BYD Electric Power Bank with Large Capacity of 10000mAh


BYD Power Bank has a super large capacity of 10000mAh and comes with a built-in cable for bi-directional fast charging. It is compact, portable, outdoor mobile power supply with large capacity, suitable for Huawei, Xiaomi, Apple, and flagship store quality


The BYD Power Bank is a large capacity portable mobile power supply with a built-in cable for bidirectional fast charging, suitable for various brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi, and Apple. Its compact and portable design is very suitable for outdoor use. When the product capacity reaches 10000mAh, it is suitable for charging various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, etc. The built-in cable design avoids the hassle of carrying additional charging cables, and the bidirectional fast charging function can quickly charge the power bank itself and the device. The BYD power bank is the ideal choice for large capacity portable power sources during outdoor travel, gatherings, or emergency situations. Quality assurance, suitable for use in flagship stores.

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5V 9V


Card type



Cell type

Soft Case

shell material


Intelligent type


Rated Capacity


Maximum output power



Power bank built-in cable

Charging protocol

Pd2.0 QC2.0 QC3.0 Other

Battery Type

Lithium iron phosphate battery


Shenzhen Biyaz Technology Co., Ltd


Dual directional fast charging with built-in data cable and screen display

battery capacity


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White [intelligent digital display] comes with a cable- Worry free shopping

8 reviews for BYD Electric Power Bank with Large Capacity of 10000mAh

  1. Anonymous

    The built-in cable is very convenient

  2. Anonymous

    Charging speed: not fast, not used for a long time after charging

  3. Anonymous

    Very suitable, looks very beautiful, and is also very resistant to electricity, worth it

  4. Anonymous

    Very good, the things that my family really likes are also very good, and the customer service is also very good. Full marks

  5. Anonymous

    It’s very useful. This is the second one I bought. It charges quickly and is easy to carry. Especially these 4 wires are awesome.

  6. Anonymous

    The power bank is too easy to use, not very heavy, easy to carry when going out, and the key is that it charges well, so everyone can buy with confidence!

  7. Anonymous

    The charger has been received but not yet used. It shows 50% of the electricity and has a good appearance. The plug is soldered, not integrally formed. Looking forward to receiving a satisfactory review??

  8. Anonymous

    I bought it for my brother to carry and charge his mobile phone when delivering food! This power bank is of suitable size and weight. It has three built-in cables and can be used to charge iPhones and Android phones. It is very convenient! The price is also right and it is easy to carry when traveling!

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