German eye beauty device eye beauty stick for removing eye bags


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German eye beauty device, a masterpiece of eye beauty! A powerful eye massager specifically designed to care for eye bags and eye fatigue. Its unique hot compress function can soothe the eyes, promote blood circulation, and relieve eye bags and dark circles. When used in conjunction with eye cream, it is easy to import and more easily absorbed. Simple design, easy to operate, suitable for various occasions. Say goodbye to eye fatigue and let your eyes shine with youthful radiance!

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12 months


100-240V universal

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Pearlescent white

20 reviews for German eye beauty device eye beauty stick for removing eye bags

  1. Anonymous

    Very useful,

  2. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  3. Anonymous

    Massage effect: cold, feels pretty good

  4. Anonymous

    Baby is very good, I made a second purchase

  5. Anonymous

    I’ve been using it for two weeks, I hope it’s not IQ tax

  6. Anonymous

    Haven’t used it yet. Looks good. Hope it will be useful.

  7. Anonymous

    The things are good, the logistics are fast, and customer service can also handle problems

  8. Anonymous

    The material is good, and the massage effect was also comfortable in the initial test. Overall, I am satisfied

  9. Anonymous

    I am currently using it well and it is quite comfortable. I have just received the goods and will evaluate them in the future

  10. Anonymous

    The things are quite useful and of good quality. I apply hot compress every night, and the area around my eyes is much better.

  11. Anonymous

    The thing is very useful and can be used every day. The appearance is simple and elegant, and both the hot and cold functions are very good

  12. Anonymous

    A product that can effectively help the absorption of eye cream around the eyes is indeed very good. If you have a good idea, hurry up and get it

  13. Anonymous

    I received it and it is very easy to use. I don’t know how the effect is. It is quite comfortable to operate. It is very compact and has a simple and elegant appearance.

  14. Anonymous

    Special features: dual use of cold and warm. Appearance and material: very cute. Gear adjustment: like massage effect: good feedback from friends. This is my second purchase

  15. Anonymous

    At night, you can massage and heat up to accelerate the absorption of eye cream. In the morning, use the cold compress key to massage and reduce eye swelling, which is quite comfortable!??

  16. Anonymous

    Very exquisite, I like it very much, the effect is very obvious! Quality: Very textured, heavy, used to assist eye massage, the effect is very good Function: It can not only be used to massage the eyes, but also suitable for assisting skin care (no The color will fade!!) Express: It’s very good and you can use it to absorb it. The tool is really important. You can also use it after applying essence as usual. I recommend everyone to buy this one.

  17. Anonymous

    Special features: The eye beauty instrument I bought has three modes of hot and cold vibrations, which can be used 1+1. It’s really great???? The hot mode is very comfortable for people who use glasses to swell at night, and the cold mode is very effective in eliminating edema in the morning. I highly recommend this beauties to massage. It is compact and has a good texture. The charging method is quite novel. The massage head has a large contact area and is great to use.

  18. Anonymous

    Massage effect: The effect of this eye massager is still obvious after use, and I personally like it very much. I believe that using it consistently can improve the skin problems around the eyes. The device adopts a USB interface design, which allows for a relatively fast charging speed and decent battery life after being fully charged. It is compact and lightweight overall, making it convenient to carry when going out. Sincerely suggest that girls can purchase a very good product

  19. Anonymous

    I like these two products very much, especially the eye massager, which has two functions: hot compress and cold compress. The hot compress applied to the eye bags and dark circles should play a role in weakening, and then promote the absorption of eye cream and eye essence. Cold compress can be used to eliminate swelling after applying eye cream in the morning. I really like it, and then there is this blackhead tester. It can choose the gear according to the needs, and when used, it does not harm the skin or pores. I must give a good review to products with strong suction but also gentle, which are all very useful. I am satisfied!!

  20. Anonymous

    This eye massager is really user-friendly. The one click switch of the massager is very good, and the mode can be adjusted with just a light tap. I like to use a hot compress and feel that it can absorb eye cream well. The appearance is also compact and convenient to carry. I hope to continue using it. It is warm and comfortable, and the eye cream is easier to absorb. The vibration massage function is very useful, and all aspects are good. This product has three major care modes: cold compress+hot compress and vibration massage, which care for the skin around the eyes from multiple aspects. It is easy to focus on different types of skin and provide individual eye care. I tried it out, and the unique design of the rounded curvature of the massage head perfectly matches the facial characteristics of Asians.

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