Little Yellow Duck Authentic and Popular New Balance Car


Children’s balance car 1-3 years old baby walker infant and toddler without pedals sliding child four-wheel sliding car


N n1 Play at a suitable temperature to avoid catching a cold;

u0002. Please clean promptly and maintain hygiene after use.

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plastic toys

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Chinese mainland

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Little Yellow Duck (mother and baby)


one thousand six hundred and eighty-eight

Applicable age (new version)

September and above

Applicable age

12 months, 2 years old, 3 years old, 4 years old

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-three trillion and one hundred and eighty-two billion two hundred and two million thirty-eight thousand nine hundred and seventy-three

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Xiancao Green [High end Light Music], Khaki color [high-end lighting music], Princess Pink [High end Light Music], Xiancao Green [Basic Unlighted Music], Khaki [Basic Unlighted Music], Princess Pink [Basic Unlighted Music]

20 reviews for Little Yellow Duck Authentic and Popular New Balance Car

  1. Anonymous

    I have been playing for several days and now I know how to play. Haha, there are no problems so far. It is not easy to roll over and can twist easily.

  2. Anonymous

    It really doesn’t have to be too beautiful! My kids also like it very much and can’t stop playing with it as soon as it’s assembled! The key is that it’s really cost-effective!

  3. Anonymous

    Applicable age: The car has a good appearance. The seats are very comfortable. The handle is very smooth without burrs. A one and a half year old child. Gently get started. Babies love to slide

  4. Anonymous

    After assembling the small car, the baby will ride it. It is easy to assemble, has a high appearance, and is much cheaper than physical stores. The key is that the baby still likes it, which is really good.

  5. Anonymous

    Applicable age: Suitable for babies aged 1-3 to ride! Easy to organize: very easy to ride, the wheels are so smooth! Baby features: Beautiful color, small and compact. Material introduction is quite sturdy!

  6. Anonymous

    I just received it in the evening. The installation is very simple. The baby is very excited when he sees it. The feet are not stuck and the cornering is very flexible. The key is that the color is so beautiful. High praise!

  7. Anonymous

    It has been half a month since I received the car, and my baby is one year and three months old. I have fun playing every day. The music is beautiful and the sound quality is also good. There is no abnormal smell. The plastic is very thick and creaky!

  8. Anonymous

    The appearance is too high, and the old mother loves it very much when she unpacks it. After pressing it on the baby, she played for a long time, and the installation was very simple. It was done in two minutes, and there was also music and lighting. It was perfect. My baby is over a year old and can easily handle it

  9. Anonymous

    Applicable age: My baby is just one year old, and I estimate they can slide away after playing for a few more days. Easy to organize: easy to install in three steps. Baby features: light and convenient, good color, and high height. One year old baby can move up and down on their own. Material introduction: no odor, very good

  10. Anonymous

    My baby is 1 and a half years old, and this small balance bike is very suitable for her. The wheels are very stable, and the baby plays very smoothly. The appearance is very high, and the material is very good. It is very lightweight to hold up and down stairs?? With a balance car, parents can free up their hands from holding their babies

  11. Anonymous

    The smelly baby is still very young, but the boss said it’s cheap now! I bought it first after seeing the brand! The color is very beautiful! It’s very attractive. My baby looks like a walker when pushing the handlebar, hehe! He keeps holding it and insists on playing with it. !Haha! It’s really good! Playing music makes the baby happy! It’s very good and doesn’t take up space in the car! Not bad!

  12. Anonymous

    The little car is honestly really good! And the color is also very beautiful! It is very bright, the baby likes it, and it has lights and music. It is easy to control, and the baby can also play with it by himself! I just didn’t expect it to be a genuine little yellow duck. !The price of 50 yuan is incredible.One piece of clothing is not enough, and you can make your baby happy. To be honest, it is really unexpected!

  13. Anonymous

    The scooter is really good. I highly recommend the grass green color! I can’t say enough about its good looks.It’s really beautiful [wow] [wow] and it can train the baby’s balance ability. Dabao can also play with it. It feels like he can play until he is five years old with no problem! The body is also very strong! I can also sit on it! The wheels have no smell and the details are very good. Great! I really didn’t expect it was only over 50 yuan.The bodywork is also very good! It doesn’t feel particularly cheap! It’s also the first choice to give it away, it’s a big brand!

  14. Anonymous

    The customer service attitude is very good! If you have any questions, they are patiently answered and solved! The car is also shipped relatively quickly.Bought it for my sister! The pictures and videos I sent back! It even surprised her! It also surprised me! She said she was worried that she wouldn’t be able to install it because she was handicapped, but she didn’t expect it to be quick-release when she received it! Just plug it in, no tools are needed, and it can be done in less than a minute! And it’s very beautiful! Send me some pictures and videos! I hope my niece likes it, haha!

