Yidunpu Microwave Oven Steaming and Oven Integrated Machine 4-in-1


US Yidun Pu Water Wave Oven Micro Steaming, Roasting and Frying Integrated Machine Embedded in Desktop Home Steaming and Oven Microwave Oven Four in One

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The Yidun Pu Water Wave Oven Micro Steaming, Roasting, and Frying Integrated Machine is a kitchen appliance that integrates microwaves, steamers, ovens, and fryers. This product adopts an embedded desktop design, which is convenient and flexible to use, suitable for various home kitchen environments. Its unique four in one function can meet your various needs from simple heating to baking and cooking. This water wave stove has excellent steam function, providing delicate steam and cooking a taste similar to steaming. It is suitable for various ingredients such as meat, vegetables, seafood, etc. The microwave function can quickly heat food and maintain its nutritional content. The oven function can achieve multiple baking modes to meet the needs of different flavors. In addition, the Yidun Pu Water Wave Stove also has a frying pan function, which can achieve healthy frying and cooking without the need for an additional oil pan. The design of the all-in-one machine saves more space and makes your kitchen cleaner. Overall, this Yidun Pu Water Wave Stove Micro Steaming, Roasting, and Frying Integrated Machine is a powerful and advanced designed kitchen appliance that can greatly improve your cooking efficiency and make your culinary journey more relaxed and enjoyable.

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Panel Type



Foshan City


Over 1300W

Chassis type



Above 30L

Part Number


warranty period

1 year




Chinese mainland


Guangdong Province

Inner liner material


control method

Computer style

cooking method

Water wave oven

Frequency conversion or not


Energy efficiency rating

Level 2

Is the temperature adjustable


Steam method

Direct spray steaming

Door opening method

Drop-down door

Water tank structure

Pull-out type

After-sales service

National warranty

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Barbecue method

Hot air circulation heating

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Microwave Oven Classification

Water wave oven


Yidunpu (Guangdong) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

Energy efficiency filing number


3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-one trillion and ten billion seven hundred and fifteen million four hundred and seventeen thousand nine hundred and forty-two

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[High cost performance] White Classic Edition (Dinali White), White Luxury Edition (Upgraded LCD Screen)

18 reviews for Yidunpu Microwave Oven Steaming and Oven Integrated Machine 4-in-1

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    This micro steaming and baking all-in-one machine is so beautiful! Extremely powerful! After buying for a long time, I finally moved and installed it! Hurry up and grill a chicken to eat! Make bread tomorrow!!

  3. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: The overall quality is very good. Capacity and Size: The capacity meets the needs of a few people in our family. Currently, the overall use is good. We will evaluate it again in a while

  4. Anonymous

    I really like the one with a white appearance. At first, I thought it would be very small. I received a very large physical item, which is very suitable for a family of four. I can make a lot of delicious food in the future.

  5. Anonymous

    It is very convenient, and its appearance matches the sideboard at home. The 32L capacity is much more spacious. I use it for steaming dishes and cooking, without having to put a bunch of electrical appliances taking up space.

  6. Anonymous

    The logistics are fast, and Debon Express delivers the goods to your doorstep. The appearance is exquisite and beautiful, and the ceramic oil tank is easy to clean. A family of four choose this one with a suitable capacity. Upon receiving it, I made Qi Feng cake, grilled fish, egg custard, and grilled chicken wings, all in color, aroma, and taste.

  7. Anonymous

    I finally chose Yidunpu between Daewoo and Yidunpu, and I was not disappointed when I received the product! I steamed fish and ribs on the day I received them, but I remembered that I didn’t take photos after eating. Then I tried microwave, pure soup and baking, and the results were also very good! In terms of maintenance, I think no matter which brand you use, you must clean it in time after use so that you can use it smoothly in the future!

  8. Anonymous

    The appearance is very elegant, and the classic model is very cost-effective. Although I really want the color screen model, which looks cooler, but the budget is limited, so I still choose the classic model. I was not disappointed when I received the goods. The overall appearance is very good, haha, but I think the color screen model is more elegant. I made grilled fish, steamed eggs with shrimps, baked sweet potatoes, and heated milk. It feels pretty good. I am still exploring various functions!

  9. Anonymous

    It has a tall appearance and a large capacity. I bought it in white, which is very high-end. The touch screen is easy to operate. It is also very beautiful on the countertop, capable of microwaving, steaming and baking, with powerful functions. Currently, I have tried microwaving and steaming things, both of which are very good and can be cooked quickly. I will try baking bread or something later. Cleaning is also very convenient, just wipe it off. High cost performance ratio. It is recommended that everyone purchase the budget.

