Mengjia shoe film machine charging wireless version made according to shoes


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The intelligent shoe cover machine for home and office use is an innovative rechargeable shoe film machine designed specifically to protect your indoor space. It provides a new convenient way for working from home, helping you no longer need to carry disposable plastic shoe covers when entering and exiting public places. Disposable shoe film is suitable for any place in the home and office, ensuring a clean and comfortable environment. Simply place your shoes on the machine and wait for a few minutes to put on the soft and convenient shoe covers. The machine intelligently senses and quickly releases a new shoe cover, eliminating the need for any tedious operations. The intelligent shoe cover machine not only saves you time and energy, but also avoids wasting resources and reduces the generation of plastic waste. Whether you are at home or in the office, smart shoe covers are your ideal solution, bringing cleanliness and convenience to your environment.

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Chinese mainland


Guangdong Province

package volume

40cm * 28cm * 20cm

shell material

ABS engineering plastics

sort by color

White, black, Black and white

shoe cover capacity

550 capacity machines [including 550 shoe film rolls], 400 capacity machines [including 400 shoe film rolls], 3-year warranty for genuine products

20 reviews for Mengjia shoe film machine charging wireless version made according to shoes

  1. Anonymous

    Not bad, installation is also quite convenient

  2. Anonymous

    A very useful machine. I just tried charging it and it worked really well

  3. Anonymous

    It’s okay to use.Now guests no longer have to worry about changing into slippers.

  4. Anonymous

    The charging version is very convenient to use, but customers need to teach it for the first time

  5. Anonymous

    With this home, you no longer have to worry about getting dirty.The quality is good and it works well.

  6. Anonymous

    This overshoe machine is exactly the same as described by the seller. It looks great and the quality is good

  7. Anonymous

    After watching the installation video, the operation is also very simple, and the shoe film is also very thick

  8. Anonymous

    I bought it for my family. It looks very good. My parents said it is very convenient to use and easy to install.

  9. Anonymous

    It’s okay to use. When guests come to the house in the future, you no longer have to worry about not having enough slippers.

  10. Anonymous

    The operation is also very convenient, and it is very practical for customers to come. They are not afraid of foot odor or dirty feet

  11. Anonymous

    The shoe cover machine was purchased for company use, with a good style, convenient to use, and worry free. Colleagues have all agreed

  12. Anonymous

    The shoe covers were installed quickly according to the customer service installation video and have not been used yet. They look very nice.

  13. Anonymous

    The shoe cover machine is very convenient to use, clean and hygienic, avoiding awkwardness for guests at home, and has a beautiful appearance

  14. Anonymous

    The shoe cover machine is easy to use. When you have guests at home, you no longer have to worry about cleaning. Just step on it and it’s effortless.

  15. Anonymous

    The quality is very good and the appearance looks very high-end. Install according to the instructions in the video.No problem after using it for a while

  16. Anonymous

    The product is particularly good, with excellent quality and practical craftsmanship. The material of the product is also good, and the customer service attitude is very good, very useful

  17. Anonymous

    The quality of the shoe cover machine is good, and the key to its beauty is its practicality??, Suitable for various types of shoes, including leather shoes, sports shoes, high heels, and canvas shoes,

  18. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Is it really useful and worth recommending??. The shoe cover machine received is really good, suitable for household use. It has a high cost performance ratio and is worth recommending!!

  19. Anonymous

    The machine is very easy to use. It won’t jam the shoe covers like the old shoe cover machine. The color is also more advanced, which will make it much more convenient for guests to come home in the future!

  20. Anonymous

    It’s so easy to use. I bought several ones and finally chose this one. It’s very convenient and can cut shoe covers very neatly.This shoe cover did not break even after being stepped on for most of the day. It is highly recommended.

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