorption.It’s cost-effective to use for yourself, and it’s also very classy to give as a gift.

  14. Anonymous

    The colorful colors are very beautiful, and it feels like holding a handlebar. It provides a very comfortable hammering sensation when in use. The frequency of the three gears is different, and they are all very comfortable. When heated, there is a slight difference in the three gears. I was very satisfied with this shopping experience.

  15. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: This is really easy to use and has a very good effect in relieving eye fatigue.The baby is made of fine workmanship. Use it once before going to bed at night to relieve fatigue. When you wake up the next day, you can see things much clearer.Paired with eye cream, it can reduce fine lines and dark circles. It’s not bad.

  16. Anonymous

    The beauty device has a high appearance value, and the chosen dazzling white looks so beautiful! The dazzling pearl light is very beautiful! The packaging is very textured and comes with a charging cable! When using it to massage the skin around the eyes, it feels very relaxed. For those over 30 years old, the eye beauty device needs to be used every day!

  17. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: I took a unboxing video and the whole body is very beautiful, with a fluorescent white color and a good texture. The overall design has two modes, each with three intensities, including massage heating and heating micro current. It has the characteristics of an eye protector and beauty device, suitable for use with fine lines and black circles around the eyes

  18. Anonymous

    The latest new favorite?? I have been using it for skin care recently. I have tried my best to plant grass. As women grow older, they need an eye massager too much?? The eye essence is absorbed after a while. It is effective in relieving eye fatigue. It is also obvious that the vibration mode has a warm feeling, which is very comfortable for the eyes after using it?? This product is really good??, and I also recommend it to my best friends?? Will continue to use it

  19. Anonymous

    Effect of use: As soon as I got the baby, I couldn’t wait to try it. There are three gears that can be adjusted. It gives a constant temperature and hot feeling. It is very comfortable to massage around the eyes. I was born with heavy eye bags, and I work a lot. I face the computer every day, my eyes are very tired, and my dark circles are heavy. The effect of using it is good. I will continue to give feedback if the effect is good in the future.Packaging and appearance: I also like the outer packaging, it is very high-end, and I like the pink one better. It is very pink and tender, and it is also very small. I like it very much.

  20. Anonymous

    I have used it five or six times and felt that it is indeed more effective than applying eye cream by hand. Paired with an eye beauty device, the eye cream is better absorbed, making the moisturizing effect more long-lasting. At the moment of use, you can feel the difference around the eyes, which is more moisturizing. However, to achieve the effect of eliminating fine lines, it still needs to be used for a long time. I look forward to it. In addition, the appearance design of the product is also very soft, and the outer shell is made of frosted material, which is lightweight and easy to hold. However, for product storage, I would like to make a suggestion, which is to have an outer cover to protect the massage head of the product, one is hygienic, and the other is to avoid being scratched by friction. The overall feeling of using the product is: The effect is much better than applying eye cream by hand

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