Midea D5 micro steaming, baking and frying all-in-one machine


Midea D5 Micro Steaming and Baking Integrated Machine Embedded Electric Steaming and Baking Oven Household Micro Steaming and Baking Four in One Variable Frequency Microwave Oven


Midea D5 microwave oven is a built-in electric steam oven that integrates microwave baking and steaming functions. The four-in-one function meets your cooking needs. It uses frequency conversion technology to ensure efficient and stable performance. This product is suitable for home use, especially for those who like baking, steaming and grilling. Its four-in-one function of microwave oven, steaming, baking and frying can easily cope with baking, steaming, microwave cooking and frying. In addition, Midea D5 microwave oven also has a frequency conversion microwave function, which can better maintain the nutrition and taste of food. The embedded design makes it suitable for kitchen decoration, beautiful and space-saving. In general, Midea D5 microwave oven is a powerful, easy-to-use and family-friendly appliance.

Additional information









rated power




Gross Weight





Stainless steel

control method

Knob type

warranty period

12 months

Package Size


Energy efficiency rating



Thawing steam barbecue

Limit of stacking layers

4th floor

Panel material

Ordinary tempered glass

Opening and closing method

Drop-down door

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

sort by color

Dark Gray

install service

Including installation

19 reviews for Midea D5 micro steaming, baking and frying all-in-one machine

  1. Anonymous

    very satisfied

  2. Anonymous

    Very good installation

  3. Anonymous

    Product quality: Excellent

  4. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  5. Anonymous

    I really like this oven, it has all kinds of functions!

  6. Anonymous

    Because of the electricity problem, it has not been installed yet.

  7. Anonymous

    The installation master is very awesome and highly praised by five stars

  8. Anonymous

    Very beautiful, very satisfied, looking forward to the effect of future use

  9. Anonymous

    A very satisfactory oven with powerful functions! The after-sales service is very good!

  10. Anonymous

    I am very satisfied with the installation and it is very fast. The machine is very good

  11. Anonymous

    Not installed yet, the item has been received. It is bought for parents and their families. It is no problem.

  12. Anonymous

    Appearance and material: good-looking, consistent with the picture. Product features: versatile, meeting kitchen requirements.

  13. Anonymous

    Delivery on time: very punctual Appearance material: very attractive Product quality: big brand is good Product function: easy to use, simple

  14. Anonymous

    Very perfect, the Midea D5 was also bought with many strategies, and it was a bit surprising to receive the goods! A product with quality and aesthetics exceeding tens of thousands!

  15. Anonymous

    The machine has been received, and we are waiting for the whole house customization to be completed before installing the card. The delivery was very timely and the service was also very good!

  16. Anonymous

    The oven that I have been longing for, with a larger size than I imagined, complete functions, reliable Blue Heart recommendations, professional customer service, and quick response to questions. It was a very satisfying shopping experience!

  17. Anonymous

    Very good. The price I bought on Double Eleven is very cost-effective. It was delayed until now to be shipped. However, the decoration is a bit slow, so it has not been installed yet. But I believe in the quality of Midea. I will follow up with comments after it is installed.

  18. Anonymous

    On time delivery: One of the main reasons I chose this oven is its versatility. Not only can it be used to bake bread and cakes, but it can also be used to bake chicken wings and vegetables, and the upper and lower tubes are independently controlled for temperature, making my cooking process more flexible.

  19. Anonymous

    Appearance material: It is cool gray with fine glitter. Product quality: The oven is very delicate and solid. Product function: The multi-in-one oven is very powerful and can do anything. And it does not take up space. It is really great. Delivery on time: I made an appointment for delivery and it came the next day. Very fast. Moved directly into the house, good service

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