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Please ensure that the product is clean and hygienic before use to ensure optimal results.

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Vintage Green/Hot and Cold Double Apply/Multi frequency Vibration/Red and Blue Color Light, Rose Gold/Hot and Cold Double Apply/Multi frequency Vibration/Red and Blue Colorful Light, Retro Green [Eye Protection Upgrade Again] Eye Beauty and Moisturizer, Rose Gold [Eye Protection Upgrade Again] Eye Beauty Instrument+Moisturizing Instrument

19 reviews for VLVEE cold and hot compress color light vibration massage eye beauty device

  1. Anonymous

    Very comfortable, warm, I like it

  2. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  3. Anonymous

    Logistics awesome, as described, very good, satisfied

  4. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: It is easy to use and very comfortable to use

  5. Anonymous

    Poor quality products directly cause redness, swelling, and itching in the eyes after use

  6. Anonymous

    It’s very useful. I bought a similar one before and it disappeared. I bought another one now. It’s very useful.

  7. Anonymous

    Received the baby, the logistics were fast, the description matched, and I was quite satisfied. I gave it a good review and recommended it

  8. Anonymous

    This eye protector is really good, with good quality and adjustable temperature. The lighting is also red and blue, making it very comfortable to use. The effect is also good.

  9. Anonymous

    Very attractive, with a matte texture, it carries a lot of weight when held in hand. It has two modes, hot and cold, and is very comfortable to use. The key is that the price is also very affordable, and I am very satisfied.

  10. Anonymous

    This eye beauty device is good and comfortable to use with eye cream. It has been used continuously for several days and feels effective. The texture has faded a bit, and the price is affordable. I recommended it to several friends around me.

  11. Anonymous

    It has a high appearance, is compact and easy to carry, and is easy to operate. It has hot compress, ice compress, and vibration modes. It has a good effect on removing edema when used in the morning, and I am very satisfied. I recommend purchasing it.

  12. Anonymous

    I finally found a treasure eye beauty device with complete functions. I really like each mode and use the hot compress mode to import eye cream every night. In the morning, I use the ice compress mode to better reduce edema. My best friend was also favored by me

  13. Anonymous

    Cold and hot dual modes, versatile for one device, equipped with dust cover for easy portability. I now use it every morning and evening, and feel that dark circles under my eyes fade quickly. Warm and hot massage is very comfortable, and vibration can be easily adjusted, making it cost-effective

  14. Anonymous

    The packaging is exquisite, giving it a high-end feel. It is very convenient to hold, and the vibration frequency can be adjusted, which can beautify both eyes and lips. I have been using it every day, and I feel that the fine lines around the eyes have faded a lot, almost invisible. I am very satisfied

  15. Anonymous

    It is very comfortable to use and suitable for staying up late. It is also good for emergency treatment. I really like the ice compress mode. Every time I use it when my eyes are tired, it feels much relieved and can also promote the absorption of eye cream, which is quite useful. The price is also affordable.

  16. Anonymous

    It was sent by SF Express and came with a gift. It’s really good. It’s much more cost-effective than the ones that cost several thousand dollars. This one not only has hot compress but also ice compress functions, which can meet daily needs. It’s mainly used with eye cream, and the effect is quite good. obviously.

  17. Anonymous

    The appearance color is very beautiful, with a bit of metallic texture. It has both ice and hot compress, which is really cost-effective. When you wake up in the morning, you use ice compress to relieve eye puffiness. When introducing eye cream, you use hot compress mode, which is easy to use and easy to maintain. Now, I feel that the eye bags and dark circles have also faded a lot

  18. Anonymous

    Recently, I have been working overtime and staying up late, causing my eye bags to become heavier. I bought this eye beauty device, which is very weighty and has a light luxury texture when held in my hand. The massage head is very close to the eye area, and the lifting massage is very comfortable, especially in the ice compress mode. After use, my skin feels tighter and the swelling is reduced very quickly, saving my swollen eyes. The effect is good.

  19. Anonymous

    I recently noticed that dark circles under my eyes are quite noticeable, so I quickly bought eye cream. The shop owner also said that it can be used with this eye beauty device, which will have better effects. After choosing it for a long time, I chose this visually appealing product, which has two modes: cold compress and hot compress. It is very convenient to use and can help the eye cream absorb better. Sometimes when I stay up late the next day, using this ice compress mode can quickly reduce swelling. Highly recommended

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