Xiao Aijia Natural Protein Silk Full Head Set


The newly upgraded 2.0 version of the super large scalp wig with any split seams for women with long hair and big waves is recommended.

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Compared with real hair, it is more affordable and easier to care for.

[Applicable people]

Suitable for all women who pursue fashion and love beauty.Especially for women with thinning hair, hair loss, and poor hair quality, this wig is an excellent choice.

[Warm Tips]

Please make sure to be gentle when wearing it and avoid pulling hard to avoid damaging the wig.If you have any discomfort or concerns, please contact customer service in time.

This newly upgraded 2.0 version of the super large scalp wig with arbitrary splits for women with long hair and big waves will bring you unprecedented beauty and confidence.Choose it and make your every day full of charm!




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Xiao Ai's house


Change hairstyle

Wig hairstyle

Long curly hair

Hair material

protein filaments

Cosmetic characteristics

Enhance the atmosphere

Classification of wig bangs

Can Qi Ke Xie Liu Hai

Product name

two thousand six hundred and fifty-five

sort by color

Reminder!! If you receive a wig, you must contact customer service for a wake-up tutorial!, Cold Brown+Care Set, Black brown+care set

20 reviews for Xiao Aijia Natural Protein Silk Full Head Set

  1. Anonymous

    Very nice, very beautiful. The first purchase was a pleasant surprise!!! Hairstyle is really important!!! All of a sudden, it has become gentle!! Everyone go buy it!!!

  2. Anonymous

    I often wear her wigs, and they don’t look fake at all, and the bangs are just right! It’s just a gentle lady. The shipping is very fast, and the goods arrive quickly.

  3. Anonymous

    It’s very nice to take photos with. I highly recommend buying it. It doesn’t look fake at all. My colleagues asked me if I had gotten hair extensions. It’s very real. I will buy it again next time.

  4. Anonymous

    If you want to buy it, don’t hesitate! I can achieve the freedom of my long curly hair. It doesn’t feel cheap at all. It’s very high-end. I took it out for fun yesterday without any sense of violation. The big waves are particularly beautiful and great!

  5. Anonymous

    This color feels very fashionable, and it is very white. I like the length. This full headdress does not choose hair style or hair color. sisters who like it can try it, and the price is not expensive. It changes their temperament every minute. It is perfect

  6. Anonymous

    The cost-effectiveness is very high, and what I am most satisfied with is the scalp and hair, especially * really. There are new styles available, please make sure to renovate them before purchasing. The customer service is very patient and has a good service attitude.

  7. Anonymous

    After wearing this one, my temperament has greatly improved, and my large forehead has been decorated very well. The effect is quite good, and the hair feels like real hair, with a great texture. I bought a cool brown color with no significant color difference, which is still quite good.

  8. Anonymous

    So beautiful, the whole person looks elegant, so natural and good-looking, I definitely like it, the effect is super satisfactory, the hair is very smooth and textured, the seams and hair texture are not fake, it is really natural, it has a very good effect Shows younger age and modifies face shape

  9. Anonymous

    The sisters have videos and pictures, which are very real when taken out. It is also natural under the indoor light. The hair is very soft, without knots, and the bangs are just the right length. After the customer service gives you a button of the bangs, the bangs will be puffy, very satisfied, which can be said to be a little beyond expectations, and can be flushed

  10. Anonymous

    When I got the wig back, I put it on and took a selfie hahhh. After I got it back, I first re-divided the lines on the top of my head. I could see that it was a very real wig. The bangs were almost my own. They looked like my own hair when I put them on. Thanks to the wig, I have a hair volume and texture that I have never had in this life. It is very beautiful and I am very satisfied with it. It is just like the real thing.

  11. Anonymous

    It’s really beautiful! The hair seam is also very real, and the hair volume is moderate. My roommates can’t even tell that I’m wearing a wig! The wig is a savior for a bald guy like me. This wig is just like the real thing, very natural and invisible. It looks fake, and it’s completely OK to wear it out without being embarrassed. The key is to modify your face shape, and you can try different styles, and the effect will look good.

