Recommended blue and white light source circular lamp for testing


Laser welding machine circular light WR63HW welding machine CCD light microscope welding machine LED advertising welding machine accessories


WR63HW circular light soldering machine, CCD light microscope soldering machine, and LED advertising soldering machine. This integrated solution provides precise welding accuracy, enabling fast, reliable, and safe workflow. It includes a high-definition CCD lamp microscope soldering machine and a matching laser welding machine, which together constitute the basic equipment for high-quality advertising industry and production application fields. By using LED advertising soldering machines, it is easy to achieve precise soldering of various advertising fonts, providing excellent visual effects for the advertising industry. All these accessories are made of high-quality materials, ensuring excellent performance and long-lasting durability. These products are ideal choices for professional laser welding and advertising industries.

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White light (circular spotlight) 220V direct insertion, Blue light (circular spotlight) 220V direct insertion, White light (split 12V) (circular lamp), White light+blue light (blue and white alternating) 220V direct insertion, Blue light (split 12V)


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