Infant Fu Balance Car 3-6 Year Old Boys and Girls Learning Walk


New Yingfu children’s balance car slider toy nylon fiber pedalless walker for boys and girls aged 3-6 years old


Yingfu’s new children’s balance bike is specially designed for children aged 3-6.This nylon fiber pedalless walker is not only suitable for boys and girls, but also an ideal choice for them to explore balance and exercise coordination.

This balance bike is made of lightweight nylon fiber, which is safe, durable and easy to clean.The unique sliding design allows babies to easily master balance skills during sliding.With bright colors and fashionable design, it is your baby’s best partner for outdoor activities.

This Yingfu children’s balance bike is suitable for babies aged 3-6, especially for children who are just starting to learn to walk.It can help babies exercise their balance ability, improve their self-confidence, and also cultivate their teamwork spirit.

Whether it is a park, playground or community green space, this Yingfu children’s balance car is an outdoor toy that babies love.It not only helps babies exercise their balance ability, but also stimulates their desire to explore and their spirit of adventure.Come and buy this safe and fun Yingfu children’s balance car for your baby!




Additional information

Toy type

Other toys




Chinese mainland

Applicable gender


Frame material

Nylon fiber

Applicable age

2-6 years old


one thousand two hundred and ninety

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-four trillion and one hundred and fifty-two billion two hundred and two million fifty-one thousand four hundred and forty-four

sort by color

Brown 12 inch six star spoke wheel with a height of 80-125cm, Green-12 inch six star spoke wheel with a height of 80-125cm

19 reviews for Infant Fu Balance Car 3-6 Year Old Boys and Girls Learning Walk

  1. Anonymous

    Great, baby loves to ride

  2. Anonymous

    Good looks, good riding. Baby really likes it

  3. Anonymous

    The quality of the car is very good, lightweight and flexible

  4. Anonymous

    The hook has been received, shipped quickly, of good quality, and easy to install.

  5. Anonymous

    Received the hook, the packaging is good, the quality is good, and the price is also cheap.

  6. Anonymous

    The quality is very good, it is easy to use and the price is affordable. It is worth buying!

  7. Anonymous

    Easy to organize: very easy. Baby features: practical and beautiful. Material introduction: good quality

  8. Anonymous

    The baby is good, the price is not expensive. Good material, fine workmanship, satisfactory, worth purchasing

  9. Anonymous

    I received the hook and it is really good! The material is very thick and it is very convenient to hang and use! It can carry heavy things. Small items have great uses. It is worth buying!

  10. Anonymous

    The appearance of the car is really high, I really like the color scheme, and the details are also well done. The baby gets started quickly, the body is very light, and it is easy to go out. I love it

  11. Anonymous

    The packaging is good, the delivery is fast, the quality is good and cheap, I feel that the purchase is worth it, and the customer service attitude is also very good. The response is fast and patient.

  12. Anonymous

    Received, the quality is very good, and it is very convenient to paste the woolen fabric! The price is not expensive yet, and her small car is also very good. The child really likes it and plans to buy one!

  13. Anonymous

    The quality of the roller coaster is very good, it is a new model, fashionable and safe, with high appearance and reasonable design. The baby uses it very smoothly, likes to play, and also exercises the body

  14. Anonymous

    The car is easy to operate and loved by babies. It adopts the size of mainstream balance cars, which can be suitable for children of a wider age range. The integrated body is stable and has excellent load-bearing performance

  15. Anonymous

    Material introduction: The overall quality of the car is very good. The child has adjusted the seat to the lowest position for two weeks and it is just right. The car does not have any big smell. The tires have a slight smell.

  16. Anonymous

    The quality of the entry-level children’s balance bike is pretty good, but the shortcoming is that the saddle design is unreasonable and tilts backwards.Also, I don’t know how strong the fiber frame is, especially the rear wheel wishbone.

  17. Anonymous

    This model is very friendly to novice babies, and the car design is very thoughtful. The handlebar can rotate 360 °, so even if the baby falls, there is no need to worry about poking her. The baby loves it very much, and as soon as it arrives, he immediately rides it and even clamors to take his beloved car downstairs to play

  18. Anonymous

    The details are well controlled, every part is smooth, and the whole thing has no smell. The child was hesitant to ride it at first, but now he can ride it very well.The height of the seat can be adjusted, and the body is a whole. It is easy to disassemble and install the express delivery, and only needs to install a handlebar.

  19. Anonymous

    The car is very light and has good texture.The texture of the body frame is very good. It is not so bulky in the hand, but the workmanship is very solid.Not to mention the looks, it’s awesome~~ I really like it more and more the more I look at it.It is also very easy to operate for novice babies, and it is very stable after the child rides on it.In particular, the details of the handlebars are very well done. Even if I fall down, my baby will not be poked. This is a very popular thing for me. In short, this car is very popular with me and it can take my children to exercise. It is really great. Very satisfied!

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