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[Base Station Hair Cutting] Xiaomi Mi Home Sweeping Robot M30 Pro Sweeping and Dragging Integrated Machine Fully Automatic Home Use

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The base station hair cutting Xiaomi Mi home sweeping robot M30 Pro sweeping and dragging all-in-one machine is an efficient and fully automatic household sweeping robot. It adopts laser navigation technology to accurately plan the cleaning area, efficiently avoid obstacles, and avoid various furniture and obstacles. The sweeping and mopping design is integrated, and the suction, sweeping, and mopping are carried out synchronously to avoid hair entanglement. There are also advantages such as a one click intelligent cleaning and drying system. It is worth mentioning that the M30 Pro is equipped with a dust collection base station, which can effectively handle tangled hair. Not only is it easy to operate, but it can also maintain the durability of the sweeping robot. Suitable for various family environments, whether busy office workers or families with household chores, they can easily enjoy the convenience it brings.


Additional information







Battery life

2 hours

maximum noise


maximum height


Dust box capacity


battery capacity


warranty period

24 months

Water tank type

No water tank

Navigation type

laser navigation

Cleaning the route

Planning based

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Mopping method

Rotating pressure mopping


Dragging and sweeping suction type

Cleaning mode

Suction port+rolling brush type

Sweeper type

Sweeping and mopping self-cleaning

Obstacle avoidance methods

LDS laser navigation obstacle avoidance

Electrical base station functions

Automatic cleaning cloth, automatic dust collection, charging, cleaning cloth, dust collection in one, automatic water supply and drainage

Additional features

APP controls area cleaning, carpet recognition, fixed-point cleaning, extended edge cleaning, power outage, continuous cleaning, automatic cleaning, remote control reservation, drying, floor mopping, anti hair entanglement

sort by color


package type

Official standard configuration, Official standard configuration+upstream and downstream versions

17 reviews for Omnipotent sweeping machine, Mi home sweeping and mopping robot

  1. Anonymous

    Xiaomi floor scrubber, time-saving and labor-saving, clean, strong sensing, with built-in cleaning and drying function, practical

  2. Anonymous

    The second Xiaomi sweeping robot at home is now available, which can automatically water in and out without the need for a small water tank like before, making it much more convenient.

  3. Anonymous

    It is very useful, the customer service is also very good, the cleaning is very clean, it is very convenient to connect to Mijia, and the map recognition is very good, I give it a good review!

  4. Anonymous

    The room scanning is very accurate, the positioning is also very accurate, and the local cleaning function is also very effective. The hair cutting function is very useful, and there is almost no hair residue during daily inspections, which is quite good

  5. Anonymous

    I received the item today. First, I will model and build the room, and then start the cleaning mode. The item is great. I estimate that the floor at home is too dirty. After mopping it a few times, I need to clean the mop. I will check the quality of the subsequent use

  6. Anonymous

    It took a lot of genius to evaluate it. It is worth owning. I operate it on Mijia. I clean it every morning and it is clean when I get home. It automatically cleans the mop and automatically cuts hair. I like it. Most of the appliances in the house are from Xiaomi. Famous brands are trustworthy.

  7. Anonymous

    The second time I purchased a Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner, I used it for three years last time and the battery broke. The performance of the new features of M30 Pro, such as hair cutting and dry floor cloth, will be reported later. The floor cleaning speed is faster than before, and I will clean the floor cloth more times to ensure a cleaner floor. I am temporarily satisfied.

  8. Anonymous

    The water and sewer version is so fragrant, if you want to buy it, just buy it and don’t worry about anything.After the goods arrive, the installer will install them.First build a model of your home.Turn on the maximum cleaning mode and elute all in one.It walks back after mopping the cloth, can break hair, and can collect and discharge sewage by itself.It’s so cool to watch it work ψ(`?′)ψ.

  9. Anonymous

    Operation sound: Use the mobile app to adjust the gears. Different gears and different sounds can be selected as needed! Intelligence: Very smart. Compared with other brands, Xiaomi has the highest cost performance. It can be used with other Xiaomi products at home. It’s very comfortable! Route planning: It’s very fast to see pictures. Compared with those brands of professional sweeping robots, Xiaomi’s is not inferior at all!

