Comparable Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Children aged 1-12


KUB Comparable Children’s Electric Toothbrush Non U Baby Toothbrush 2-3 years old and above Fully automatic soft bristled brush for brushing teeth


The KUB Youbi Children’s Electric Toothbrush is an electric toothbrush designed specifically for children aged 2 to 6, providing a fully automatic brushing experience. This toothbrush is made of soft bristle material, which is suitable for children’s delicate oral cavity and helps protect tooth health. It also has an automatic cleaning function, which is convenient for parents to use. KUB’s superior children’s electric toothbrush offers a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, suitable for children of different ages. It is also equipped with a rechargeable battery, making it convenient for parents to charge their toothbrushes at any time. KUB’s superior children’s electric toothbrush is the best choice for parents to choose safe, comfortable, and efficient oral care products for their children.

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Product Name

Children's electric toothbrush

Applicable age

10 years, 11 years, 12 months, 12 years, 13 months, 13 years, 14 months, 14 years, 14 years, and above, 15 months, 16 months, 17 months, 18 months, 19 months, 20 months, 21 months, 22 months, 23 months, 25 months, 26 months, 27 months, 28 months, 29 months, 30 months, 31 months, 32 months, 33 months, 34 months, 35 months, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years, 6 years, 7 years, 8 years, 9 years old


[3 brush heads in total] Iris Blue, [3 brushes in total] Coral powder, 3 brush heads+toothpaste Iris Blue, [3 brushes+toothpaste] Coral powder, 5 brush heads in total Iris Blue, 5 brushes in total Coral Powder, 5 brush heads+toothpaste Iris Blue, 5 brush heads+toothpaste Coral powder

10 reviews for Comparable Sonic Electric Toothbrush for Children aged 1-12

  1. Anonymous

    I have been using things from your home since I was young, and they have always been easy to use. I like the colors and they look good. I need to return them in the future

  2. Anonymous

    The child has already used it and can brush their teeth white and quiet! Electric ones are much better than manual ones, and the customer service snowball service is very good??

  3. Anonymous

    The toothbrush is very good, with a small brush head, suitable for children to use. Installing the battery is very convenient, and it is not very battery intensive. Children use it very well.

  4. Anonymous

    The toothbrush is very good, and my baby really likes it. Now I have fallen in love with brushing my teeth, and the customer service attitude is also very good?? Worth buying, I recommend five stars

  5. Anonymous

    Product odor: No, the child is 3 years old. I asked him to brush his teeth and bought him this electric toothbrush. I really like it after buying it, and now I brush my teeth with my own toothbrush. Haha, my teeth are white

  6. Anonymous

    The electric toothbrush chosen by Zai Zai was immediately dismantled and used. I feel like I can brush my teeth more actively than before. By the way, I would like to compliment you on the excellent service provided by Tianbei

  7. Anonymous

    Product odor: No odor, the packaging is very exquisite, and children love it very much. The size of the brush head is just right for children who are three and a half years old. Customer service, Ginkgo, and service are very good??

  8. Anonymous

    When I bought it, I said it was suitable for 1-3 years old, but when I received the goods, I saw on the back of the box that it was not suitable for under 3 years old, so I almost gave up. However, after trying it out, I felt it was still good and gradually adapted

  9. Anonymous

    Product odor: There is no unpleasant odor, and the quality of large brands is reliable and comfortable. It is not used yet, and when placed on the face, it feels very gentle and vibrating. I think it should be quite useful. The service provided by Tianbei is very good!

  10. Anonymous

    The children who have a lamp really like it, but prefer to brush with a small brush head. They eat too much fruit and their teeth turn black and white, so they brush their teeth every day. They really like it! I have bought several, big brands are trustworthy, and the service provided by Tianbei is very good

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