Modern luxury bedroom, living room, crystal chandelier


Modern minimalist living room, dining room, bedroom, circular design, American luxury villa, light luxury French crystal chandelier


Modern minimalist living room, dining room, bedroom, circular designer, American luxury villa, light luxury French crystal chandelier is a highly designed and high-quality home lighting product. This lighting fixture adopts a modern minimalist style, combining elegance and practicality, integrating fashion and comfort. The circular design gives it a warm and inclusive feeling, adding a delicate atmosphere to spaces such as the living room, dining room, and bedroom. In terms of material, this lamp is made of high-quality crystal and alloy materials, presenting a noble and elegant temperament. The crystal part is made of high-quality crystal, with good glossiness and strong transparency, which can bring soft and uniform light to the interior. The alloy part is finely processed to ensure the durability and stability of the lamp. In terms of functionality, this pendant lamp is equipped with multiple lighting modes that can be adjusted according to different scene requirements. The living room, dining room, and bedroom can choose different lighting modes according to different needs to meet diverse lighting needs. In addition, lighting fixtures also have the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, which can effectively save energy and reduce the impact on the environment. This pendant lamp is suitable for various villas and high-end residences, adding a touch of luxury and quality to the space. Its circular design can match various home styles, whether it is modern simplicity, American luxury, or French light luxury, all of which can be perfectly integrated. Whether decorating a new house or renovating an old one, this chandelier can add elegance and nobility to your home. Therefore, if you are looking for a high-quality home lighting product, this chandelier will be your best choice.

Additional information







Number of lamp heads



Chinese mainland

Warranty period

2 years

Number of light sources



Minimalist and modern

Is it intelligent control



111V~240V (inclusive)

Irradiation area

15 ㎡ -30 ㎡

Main material of lamp body


type of light source

LED lights

Pendant type

Crystal chandeliers

Lamp body auxiliary material


Main material of lampshade


color temperature

Tricolor dimming

Control type

Non intelligent control

Lampshade auxiliary material


Lamp shape

Dual purpose ceiling lamp

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Color temperature K value of light source


Does the lighting fixture come with a light source


Same city service

Local buyers come to pick up the goods

3C certificate number

two thousand and eighteen trillion and eleven billion one million eighty-eight thousand four hundred and ninety-two

sort by color

55CM diameter and 43CM height, Diameter 75CM, height 48CM, 85CM diameter and 51CM height, Inventory updates are fast, please consult customer service in advance, B-style wall lamp, C-style wall lamp

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  1. Anonymous

    Very good~The size fits perfectly

  2. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  3. Anonymous

    Sisters are really super good-looking! Absolutely!

  4. Anonymous

    Very beautiful, sparkling and matching my home, very high-end crystal

  5. Anonymous

    It arrived quickly. The lamp is of good quality and looks pretty good.

  6. Anonymous

    The most satisfying light at home, it looks good when turned on and off

  7. Anonymous

    The height can be adjusted freely, and I am very satisfied with it. It is very beautiful

  8. Anonymous

    The lamp is very exquisite, the seller ships quickly, and the light bulb is also very bright, very good

  9. Anonymous

    The crystal lamp has arrived, with exquisite workmanship and excellent materials. Overall, I am very satisfied

  10. Anonymous

    This lamp is easy to install, has excellent brightness, and has a very beautiful appearance, which is what I like

  11. Anonymous

    Very beautiful, the decorative effect came out immediately, giving off a feeling of grandeur and elegance! Praise, like!

  12. Anonymous

    It’s quite beautiful, and the atmosphere is very strong~ The house hasn’t been tidied up yet, but it already looks good!

  13. Anonymous

    If I had to choose, I would also choose a crystal lamp. The on-site feeling is super strong, and the crystal is very shiny and exquisite

  14. Anonymous

    It’s installed, but I haven’t had time to post pictures. It looks great and flashy. Thank you to the seller, everything was completed smoothly!

  15. Anonymous

    The lamp is really beautiful, and photos cannot capture its beauty! The recommended installer is also very good [strong], strongly recommend it!

  16. Anonymous

    The lamp has been received. It is amazing when I turn it on. The shape of the lamp is unique and the room looks very warm when it is installed. It is great!

  17. Anonymous

    The lamp is very beautiful, the lighting is suitable, the craftsmanship is really meticulous, and the price is much cheaper than physical stores. I was very satisfied with this shopping experience

  18. Anonymous

    The logistics are fast, the packaging is tight, and the installation was done by myself. There are drawings and videos, which are quite simple. After installation, I really like it and it looks great

  19. Anonymous

    After installation, I will evaluate it. The style is novel, luxurious, and upscale, very eye-catching. The price is affordable, much cheaper than physical stores, and it is worth recommending and purchasing.

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