  10. Anonymous

    I originally wanted to buy a microwave oven, but then I found out that everyone said that microwave ovens with steamers and ovens are good. I don’t have much space at home, so I chose this one after a long time, because everyone on the Internet said that this one works well! So far, it’s still good! The air fryer and steamer at home are no longer available, haha!! The egg tarts were baked very successfully, the coloring effect is very good, very crispy and chewy, and the customer service Xiao Tiandou’s attitude is also very good.

  11. Anonymous

    After careful selection, I found a machine with large capacity and balanced steaming, baking and frying functions. It looks good, and the white color is very nice. I tried the hot baking air, and the shrimps were just right. I tried the steam function, and it was very fast, and it only took more than ten seconds to release the steam. It has three complete functions: 3 micro, steaming and baking. It is really worth buying. I tried the baking of skewers and luncheon meat, and it was pretty good. The customer service was also very good. I hope it will keep up!

  12. Anonymous

    I have been comparing for a long time and have looked at many comparative evaluations. I have seen all of them, and I still chose this one. I am satisfied with its features, performance, and quality. I did not choose the new one with a color screen, but I still prefer this one. It is more intuitive and comes with a metal knob. Personally, I think it is more convenient to operate, and all aspects of the functions are very useful. The steam starts quickly, and the baking is also very professional. This configuration is less than 4K, and the cost-effectiveness is high enough

  13. Anonymous

    After doing some online research on purchasing a micro steaming oven, I finally decided to purchase the Yidunpu all-in-one machine. I had no prior experience with this brand, so I was a bit nervous before receiving the goods. After receiving it, I opened the box and thought the machine was very good. The appearance was exquisite and beautiful, and the workmanship was also very good. After two days of use, I felt that the functions were very powerful. Currently, the microwave and steamer functions have exceeded expectations, making it more convenient for my wife to cook in the future.

  14. Anonymous

    The appearance of the steaming oven is quite beautiful, with a capacity of 32 liters, which is large enough to meet the needs of a family of four. The touch is very sensitive, and the operation is also very simple. It looks very atmospheric overall. After steaming breakfast a few times, the effect is quite good, there is no water accumulation, and it can be booked 24 hours a day. I always make appointments in the evening, and when I wake up in the morning, I tidy up and directly pack it into a bag to take to the office for eating. Cleaning it in time after use is very easy, just wipe it with a wet towel

  15. Anonymous

    The capacity is so large. We have 5 people in our family, and it is very suitable for families with elderly and young. It is quite useful, and the steaming function is most commonly used at home. Steamed breakfast, steamed corn, Mantou, sweet potatoes and eggs are used every day, and also used for hot meals to avoid washing pots and tools. The baking function is also super useful. The old people at home boast about our western life everywhere. Ha ha, many things bought outside can be baked at home, and the ingredients are more sufficient. The baking effect is better, more delicious, and healthier. The old people and children love to eat, which is super awesome

  16. Anonymous

    We are used to using microwave oven + air fryer at home. It happened that the microwave oven broke down. I saw that a high-power microwave oven costs more than 1,000 yuan, so I just went for a microwave oven. Compared with the Japanese Panasonic and Korean Daewoo, I finally chose the American Yidunpu. Great power can make miracles. Compared with traditional microwave ovens, water wave ovens can do a lot of things. The sound of microwave is lighter when in use, and the steam power is strong. Basically, 15 minutes can be equivalent to 30 minutes of ordinary steaming. But after steaming, there is these things – condensation in the inner pot, which needs to be wiped carefully. In short, it is a good helper in the kitchen

  17. Anonymous

    White, not too crowded when placed in the kitchen, very versatile, suitable in size, with a large capacity of 32L, suitable for household use, baking, air frying, steaming, feel faster than alone, quite useful. I like to use steaming, which saves the time of boiling water. It takes about ten minutes to handle frozen buns. The sound of the cooling fan is very low and completely indistinct in the living room. In terms of control, I personally think it is still easy to get started with and can be easily used by children. After steaming the vegetables, there is little standing water, so it is best to use a sponge to absorb some water and it is basically clean. After that, it is best to wipe it dry with a dry towel or use the drying function to dry it before storage, so there will be no odor

  18. Anonymous

    The delivery speed is fast, and you will receive it the next day. The entire machine is tightly wrapped without any damage. The steam function of this machine is really good. The roasted chicken legs and wings are not very dry at all, and the air frying function is also good. The fried chicken pieces are very good. Wait until you have time to unlock the function of steaming steamed buns with steamed noodles. Product Appearance: The appearance design is very attractive, and the material has been cleaned. Heating Effect: Microwave steam heating food will not dry. Chamber Size: The chamber size is just right for 3-4 people. It is suitable for use. Noise Size: There is not much noise, and it is easy to clean. Cleaning the inside and outside of the box is super simple, and it does not require any cleaning liquid. It can be cleaned with a cloth. Control Difficulty: Easy to operate

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