Fei Se Nai Jiujiu Mirror Intelligent Illuminated Makeup Mirror


Fei Se Nai Jiujiu Mirror Desktop LED Makeup Mirror with Light Supplement Intelligent Desktop Beauty Makeup Mirror Gift


Feise Naijiujiu Mirror Desktop LED Makeup Mirror is an intelligent desktop mirror designed specifically for beauty. This mirror is equipped with a large-sized high-definition touch screen, making it more comfortable and convenient for you to use. In addition, it also comes with built-in high brightness LED lights that provide sufficient lighting in low light environments, making your makeup look more natural and clear. In addition, this mirror also has an intelligent fill light function, which can adjust the brightness according to your needs, making it convenient for you to create a perfect makeup look anytime, anywhere. In addition, its exterior design is simple and elegant, suitable for various styles of home decoration. As a practical beauty tool, Feise Naijiujiu Mirror Desktop LED Makeup Mirror is your powerful assistant for makeup.

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Cloud white, nude pink, Starry Gray, carmine, Glass Green, Cloud white with 7x mirror, Naked pink with 7x mirror, Starry gray with 7x mirror, Rouge red with 7x lens

20 reviews for Fei Se Nai Jiujiu Mirror Intelligent Illuminated Makeup Mirror

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Very good, with good weight, color, and brightness! Very good!

  3. Anonymous

    The recommendation from my good friend is really beautiful and useful

  4. Anonymous

    Very Naisi, with an extremely beautiful appearance and stunning lighting!!!

  5. Anonymous

    The packaging is very good, the appearance is good, and the quality is also not a problem

  6. Anonymous

    Apart from being expensive, there are no drawbacks. Mirror is realistic, with high appearance and complete functionality.

  7. Anonymous

    The appearance is simple, beautiful, and the colors are also very good. The usage effect is very good in all aspects. It is recommended to purchase!

  8. Anonymous

    I bought a red one, which looks really nice and is much better than a regular mirror. I bought it as a gift for my friend and plan to use it for a lifetime. I recommend it

  9. Anonymous

    The packaging is very good, the mirror is very clear, the brightness can be adjusted, it is very practical, and the battery life is also good, it can last for about a week

  10. Anonymous

    The mirror has a great texture and I really like it. It fits my bedroom very well. The most important thing is that the angle can be adjusted and the lighting can be adjusted

  11. Anonymous

    This makeup mirror has a particularly good texture and I really like it. Compared to a few hundred, this one is simply of good quality and affordable. The packaging is also particularly high-end

  12. Anonymous

    This makeup mirror has a particularly good texture and I really like it. Compared to a few hundred, this one is simply of good quality and affordable. The packaging is also particularly high-end, and the shop owner is interested!

  13. Anonymous

    I am very surprised that I can buy such a useful mirror for a hundred dollars. I really like its freely adjustable function to meet various needs. The light can be infinitely dimmed? The light color can also be changed. It is a good review.

  14. Anonymous

    Functional effect: very good, the old one has been used for almost 4 years without any problems! If it had not been accidentally broken, the old one could still be used! Hahahaha! I quickly bought a new one of the same model! Product quality: good!

  15. Anonymous

    The mirror completely meets my needs. It’s perfect. The color is much prettier than I thought. It’s a light and gentle pink. I didn’t expect it to be so beautiful. The key is that it can be pulled down from the top. It’s super awesome. It’s my essence. Carefully selected products.

  16. Anonymous

    After doing a lot of research, I finally chose this one. It has a very good texture and has a certain weight to it.It may be a little heavy for girls, but that’s okay, it won’t fall easily when placed on the table.The magnifying glass inside is very good, and I also like the gift inside for applying eyeliner.

  17. Anonymous

    The mirror is really clear and the light is not dazzling. When the lights are on in the room, I can use the smallest setting to get enough brightness. The current battery life is also very good. I have been using it for 13 days and it has not lost a single battery. I can use it during my normal makeup time. It’s relatively short and I’m satisfied! I’ll review it again after using it for a while.

  18. Anonymous

    The choice of express delivery is very good. It is not SF Express. The coordinate is Shanghai and it will arrive the next day. The box is also octagonal and has good reviews. The brightness and color temperature of the mirror are good. You can customize the brightness and color temperature. This is very good. Overall, it is very light. You can use the mirror to put on makeup in the right place. It is very good.

  19. Anonymous

    I like this mirror so much that after working, I no longer pay attention to my face like I did when I was a student, and I don’t do much skin care.Neither the wash mirror nor the floor mirror at home is convenient for skin care and makeup. I suddenly wanted to buy a makeup mirror. I compared many and chose this one.This mirror just fits right in the room, where you can sit and take good care of your skin.The small mirror provided is also very high-quality! I like it very much.

  20. Anonymous

    The amiro I used before had a broken battery for several years and kept flashing and flashing. This time I replaced it with this one and it works fine.Appearance: It’s bigger than the previous one. I like that the pole can move forward and backward and is easy to use. It would be better if it were all white.The bottom is quite sensitive to touch, I hope it won’t break.Light: overall a little grayer than amiro? Even when the lights are not turned on, it looks cold and warm.Among the three levels of colors, I feel that only the neutral color is more practical. Personally, I don’t feel that the cold and warm colors are used. There are 4 levels of light and dark.Amiro only has one color and three levels of lightness and darkness.This is a bit more durable.The light is soft and non-glaring.In overall comparison, they all have their own merits. In terms of color, I prefer amiro. Its overall function is excellent, color and durability are good.Just wish it was more durable.

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