Lightening fine line eye cream introduces dark circles and bags under the eyes


Eye massager beauty stick beauty eye cream introduction hot compress eye bags, black circles, lifting and tightening, reducing wrinkles and fine lines


This eye massager beauty stick is a comprehensive and easy to operate eye care product, suitable for all people who need eye care. It effectively lightens dark circles under the eyes, lifts and tightens the skin around the eyes, while improving fine lines through various methods such as introduction, hot compress, and massage, making your eye skin youthful and radiant.

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[Smart version] High frequency vibration/Three speed hot compress/USB charging, [Smart version] Repair eye cream/High frequency vibration/Three speed hot compress/USB charging, [Luxury] 9-speed hot compress/high-frequency vibration/LCD display/USB charging/red light care/champagne gold, [Repair Eye Cream] 9-speed Hot compress/High frequency vibration/LCD display/Red light care/USB charging, Eye beauty device+face slimming massage device [face beauty package], Eye beauty device+water droplet beauty device [cleaning and skincare], Eye beauty device+advanced ice cream beauty device [full face care], [SF Express] New product * 12 ° C hot and cold eye beauty device

19 reviews for Lightening fine line eye cream introduces dark circles and bags under the eyes

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    The product is warm to use and we look forward to good results

  3. Anonymous

    Compact and exquisite, very convenient to use, can better help absorb eye cream, worth recommending

  4. Anonymous

    This is great, very easy to use, just apply the eye cream and gently turn on the switch to smooth out eye wrinkles and eye bags!

  5. Anonymous

    The overall feeling is pretty good. I use it every night. It’s very comfortable. It also comes with a lot of stuff. It’s pretty good.

  6. Anonymous

    This massage is good for the eyes, and after pressing it, it looks very shiny. Press the dark circles under the eyes every day to improve sleep.

  7. Anonymous

    Special Features: Eye Massage Appearance Material: Good Hand Feel Gear Adjustment: Adjustable Massage Effect: Vibration, Heating, Overall Good Effect

  8. Anonymous

    The massage chair is compact and lightweight, easy to operate, with three massage modes to choose from, making it easy and comfortable to use before bedtime.

  9. Anonymous

    I didn’t expect it to be so easy to use. It can be absorbed better when paired with eye cream. Sometimes I use it all over my face. It’s very cost-effective.

  10. Anonymous

    It is very easy to use both vibration mode and no vibration to regulate the heat in the eyes, which is very comfortable and cost-effective. It is worth recommending

  11. Anonymous

    Sure, good quality and affordable price. The temperature is just right, and the hot compress vibrates the red light to help the eye cream absorb and prevent congestion under the eyes.

  12. Anonymous

    Special features: very comfortable, appearance and material: simple and beautiful. Gear adjustment: can adjust several gears, convenient for massage effect: the effect is good, very comfortable, and can relieve fatigue

  13. Anonymous

    Massage is very comfortable. Multiple gears can be adjusted freely, and the temperature can also be adjusted. sisters are recommended to start with. I am sensitive to temperature, and I like this model, which can be adjusted freely

  14. Anonymous

    Special features: The special features are very suitable. Appearance material: The appearance fits well, and the material is very good. Gear adjustment: The gear adjustment speed is very good. Massage effect: The massage effect is ideal and great

  15. Anonymous

    Special features: Beauty Eye Massage Function Appearance Material: The appearance is pretty and the feel is comfortable Material: Gear adjustment: There are several gears that can massage, hot compress, and temperature can be selected Massage effect: Persist in using beauty eyes and soft lips

  16. Anonymous

    Very easy to use! Very easy to use! Very easy to use! The vibration effect and hot compress are great. I rarely comment on it, but I have to recommend this product. Good things don’t need to be paid for and praised. No. I won’t give a good review to something that is useful even if I pay for it.

  17. Anonymous

    This beauty device is exquisitely crafted, and after applying eye cream, it feels comfortable to use at a temperature of 45 ° C. You get what you pay for. This eye massage device is much better than those seemingly cheap internet celebrity introducers in terms of workmanship and temperature induction.

  18. Anonymous

    Special feature: very compact. Fit against the upper eyelids. Appearance material: The appearance design is easy to get started with. Gear adjustment: The gear is also sensitive. Be sure to press lightly. Otherwise, it is prone to redness and allergies. After adjusting the technique, the user experience is very good. Hot, do you give your eyes a spa?. Customer service is particularly patient. Give a thumbs up.

  19. Anonymous

    I received it when I got home from get off work yesterday. I charged it in time and used the eye oil at night. I only used one function: red light + vibration + 45°. It lasted about 10 minutes. It was quite comfortable. I applied the essential oil with my fingers. It’s still a bit worse, and you definitely won’t see the effect in a day.I used Lanc?me eye cream this morning. I also used: red light + vibration + 45°. It’s good. The eye cream absorbs quickly in 2 minutes. I’m looking forward to the effect after a week. Even if it doesn’t work, I’ll admit it. It’s more comfortable than finger massage! Even if it’s a trick, I’ll take it. , I hope it can be used for a longer time.

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