AUG embedded micro steaming and baking integrated machine with high cost-effectiveness


AUG Oyoug Micro Steaming and Baking Integrated Machine, German Large Capacity Color Screen Ceramic Embedded Steaming and Baking Oven, Microwave Oven


AUG Aoyouge Micro Steaming and Baking Integrated Machine is a German large capacity color screen ceramic embedded steaming and baking oven microwave oven, which integrates steaming, baking, and microwave functions. This product adopts embedded design, suitable for modern kitchen decoration style, while providing large capacity space to meet your cooking needs for various delicacies. This product is made of ceramic material, which is not only easy to clean, but also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. The color screen operation interface is intuitive and easy to understand, making it convenient for users to perform various operation settings. As a micro steaming and baking all-in-one machine, AUG Ouyuge micro steaming and baking all-in-one machine has excellent performance in micro, steaming, and baking. The microwave function can quickly heat food, while the baking function can provide even heat, making the food crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. At the same time, its steaming function can simulate the effect of traditional steamers, preserving the original flavor of food. In addition, the AUG Aoyouge micro steaming and baking all-in-one machine also has multiple preset menus, allowing users to choose the appropriate menu for cooking according to their own taste and ingredients. At the same time, the machine is also equipped with intelligent control functions, which can be personalized and adjusted according to the different needs of the ingredients, making the cooking process more convenient. In general, the AUG Oyug micro steaming and baking all-in-one machine is a powerful and well-designed kitchen appliance that perfectly combines micro, steaming, and baking cooking methods, bringing users a brand new cooking experience.

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Foshan City

net weight




rated power




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control method



Chinese mainland

warranty period

60 months

Package Size



Guangdong Province

Energy efficiency rating



Thawing steam barbecue

Limit of stacking layers

3 layers

Panel material

Ordinary tempered glass

Opening and closing method

Drop-down door

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence


Dual use for both commercial and civilian purposes

Logistics delivery installation service

Delivery to door installation

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-three trillion and ten billion seven hundred and fifteen million five hundred and forty-seven thousand seven hundred and sixty-five

sort by color

Obsidian Black

install service

Including installation

20 reviews for AUG embedded micro steaming and baking integrated machine with high cost-effectiveness

  1. Anonymous

    The quality is very good, high-end and atmospheric, with a high level of sophistication

  2. Anonymous

    The appearance of the oven is high, the temperature rises quickly, and the food baked evenly is fragrant and sticky,

  3. Anonymous

    When decorating, it was pre reserved according to the size, which was perfect. The kitchen instantly became high-end.

  4. Anonymous

    I have looked at several companies and finally chose this one. Currently, it has not been installed or used, but the service attitude is very good, and the machines should not be inferior. I hope so

  5. Anonymous

    Embedded design, perfectly integrated with cabinets, versatile and space saving. The unique LED lighting design not only illuminates the cooking area, but also adds a sense of fashion and technology, enhancing the overall beauty of the kitchen

  6. Anonymous

    Black mirror panel design, fashionable and atmospheric, exquisite door handle design, ergonomic, comfortable grip, easy and easy to switch; Microwave+steam technology can quickly penetrate food and heat it evenly. It takes about 3 minutes to heat half a pound of food.

  7. Anonymous

    Appearance Material: It feels glass to the touch, black and versatile, with a red line embellished on the handle, making it look good. Product Quality: Adequate serving, good texture, and solid material. The master helped test various functions and also taught parents how to use delivery on time: fast delivery, door-to-door delivery, no problems.

  8. Anonymous

    The screen is large, beautiful and elegant, with a strong sense of technology. The workmanship is very detailed, the interface is simple, the icons are large, and the menu selection is simple. The capacity is 52L, which is completely sufficient. The microwave heating speed at this capacity is still a few minutes, which is very rare. Overall great, I recommend getting it.

  9. Anonymous

    It looks good, with a large screen, it looks high-end, and the touch is also smooth. After installation, I also tried various buttons and found them very comfortable to press. The various prompts and menus felt good to use. The microwave gear actually adjusts the power, with a maximum of 1100W and a difference of 100W in the first gear. It feels very impressive, and I look forward to the release of the automatic recipe in the future.

  10. Anonymous

    I specially turned on the screen to take pictures. It looks good, grand, and high-end. There is enough space inside. The microwave and steam are definitely the most used. The multi-function oven is good. One machine has multiple uses. I think all the functions are enough. Especially when steaming, you don’t have to worry about it drying out. It’s very convenient. I haven’t seen any cheaper models with microwave function at this price, so I bought it decisively.

  11. Anonymous

    Because there is a reserved space near the sink, and there are concerns about installation issues, customer service patiently answered, saying that it is a package installation, as long as the location and size are suitable, it can be used by plugging in. In the end, it was also perfectly embedded, which seems to be a new product. Coincidentally, the old microwave oven also wants to be replaced. Everything is the best arrangement and the service is also very good.

