Retro French all-copper crystal bedroom lamps: daughter’s room lighting art


Retro French living room and dining room all-copper crystal chandelier light luxury romantic bedroom children’s princess room daughter’s room lamps




This exquisite all-copper crystal chandelier is an excellent representative of retro French style. It combines French romance, luxury and sophistication.Its design is inspired by the glory of the past, with a light frame made of all-copper supporting exquisite crystal pendants, exuding a timeless elegance.This chandelier is suitable for living rooms and dining rooms, adding a strong artistic atmosphere to the space.Whether it is light luxury, romance, children’s room or princess room, it can be perfectly adapted and bring a different kind of charm to your living space.

The characteristic of this chandelier is its exquisite crystal pendant. Each crystal is carefully cut and polished to shine with charming light.The all-copper lamp holder is not only strong and durable, but also has good antioxidant properties and can resist corrosion and wear in daily use.The lampshade is made of high-quality velvet material, which can effectively block light leakage and ensure that the light spreads softly and evenly into the room.

This chandelier has a wide range of applications. Whether it is a small family for newlyweds or a gathering place for a large family, it can add a unique French style to the space.It can be used as a decorative art piece for the home or as a gift to relatives and friends, both of which are very suitable choices.If you are looking for a chandelier that can show your taste in life and art appreciation, then this retro French style all-copper crystal chandelier for your living room and dining room is definitely a choice you shouldn’t miss.




Additional information


American retro

Number of lamp heads



Chinese mainland

Is it intelligent control



111V~240V (inclusive)

Irradiation area

10 ㎡ -15 ㎡

type of light source

LED lights

Main material of lamp body


Main material of lampshade


Lamp body auxiliary material


Control type

Non intelligent control

Lamp shape

Dual purpose ceiling lamp

Pendant type

All copper/copper pendant lamp

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

3C certificate number

two thousand and seventeen trillion and eleven billion one million nine hundred and sixty-five thousand eight hundred and eighty-nine

sort by color

6-LED tricolor light source, 8-LED tricolor light source, 10 head LED tricolor light source

17 reviews for Retro French all-copper crystal bedroom lamps: daughter’s room lighting art

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Very good-looking, with good quality

  3. Anonymous

    Very beautiful, full of French style

  4. Anonymous

    The lamp doesn’t feel like pure copper

  5. Anonymous

    It looks great, the quality is very good

  6. Anonymous

    It looks very beautiful and I really like it

  7. Anonymous

    Very beautiful and satisfied. The seller’s service is also very good.

  8. Anonymous

    It’s not my favorite style. The crystal lamp is particularly beautiful.

  9. Anonymous

    I haven’t had time to take pictures after the installation is complete. I will post pictures after the sanitation is completed.

  10. Anonymous

    The quality is excellent and the workmanship is exquisite. The light is also very soft and not dazzling. After turning on the lights, the atmosphere suddenly increased.

  11. Anonymous

    Family, who knows? As soon as the receipt is confirmed, the price is reduced. The price is guaranteed for 7 days based on the logistics arrival time of 180, so it is a loss.

  12. Anonymous

    I am very happy to buy such a beautiful pendant lamp. The effect is very good. The crystal lamp is crystal clear and the quality is also very good. This price is very valuable, and it is very cost-effective

  13. Anonymous

    The quality of the lighting fixtures is very good, you get what you pay for. The lighting fixtures are installed well and the effect is very good. The installation technician is very prompt in installing them,

  14. Anonymous

    Very good and very satisfied. The seller’s customer service attitude is very good. I really like it when I put it in my home. The workmanship is fine and the color is what I want. The three-tone lighting is very warm.

  15. Anonymous

    A very beautiful lamp with exquisite workmanship and crystal transparency. When the master came to install it, he always said that this lamp looks good. I have a good eye. The living room has added a lot of aesthetics

  16. Anonymous

    Assembly takes a bit of time, but everything is worth it after installation. The quality is good, the workmanship is fine, the appearance design is particularly beautiful, and it has a great atmosphere. I really like it

  17. Anonymous

    I bought this lamp to install in my living room. It looks great. It really didn’t disappoint me. The size recommended by the store is also very suitable. Installation is included and it comes with three-color light sources.

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