  10. Anonymous

    Sweeping is clean and the battery life is very good. The elderly at home are old and cleaning is too hard now. Xiaomi happened to have a new sweeper, so I placed an order to try it out.Unexpectedly, my mother said that this is very easy to use, and it can sweep and mop the floor clean. This way, she does not need to clean the house every day, which reduces a lot of burden. I plan to install an automatic water supply and drainage system later, so that the water does not need to be changed. !

  11. Anonymous

    Xiaomi has finally released a new product, the price this time is really amazing! And the features are particularly comprehensive. Currently, there are functions available in the same price range on the market, such as sweeping, mopping, no washing, dust collection, and multiple hair cutting base stations. After using them a few times, the hair cutting is very clean, and the key price is much lower than that of the same type. I made a decisive purchase, and this time I can enjoy the life of freeing my hands! Very satisfied

  12. Anonymous

    The elderly at home are getting older, and cleaning is too hard now. Xiaomi happened to have a new sweeper, so I placed an order to try it out.Unexpectedly, my mother said that this is very easy to use. It sweeps and mops the floor clean, so she doesn’t have to clean the house every day, which reduces a lot of burden. I plan to install an automatic water supply and drainage system later, so that the water does not need to be changed. ! Intelligent level: very intelligent, in line with expected route planning: bow-shaped, very clear

  13. Anonymous

    I trusted the quality of Xiaomi and Mi Home Intelligence, so I chose this one. Operation sound: The sound during cleaning is still a bit loud. Intelligence level: In addition to the lack of real-time video, it is still very intelligent in route planning. Route planning is also reasonable and expected to be useful. Technology frees up hands, and it is indeed much easier than wiping the floor or using a handheld device. (But there were also minor incidents where the data cable was rolled up, fortunately they were discovered in a timely manner)

  14. Anonymous

    I was very satisfied with the initial experience. The kitchen floor was completely cleaned of stubborn oil stains, and the floor was polished to a shiny finish. There was no more dust on the edges, and hair was cut into the box. The dual line structured light was strong, and the AI recognized objects and avoided obstacles quickly and accurately. The path planning was intelligent and had no blind spots. The mop could be completely dried in an hour, which was very intelligent and easy to use. The daily scheduled sweeping and mopping were turned on, and the pressing was fierce. The baby is still good as always??, Is it highly cost-effective and trustworthy for big brands??

  15. Anonymous

    2024/3/26 20:51:59 The Xiaomi sweeping robot is really an amazing smart home assistant! First of all, it has advanced cleaning technology and can easily deal with all kinds of floor dirt, giving the floor a brand new look.Secondly, it is equipped with an intelligent navigation system that can independently plan cleaning routes, which is efficient and time-saving.At the same time, it also has an intelligent obstacle avoidance function, which can automatically avoid furniture and obstacles to ensure the smooth progress of the cleaning process.In addition, it also supports remote control and scheduled appointment functions, allowing us to enjoy a clean home environment anytime and anywhere.In short, the Xiaomi sweeping robot is an intelligent and practical home assistant that makes our lives easier and more convenient!

  16. Anonymous

    Xiaomi M30Pro arrived home and I struggled with it for a weekend. My husband decisively decided to support Xiao Ai’s career. I placed an order during Double Twelve. It was cheap and came with a mite remover. It was a good deal. I can go back to dry it after sweeping and mopping. I went and washed the mop about 5-6 times during the whole mopping process. After the last wash, I took a picture of the base station and it was not very dirty. After the work, we planned to let it clean the floor every day until it suddenly died. Hahahaha Oh, that’s right. Because the cat litter accumulated for several days has not been cleaned, we used the super mode for the first time. Generally speaking, we are very satisfied with it. It seems that it can be washed. If there are any new discoveries, I will share them with you in a timely manner.

  17. Anonymous

    The first sweeping machine at home is Xiaomi’s first sweeping machine.This year I saw a new type of integrated sweeper and mop, so I decided to buy it and install an automatic water supply and drainage device.Description of the flow-saving version: The new model just cleans cleaner than the old model??.Detailed comments: Operation sound: Relatively speaking, it is moderate. For families with cats, it is definitely necessary to turn on the maximum suction power. The noise is still not small, but it is much better than the old model at home.Intelligent level: The recognition of obstacles has really improved a lot. Some of the recognized obstacles can be avoided directly without hitting the head, unlike the old sweeper that kept bumping with the head.In addition, the benefits for lazy people are that they don’t have to change the dust bag frequently and don’t have to wash the mop themselves. These two points are really great.

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