  12. Anonymous

    Received the goods. The installation effect, combined with the white cabinet, is stunning. Microwave function is widely used, and steam is also a common function. Microwave+steam is YYDS, which is great for heating meals. I used to use an old microwave and always wanted to add water, worried that it would be too dry after heating. This combination function is simple and perfect. I am very satisfied with my choice, with affordable prices and powerful functions. I am happy and happy!

  13. Anonymous

    The new machine has just been installed and has not been used carefully yet. I conducted a power on test. Firstly, it has a beautiful appearance, with a particularly eye-catching screen and sufficient icons, making it easy for my mom to use in the future. The capacity is very large. According to customer service, this microwave has a high power and high work efficiency, which is more energy-efficient than other brands. Buying large items requires some effort to make comparisons. Currently, everything is better than I thought, like, encourage, praise, haha

  14. Anonymous

    The microwave function is necessary, but the heating speed cannot be replaced. Embedded, large capacity, with microwave function, steam and baking tubes can also be independently controlled up and down. The most important thing is that it is only priced at just over 3000 yuan. After reviewing other products, they all gave good reviews, so I bravely bought them. The effect after installation is really good, and the screen is really large. I am very satisfied. After comparing the parameters, I realized that the products of those brands are really expensive, and I firmly refuse to make cut chives.

  15. Anonymous

    The logistics speed is very fast, and the delivery is door-to-door. To make an appointment for installation, you need to contact customer service. The technician has a good attitude and will contact you by phone before visiting. The packaging is solid and there are no problems. The accessories are all included and the gifts are still on the way. In terms of functionality, it is completely sufficient, especially with microwaves and steam, which is a perfect combination. The heating speed is super fast and very cost-effective. Good workmanship, beautiful appearance, said to be quite energy-saving, looking forward to it.

  16. Anonymous

    It is completely embedded and matches the white cabinets. I originally planned to buy their white model, but the funds were tight after the renovation. The customer service recommended this model. Although it is not available in white, it is several hundred cheaper. The difference is that there is no fan at the back, but this model has upper and lower baking tubes that can be independently controlled in temperature, and the screen is even bigger. The parameters of the microwave are the same. After installation, I tried the microwave function. It is good. I don’t need to buy a microwave anymore. The benefits of multi-function are obvious. I sincerely recommend it.

  17. Anonymous

    I did a lot of research and checked the products on the best-selling lists several times. I still think this one is more cost-effective and fully functional. The parameters and main functions of the microwave are similar, but it is nearly 2,000 yuan cheaper. I won’t talk about the good things. I will talk about some of the things that are less than those big brands. There is no mobile app and no fan. It seems that these are the two. The others are not bad at all, and even have better performance. After the arrival, the first thing I did was to lift it. It was very large. The installation service, warranty, etc. are all included. I think it is very good and highly recommended.

  18. Anonymous

    It matches well with the cabinet, has a great appearance, and the logo on the screen is very good, making it look comfortable. The operation is not simple either. Just pay attention to the size of the embedded system, ask customer service in advance for the size, preheat enough space in the cabinet, and plug it in to use. Value for money, conscientious store, good product, solid materials, ceramic coating on the inner liner. After checking the information, the disadvantage of this material is that it has a lower hardness, but is resistant to high temperature, corrosion, and oil. The bottom layer is still made of stainless steel. What else would you like a bicycle for this price

  19. Anonymous

    Appearance and material: good-looking, versatile, with delicate workmanship. High end product quality: fully functional, with a large screen and display in all three areas. On the ceramic coating, there are scattered flashes of light, high-end. Product features: Microwave, pure steam, good baking function. Although there is no stove, the power of the open hearth stove is sufficient. It is really comfortable to use in a small kitchen. And she also pays more attention to the safety issues of microwaves. To be reasonable, there is a metal mesh on the door panel to shield electromagnetic radiation. This one is available, and safety is the top priority for timely delivery: package delivery to door, package installation

  20. Anonymous

    The microwave oven I’ve been thinking about has arrived. I didn’t ask the technician to come to my house, I did it myself, and it can be used by plugging in electricity. I was considering buying a steam oven with microwave function last year, but I thought it was too expensive at 4,000 to 5,000 yuan, or even more than 6,000 yuan. When I was reading the test and guide on a certain book, I accidentally saw this one, and then I saw this new product in the store. I thought the price and functions were very suitable, it was simply a conscience price, so I quickly bought it, and didn’t wait for 618, I made an appointment first, and the customer service said that I didn’t have to wait for 618, I really didn’t want to wait any longer, so I bought it first.

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