Faduole sweeping robot sweeping, suction, and mopping three in one

Faduole sweeping robot for home intelligent fully automatic sweeping, suction and mopping three in one vacuum suction force without entanglement of hair

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Fully automatic smart home sweeping, suction and mopping three-in-one vacuum large-suction sweeping robot, Fadole sweeping robot brings convenience to your life with its excellent performance and unique functions.The robot is designed with a variety of home environments in mind, including smooth tiles, rough carpets, and a variety of common stains.

Not only does it have powerful suction that can easily pick up all kinds of dust, debris, and tiny particles, it is also equipped with an efficient sweeping system that can easily clean various nooks and crannies.The Fadole sweeping robot is also equipped with an automatic navigation system, which can automatically plan cleaning routes and avoid obstacles to ensure efficient and seamless cleaning.

In addition, the mopping function of Fadole sweeping robot is also worth mentioning.It comes with the appropriate mop and water tank, which can effectively clean the floor, remove stains, and keep your floor clean and moist.Best of all, the Fadola robot vacuum is designed to be hair-free, which means you don’t have to worry about it getting tangled in pet hair or other long fibrous materials around the house.

In general, Fadole sweeping robot is a smart home cleaning tool that integrates sweeping, suction and mopping, with excellent performance and user-friendly design.Whether it is for home use or commercial use, Fadole sweeping robot is your ideal choice.Make your life easier and more enjoyable!





Additional information





Battery life

3 hours

maximum height


maximum noise


Dust box capacity


battery capacity


warranty period

12 months

Cleaning mode

Suction type

Battery Type

lithium battery

Mopping method

Pressure mopping

Charging mode

Automatic recharge

Cleaning the route

Planning based

Virtual wall type

APP virtual wall

Intelligent type

Other Intelligence

Navigation type

Gyroscope navigation

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Electrical base station functions



Dragging and sweeping suction type

Water tank type

Electric control water tank

Sweeper type

Integrated sweeping and suction


Zhongshan Jieke Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

Obstacle avoidance methods

3D structured light obstacle avoidance

Additional features

Appoint a designated cleaning app to control automatic cleaning and prevent hair entanglement

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-three trillion and ten billion seven hundred and eight million five hundred and eighty-six thousand three hundred and twenty-three

sort by color

Long endurance water tank version, sweeping and moisture absorbing mop [pet raising large unit type], Strong endurance water tank version, sweeping and moisture absorbing mop [whole house large unit type]

9 reviews for Faduole sweeping robot sweeping, suction, and mopping three in one

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    The battery can only work for one and a half hours, which is too bad

  3. Anonymous

    The secret to keeping my home clean: I really can’t live without my sweeping robot. After a busy day, the sweeping robot frees up my hands and allows me to be a **** when I’m at home. With it, I have cleanliness. in the living room, it is really a good thing to increase happiness??????

  4. Anonymous

    The sweeper has a beautiful appearance, relatively low noise, long battery life, and can be remotely controlled using an app. It can also clean under the bed and under the sofa. The room is clean, and the mood is good. The customer service attitude is good, making it a great shopping experience.

  5. Anonymous

    I tried it. I have two kids at home who often play everywhere. My mother-in-law is very tired from cleaning every day, and I often lose my hair. This robot didn’t get stuck. It avoided the corner of my desk and usually cleaned it. He can get in even if he doesn't reach the bottom of the sofa. It's cost-effective and frees both hands.

  6. Anonymous

    This is my first robotic vacuum cleaner. After choosing for a while, I was not disappointed when I received the actual product! After work, there is no need to fatigue and sweep the floor when returning home. It is very convenient to connect to the app. After teaching my parents, they quickly learned how to do it. There are five cleaning modes to choose from, with strong suction and the ability to clean hair and debris. The cost-effectiveness is too high, satisfactory~

  7. Anonymous

    The excellent performance of the sweeping robot completely exceeds my imagination. After using it for a period of time, I can only describe it in one sentence – time-saving, labor-saving, and more worry free! The suction is strong, making it convenient to sweep, suck, and drag together. It can also connect to apps and speakers, and voice control can be easily used by both children and the elderly. Battery monitoring and automatic recharging are both very intelligent, with 5 cleaning modes, as well as timed and remote control. In the future, no matter where you are, you are not afraid of getting dirty at home!

  8. Anonymous

    This sweeping robot is so easy to use! It completely frees up your hands and leaves the floor hygiene at home to it. It can sweep, vacuum and wet mop at the same time, and its suction power is super strong. It can remove dust, hair or food residues at once. Clean up in seconds.There are five cleaning modes on the app. The most commonly used one is automatic cleaning. When you go out to work, you can choose the scheduled mode. When you come home, the floor will be clean, and you will feel particularly beautiful. It will automatically recharge when the battery is out, and the battery life is also good. It can clean the entire room! At the critical moment, it only costs a few hundred yuan, and the configuration is comparable to thousands of yuan. This price-performance ratio is unbeatable!

  9. Anonymous

    After doing a lot of homework, I finally chose Fadole F-S400, the king of cost performance.After all, we have children and cats at home, so we need to pay attention to hygiene, but sweeping and mopping the floor every day is too time-consuming.Having a sweeping robot saves a lot of trouble. You can reserve a cleaning time on the app, and the robot will work automatically when the time comes. It integrates sweeping and mopping, and returns to the base station to charge automatically after finishing the work. It is very trouble-free! The joy of freeing my hands is far beyond expectations! Although I mop the floor by myself It only lasts ten or twenty minutes, but sometimes I just don’t want to move. I would rather lie down than move. It smells really good. I can clean and mop it by myself. It’s so satisfying. I start working on the app at noon and go home in the evening. It has silky floors, long battery life, and it’s so clean that I simply don’t like it too much!

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