BabySmile Children’s Electric Toothbrush Replacement Head


Official genuine BabySmile toothbrush head for children’s electric toothbrush replacement brush head 204/205/206 soft and hard bristles


BabySmile toothbrush head replacement for children’s electric toothbrush, official genuine, compatible with 204/205/206 electric toothbrush models. This product provides two different hardness bristles to meet the needs of different children. Suitable for children’s oral cavity, providing a more comprehensive cleaning effect. It is your ideal choice for choosing high-quality oral care products for your child.

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Chinese Mainland

Applicable age

10 months, 3 years old, 6 years old

Product Name

Suitable for S204/S205/S206 toothbrush


Soft fur 2-pack (for 0-3 years old), Standard 2-pack gross (for 3+years old), Soft fur 4-pack (for 0-3 years old), Standard gross 4-pack (for 3+years old), Standard gross 6-pack (for 3+years old)

15 reviews for BabySmile Children’s Electric Toothbrush Replacement Head

  1. Anonymous

    This quality is acceptable

  2. Anonymous

    Very good quality, no odor, satisfied

  3. Anonymous

    The brush head is very small and exquisite

  4. Anonymous

    The service is very good and the shipment is fast.

  5. Anonymous

    Cleaning effect: It is very clean and bought together with a toothbrush, which is very cost-effective

  6. Anonymous

    Product odor: Received positive feedback from children who really like and are quite satisfied with it

  7. Anonymous

    The toothbrush is very useful and loved by babies at home. The cleaning power is also good, recommended

  8. Anonymous

    The toothbrush is loved by children and is used every day. It also has a timer function, which is great

  9. Anonymous

    The product has been received and I am very satisfied. The baby also likes it and the price is affordable

  10. Anonymous

    The toothbrush is good and loved by children. The packaging is intact and the product quality is very good??

  11. Anonymous

    The toothbrush is very useful, with colorful lights. The baby is very happy, and the bristles are also relatively soft

  12. Anonymous

    After using it for a while, children really like it. The bristles are soft and comfortable, without damaging the gums. Overall, I am satisfied

  13. Anonymous

    The product quality is good, the packaging is very exquisite, and the baby really likes it. They took the initiative to ask to brush their teeth

  14. Anonymous

    The child is using an electric toothbrush for the first time and really likes it. The lighting is really good, and the baby really likes it. Haha, I hope the baby can develop good habits of brushing teeth

  15. Anonymous

    The quality is good, the product has a high aesthetic value, and the brush head design is small and suitable for babies to use. The vibration is also mild, and the overall satisfaction is very good. It was a pleasant shopping experience, and children were also very happy

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