Micro current eye beauty device: eye massage, eye cream introduction, hot compress on eye bags, lifting and tightening.


Micro current eye massager beauty instrument eye cream introduction hot compress eye bags, black circles, lifting and tightening


The secret weapon for beautiful eyes

Are you troubled by eye fatigue, dark circles, and eye bags? Now, an innovative microcurrent eye massager provides you with a solution.This beauty device combines hot compress, eye cream introduction and micro-current stimulation to provide comprehensive eye care.

It adopts a comfortable design and can fit the contours of the eyes. You can enjoy a comfortable massage experience whether your eyes are open or closed.The built-in microcurrent technology can deeply activate the muscles around the eyes, enhance the eye contour, and help reduce dark circles.

The hot compress function can provide warm care for the eyes, help relieve fatigue and promote blood circulation.At the same time, it can also be used as an introduction tool for eye cream, allowing the eye cream to be better absorbed and improving the skin care effect.

In addition, this instrument is also equipped with an eye beauty instrument function, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue, improve vision, and make your eyes rejuvenated.Whether you are taking a break from work or taking a break, you can use it easily to restore the brilliance of your eyes.

This microcurrent eye massager is an essential tool for your eye care. It not only helps you solve eye problems, but also allows you to enjoy a comfortable massage experience.Start your journey to beautiful eyes now!






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[Eye lifting] [Soothing dark circles] EMS microcurrent/high-frequency vibration/RF bipolar radio frequency/Three level hot compress

20 reviews for Micro current eye beauty device: eye massage, eye cream introduction, hot compress on eye bags, lifting and tightening.

  1. Anonymous

    Let’s use it for a while before discussing

  2. Anonymous

    Difficulty in charging, vibration, and poor quality.

  3. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: I really like the Christmas gift my husband gave me.

  4. Anonymous

    The after-sales service of the merchants is good and the service is up to par

  5. Anonymous

    Very useful, comfortable, and effective. I will continue to use it consistently, great.

  6. Anonymous

    It’s very easy to use. It visibly reduces fine lines and makes you feel comfortable after use.

  7. Anonymous

    I always carry it with me when I travel, and I feel like my dark circles have improved a lot lately.

  8. Anonymous

    After using it for a few days, the dark circles and fine lines under the eyes have improved significantly.

  9. Anonymous

    I really love it. I also bring this eye beauty device when I go on vacation, and it can be maintained at any time.

  10. Anonymous

    I bought one that worked very well before, but this time I will buy another one as a birthday gift for my best friend

  11. Anonymous

    It’s really textured and has a slight electric sensation when used, but I can still get used to it, which is pretty good.

  12. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: It feels pretty good. Effect of use: Very good. Packaging and appearance: Consistent with the picture.

  13. Anonymous

    I feel that the eye cream absorbs better after using it. It has a tingling sensation and can also be heated. I really like it.

  14. Anonymous

    I have given away a lot of things, all of which are very practical and have a tingling feeling when used. I feel like they absorb better.

  15. Anonymous

    After using it for a few days, I started to feel uncomfortable with the micro current, and now I feel quite good. The dark circles under my eyes have improved.

  16. Anonymous

    Apply eye cream in the morning and evening every day, apply hot compress first, and then use a slight electric current. After a few days, fine lines have improved a lot.

  17. Anonymous

    I have that hot and numbing feeling, and it can also vibrate. The effect of applying eye cream by hand is much better than before, and the dark circles under my eyes are also much better.

  18. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: It’s the same as the picture. I always forget to use it because I’m lazy, so I got the eye cream as a gift. It hasn’t been opened yet and I feel an electric current.

  19. Anonymous

    Using this eye massager makes me feel very comfortable and relaxed. It adopts the latest technology, which can effectively alleviate eye fatigue and dryness, while improving my insomnia problem.

  20. Anonymous

    I didn’t pay attention to eye care before when I was doing skin care! I often stayed up late to watch TV dramas, which resulted in dark circles like pandas. Fortunately, I used this eye beauty device from Amway on Xiaohongshu. It’s super comfortable to use with massage and hot compress. I’ve been using it for more than a week. The dark circles under the eyes have faded and disappeared, the area around the eyes is no longer dry every day, and the skin is much tighter, amazing.

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