Dou Mama Exclusive Hilton Electric Ultra Soft Fine Hair Toothbrush


【 Exclusive to Dou Mama 】 Hilton Electric Toothbrush Adult Super Soft Intertooth Brush Fine Hair Non Charging Sound Wave


【 Exclusive to Dou Mama 】 Hilton electric toothbrush, designed specifically for adults, super soft bristle interdental brush, sonic technology, easy to clean mouth. This electric toothbrush uses unique sonic technology to efficiently clean teeth and gums, while reducing the formation of plaque and tartar. Its ultra soft fine bristled interdental brush can easily penetrate deep into the oral cavity and deeply clean it. The design of this electric toothbrush takes into account the needs of each user and is equipped with three intensity modes, allowing users to easily switch according to their own needs. The simple and user-friendly interface allows users to easily control various settings of their toothbrush, making it suitable for all groups of people. As exclusive to Dou Mama, it also comes with thoughtful parental control functions, making you more confident. Choose the Hilton electric toothbrush exclusive to Douma to take your oral health to the next level!


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Applicable objects

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Toothbrush specifications

1 piece


Clean the gaps between teeth, clean the tongue coating, and massage the gums


1 box [comes with 3 brush heads+5 batteries] (color random)


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