  15. Anonymous

    The little car is really beautiful [wit] and the wheels are very flexible [smiley face] The big wheels can be used on any road surface, and the shock absorption effect is also perfect! Is it the authentic brand of Little Yellow Duck?? The carton is also very high-end! Let your baby play with it! Free gift The people are also pretty good! They need a brand [applause] [applause] they need good looks and good looks! There are also lights and music, it’s easy to get started, and the installation is super simple! Just one screw! The direction is very flexible, and it’s very easy. Handling! The body is also relatively solid! I tried it after sitting on it, haha! It’s really good! Very cost-effective!??????

  16. Anonymous

    I received the little toy car! The baby got to get familiar with it first! Then I went out to the park for a walk. I just got it, and I’m still a little unfamiliar with it.After a simple tutorial, you will be able to slide away! This color is so beautiful! I highly recommend this color for baby girls! It is really fresh and bright? It also has lights and music, and it only costs 54 yuan, and the installation is very simple. , the baby’s father is not at home, so you can do it by yourself in a minute or two. I guarantee that mothers with really poor hands-on skills can also do it easily?? Exercise your baby’s balance ability! You can go out to play in the park, on the grass, or on the road! The wheels are also very smooth ,really good!

  17. Anonymous

    My little one likes this car very much. He didn’t hesitate to ride on it when he saw it for the first time. He rode it back and forth happily and turned on the music. He shook his head and took the car when he went out for a walk. He wouldn’t let us go downstairs. I’m very good at picking up rare things. I ride very smoothly and can easily turn around when I enter the elevator or turn a corner. I stand up straight and follow my brother’s example. I have a good feel for driving. I’m very good at learning it. [Hey ha] Moreover, this small car is very light and can be handled by children. It has good appearance and good quality at a low price. When a relative of mine saw it and found out it was so cheap, he was very surprised and said it was so worth it. [Social Society] [Social Society] The wheels are light and easy to roll. Especially suitable for little babies!

  18. Anonymous

    I looked at several toddler balance scooters, and this one is the cheapest! It’s a big brand, Little Yellow Duck! It also comes with insurance for shipping costs for large items, and you can return it if you don’t like it, so I chose this store! I really didn’t like it when I received it. Thinking of how good-looking it is! The wheels are also very smooth, and the baby is happy playing on the grass! Haha, there is also music, so you can hum along while playing.The baby also likes it very much, and I didn’t expect it to bring such a big surprise! My expectations were not very high! The most important thing is that the price is not expensive! I didn’t expect it to be a blockbuster. After playing with it for a few days, I bought one as a gift to my sister’s baby! It’s a big brand, and it’s free. It’s also a great experience when you go out! Highly recommend and praise??

  19. Anonymous

    I had already taken the photo! I asked if the installation was easy! The customer service was very enthusiastic and recommended me to change the color, saying that green is more suitable for my baby than yellow! Then I simply compared it again! The note was green! The color I received is pretty good! It’s very bright! And there’s no color difference! It really looks better than the picture! The baby also loves to play! I took it to the park for a walk after receiving it! I took it by myself and let me ride the tram to pull her there! It’s really a good car. ! It’s good-looking, has lights and music, and it’s the Little Yellow Duck brand! I’ve always liked this brand! At that time, many of the snacks my baby ate when he was young were also made by his family! The quality is really nothing to say, I like it You can buy it with confidence! I have already recommended it to my best friends! The most important thing is that the price is not expensive!

  20. Anonymous

    I absolutely guarantee that this is not a lie, but a real review! Tell me what you think about this car! First of all, I looked at several stores before buying it, and this one is not expensive! And it is a new product, so I am actually a little worried about the quality, etc., but later I compared the price and it was not too expensive, so I wanted to give it a try. Then I asked customer service and they said there was freight insurance, so I bought one! Unexpectedly, it was very good! The color of the car body is very beautiful! It is also relatively positive and has no odor.The most important thing is that it is really stable and will not roll over. It is suitable for babies to learn to walk and slide around! It is also easy for babies to use.There is absolutely no problem with the load-bearing! It is very strong and the wheels are very smooth! The control is good! The price is really worth it. The customer service said that the price will increase in the next few days, but I don’t know if it is true or not! Anyway, the price is really good! No wonder it is the authentic authorized product of Little Yellow Duck! They all have babies! Sisters who are concerned about the quality, absolutely rest assured! If you like it, you can consider it! You don’t need to consider anything else, what you like is the most important. I have tried it, and the quality is really acceptable! Personal opinion, for reference only! Hehe

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