  12. Anonymous

    I really like this one. I felt so wowed when I opened it when I received it! It looks so real. It’s finally my turn to have a beautiful hairstyle. I really like it. This wig is very natural. I don’t need to curl my hair or modify my face. It is a good hand, it is very easy and convenient to wear, the hair is fluffy and easy to take care of, and it looks natural in the sun. It looks like your own hair, fluffy and beautiful, highly recommended.

  13. Anonymous

    It looks great. I couldn’t wait to try it on after I received it. My hair looks very smooth and natural, and the style is fashionable. I’m very satisfied with it. It feels good to the touch. It’s also quite comfortable after wearing it. I don’t feel much discomfort. I put it on. Very good, very comfortable! I like it very natural. When I wear this wig, it seems to be much smoother than my own hair. Now I like the wig more than my own hair haha

  14. Anonymous

    It looks unexpectedly good. The quality is also surprising. The effect is really good. The color is very similar to my own hair. I can’t tell it’s a wig. The hair color is much more natural than expected. For a person who is a bit bald. It simply fulfills all the fantasies about long hair, highly recommended! The hair quality is very smooth and easy to wear, and the hair is very natural. Even a handicapped person like me can wear it with beautiful results.

  15. Anonymous

    The color is very white, the style is stylish, it doesn’t look old, and it has two styles: straight hair. I wore it to attend the annual meeting, and my colleagues didn’t notice it. The wig is very real, the forehead is very natural, and the overall effect is good, completely It doesn’t look too thin, and it feels completely different from short hair. The style is very nice. If you like it, you can try it. I highly recommend it. This is the most satisfying hair I have bought recently!

  16. Anonymous

    The secret to quickly owning a Korean drama female lead with long curly hair is, of course, owning a wig. I really like this wig, and this hairstyle is so beautiful in my heart! It can also have a second look, and there is no discomfort when wearing it on the head. Just grab the hair seam on the top of the head and you can go out. It is also very light, thin, and breathable when going out. This length is just right, and it does not affect your height at all. Even small people can wear it! Very satisfied, we will continue to repurchase!

  17. Anonymous

    The wig is supernatural! It requires no maintenance at all. You can wear it right after you buy it. I love it! The wig I used before quickly became frizzy and tangled, but this wig can always stay smooth and tidy. It’s really great. .It’s so natural it’s incredible! It’s also very comfortable to wear, just like real hair.I particularly like its style and color, the cool brown color really brightens my skin and makes me look more fashionable and younger.It is an ideal product, the quality is good, and the logistics is fast. It is worthy of praise!

  18. Anonymous

    The quality of the wig is very good. It looks very natural when worn. It improves my overall temperament. I am overall satisfied and amazed. I bought a nice wig that I am satisfied with. The hair quality is good and the color is the same as mine. It is realistic and fits well. It feels like your own hair, soft and smooth to the touch. The simulation on the forehead and top of the head is really good. I didn’t expect it to look so good. You can’t see it at all. It looks beautiful instantly. The volume of hair is enviable and the quality is very good!

  19. Anonymous

    It’s my first time to buy a wig. It looks very natural when I put it on. I’m lucky that I didn’t make any mistakes. The bangs are also very flattering to my face. Sisters who like it can wear it. I like it very much. I have short hair and I’ve been wearing it since I went on a date with my boyfriend. He complimented me, hey, he told me that my long hair is beautiful and gentle, and he even asked me to keep my hair long. I highly recommend it. Action is worse than a heartbeat. I also bought a straight hair one and will give it a try when I receive it.

  20. Anonymous

    It is mainly a product that is real and natural when you go out. You don’t have to worry about it. You can see that you really like it. After wearing it, the hair on the top of your head appears a lot, and you have a high head and a round face. It looks very natural and beautiful when you wear it. The hair length and color are what I want. Yes, the hair quality is very good, it feels very silky, and the hair is very beautiful. The hair is the key to determine the atmosphere. Big waves are really easy to match. I like this lazy feeling! The big wave wig looks so good.

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