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LUINGBOX Inflatable Sofa Outdoor Camping Lazy Air Single Portable Camping Music Season Cushion Bed Sitting and Lying


LUINGBOX inflatable sofa is an ideal choice for outdoor camping.This portable sofa is suitable for various music festivals, camping activities and other occasions because of its light weight and easy portability.Its soft material and comfortable design allow you to enjoy sitting and lying down anytime and anywhere.As an inflatable sofa, LUINGBOX is unique in that it is flexible and changeable and can easily adapt to various terrains and environments.In addition, its durability and water resistance ensure that your sofa will remain in good condition during outdoor use.Whether it’s outdoor adventure or relaxing, LUINGBOX inflatable sofa is your ideal partner.

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Spring 2023

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three hundred and thirty-nine

Sports and outdoor activities

Picnic BBQ Camping

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Same style in shopping malls (sold both online and offline)

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Load bearing 300 pounds [pink green] inflatable sofa+powerful suction pump, Load bearing 300 pounds [Cocoa Egg Milk] Inflatable sofa+powerful suction pump, Double layered design for stability [Cocoa Egg Milk], Elastic and soft+thickened anti burst [pink green], Wuhuang Co branded Inflatable Sofa, Double leisure package [inflatable sofa X2+suction pump] Pink green+cocoa egg milk, Two person leisure package [inflatable sofa X2+suction pump] pink green, Double leisure package [inflatable sofa X2+suction pump] Cocoa egg milk, Inflatable sofa X2 [Cocoa egg milk+pink green], Inflatable sofa X2 [Cocoa egg milk], Inflatable sofa X2 [pink green]

16 reviews for LUINGBOX Outdoor Camping Inflatable Sofa

  1. Anonymous

    Online appearance and good quality

  2. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  3. Anonymous

    A bit big, but overall the situation is okay

  4. Anonymous

    Take it out and it will be a beautiful scenery!!! It’s great!

  5. Anonymous

    It looks very small. After inflating it, it feels very comfortable to sit on. Not bad.

  6. Anonymous

    The thing is very good, and the appearance is also very cute. It is comfortable to sit in and worth buying

  7. Anonymous

    Portable and easy to inflate, it takes about a minute to fully inflate. Is it comfortable to collapse on top??

  8. Anonymous

    It’s really great value for money. I like it so much. I have already recommended it to my friends. I like it.

  9. Anonymous

    This chair is too cute. It feels very comfortable and the color is great. It also comes with an air pump, which is nice??

  10. Anonymous

    Appearance and Material: Autumn is here, camping can start! This inflatable sofa is really fun. Product quality: Good quality, very nice

  11. Anonymous

    I didn’t expect it to be so small when stored. It’s so convenient to take out. It’s also light in weight, which is an unexpected surprise.

  12. Anonymous

    I took it to a music festival. It’s easy to inflate and the color is nice! Very high-end! You can sit or lie down. I hope it’s more durable.

  13. Anonymous

    This sofa is creamy and very smooth. The sitting experience is also very comfortable. Originally, it was for personal use in the store, but after the members tried it out, they all liked it very much and decisively ordered five more. Recommended recommendations

  14. Anonymous

    Product Function: Silently insist that people buy an electric inflation pump for over 100 yuan. It is not recommended to purchase. Appearance and Material: Not recommended. Product Quality: The quality is the same. If there is no promotion, it is not recommended to purchase

  15. Anonymous

    Although the air pump is very light, the sofa body is a bit heavy~ I originally wanted to carry it to the music festival! It is still too heavy 55, and when I tried sitting on the balcony, I felt that the backrest was a bit short and unsupported, maybe it was my first time and I didn’t dare to inflate it. Too much reason

  16. Anonymous

    It looks great! Xiaohongshu came here and recommended the inflatable series of products from the brand Camping Box, which are most suitable for camping newbies like me.I tried building it and it was really easy.The inflatable sofa is super comfortable to sit on, and the tent was also purchased here and was set up in just a few minutes!

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