Household variable frequency instant heating electric water heater Philips


Philips instant electric water heater, household bathroom showerhead, quick heating shower, quick heating water heater


The anti-electric wall technology protects the safety of the whole family and allows you to enjoy the fun of bathing.

Whether it is the heat of spring and summer or the cold of autumn and winter, Philips instant electric water heater can provide you with comfortable hot water that can be used immediately, making your bathroom a real bathing paradise.


Additional information








Zhongshan City

net weight

4.5kg 3.4kg

Operating Voltage



Chinese mainland

Gross Weight

5.6kg 4.6kg

warranty period

36 months

heating power

8500W 7000W


Guangdong Province

Energy efficiency rating


Limit of stacking layers

6th floor

control method

Microcomputer based

Procurement location

Chinese mainland


August 2022 February 2024

Package Size

380x87x490mm 490x87x380mm


AWH2400/93 (85DB) AWH1028/93 (85HA) AWH1045/93 (70HA)


Guangdong Water Shield Health Technology Co., Ltd

Intelligent type

Other intelligence does not support intelligence

After-sales service

On site installation of national joint insurance

Cross section requirements for electrical wires

6 square mm 4 square mm

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-one trillion and ten billion seven hundred and six million four hundred and twenty-two thousand three hundred and four

sort by color

AWH1028/93 (85HA) 8500W blue, AWH2400/93 (85DB) 8500W Stone Congqing, AWH1045/93 (70HA) 7000W dark blue, AWH1028/93 (85HA) 8500W dark blue

20 reviews for Household variable frequency instant heating electric water heater Philips

  1. Anonymous

    It works really well and is pretty fast.

  2. Anonymous

    The appearance is good, the color is also good, the thing is small and does not take up space

  3. Anonymous

    The constant temperature effect, installation speed, and heating speed are all good, so big brands can rest assured.

  4. Anonymous

    This water heater has a beautiful appearance and is very convenient to use, with good heating effect and a lightweight body.

  5. Anonymous

    Received it, tested the water immediately after installing it today, it works very well, the customer service is great! 32 likes!

  6. Anonymous

    Delivery on time: On time. The seller’s service attitude is very good. The water heats up as soon as it is turned on. The machine is small and pretty.

  7. Anonymous

    Delivery on time: The delivery is very timely, the heating speed is very fast, and the installation speed is very fast. Some friends need to introduce them to buy

  8. Anonymous

    The shipment was made the next day after placing the order, and the logistics were fast. The machine was ultra-thin and looked very good. The seller, Meimei, had a good customer service attitude.

  9. Anonymous

    The instant heating type has a fast speed of over 8000 W and also saves electricity. It will automatically standby when hot water is not needed, which is better than the water storage type. It takes up less space and saves electricity

  10. Anonymous

    Whether it is heat-resistant: Yes, whether it is leaking electricity: Yes, it is delivered on time: Yes, it is an instant heating electric water heater. The price is beautiful and the cost-effectiveness is high. It is small and exquisite, occupying a small area

  11. Anonymous

    Is it anti scalding? Yes, it is delivered on time. The shipment is super fast, and SF Express will deliver it to your doorstep the next day. The water heater is very useful, and the hot water comes quickly. Special praise to customer service representative Yuan Yuan for her patient response.

  12. Anonymous

    Very good, exceeding expectations, the outdoor temperature in the north is -4 degrees. Commonly used settings are 31 degrees Celsius and 39 degrees Celsius for bathing. I bought a 6 square meter cable myself and installed it after work, feeling a great sense of achievement. Customer service Dingdang service stick

  13. Anonymous

    Delivery on time: fast delivery, fast delivery, fast contact from the master, fast installation, very skilled business, the machine is very easy to use, less than 3 seconds, the floor heating at home is more efficient. It is also very beautiful, super thin, I hope it can be used. I also thank the customer service Dingdang and Taozi for their reply and explanation.

  14. Anonymous

    Let’s talk about the logistics first. It was very fast. The master who was responsible for the installation also installed it at the fastest speed, without delaying the use. It is really beautiful, and it heats up quickly. Most importantly, my grandma and grandpa think it saves electricity. The customer service is also very enthusiastic. It’s my first time buying it, and I don’t understand it. They explained it very clearly.

  15. Anonymous

    The water heater is very easy to use and is very different from those that cost a few hundred yuan. It produces hot water very quickly, the water flow rate is just right, and it doesn’t consume much electricity. I turn it on and off after taking a shower. It sounds scary that the power used in Shanghai is between 4000W and 5000W. I think the power will be lower in summer and higher in the north. I am very satisfied with this water heater.

  16. Anonymous

    The product has a beautiful appearance, with a slim body and beautiful colors. It was originally a package installation, but the person in charge of the installation said that my home address is far from the city center, so I installed it myself. I received a subsidy of 50 yuan for the installation fee. We contacted the property management to install it, but they said there was no one, so we had to install it ourselves. Installing it yourself is also very simple. Overall, the shopping experience is good and the product quality is good.

  17. Anonymous

    In a rural house, I walked a 6 square meter wire from the electricity meter and installed the water heater myself. I bought two corner valves, which were a bit ugly, but as a poor person, I saved some installation fees????, The usage effect is currently quite good. Someone in the comment section said that the water flow is too small, which scared me almost to buy it. In fact, the water flow is good enough, and it cannot be compared with the cold water pressure. The water flow of a gas water heater is also lower than that of cold water, and there is no way to avoid this error. Hope it is durable.

  18. Anonymous

    Today I finally replaced the old water heater. This new one is very useful. I am no longer afraid of the hot and cold??!!! There is also a power display, which is great! The merchant’s service is also very good and can meet my requirements. SF Express is fast. I immediately dismantled the old machine and installed the new one after receiving it today. The installation is free when buying a water heater??, but I know how to install it myself. I connected the power cord on the basis of the original triple leakage switch (the main leakage switch of the house, the leakage switch of the floor, and the leakage switch of the power cord in front of the water heater).

  19. Anonymous

    Due to frequent gas outages in the community, an electric water heater is installed as a backup. Because it was a later installation, the connection of strong electricity and water pipes was done by oneself. Although the process was difficult, it was still installed. Although almost all Philips brands now sell OEM production, the appearance and quality of this machine are still good. I bought an 8.5kw one, priced at over 1200 yuan. In winter, the inlet water temperature is around 10 degrees Celsius, and the outlet water temperature is 42 degrees Celsius. The water flow rate is basically enough for one person to take a bath. Compared to the beautiful one, the one that looks slightly inferior in appearance was excluded.

  20. Anonymous

    It’s OK, but not suitable for areas with an ambient temperature below 10 degrees in winter. If the ambient temperature is below 10 degrees in winter, I suggest you buy a storage water heater, or like me, the ambient temperature in my hometown is around minus 4 degrees in winter. I installed two of these in one bathroom, installed in series, and I installed a total of 4 in my two bathrooms. If the main line of the home wire is less than 6 sections, or the transformer load in your village is not enough, especially in rural hometowns, it is not recommended to install two units, unless you re-route the line separately, otherwise it will not work and it is not safe. The 4 units in my home are all decorated and wired separately, separated from the lines at home. I tried to turn on all 4 units, and the transformer at the head of the village was overloaded, and the transformer directly tripped. The power is based on the parameters given by the seller: 8500 watts * 4 = 34000 watts, which is a bit fierce. The staff responsible for electricity management of the power grid sent a message to my home saying that my home load is a bit large, pay attention to separate use, otherwise the transformer load will be too large and trip, and everyone will lose power??

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