Midea embedded microwave oven integrated machine


Midea Embedded Microwave Oven Home Oven Microwave Oven Integrated Machine Embedded Light Wave Oven AG925BVE-NS


Midea’s built-in microwave oven is an excellent combination of a microwave oven and an oven. It adopts a built-in design, suitable for various kitchen environments, convenient and practical. This microwave oven has the function of a light wave oven, which can quickly heat food, and provides a variety of cooking modes to meet different taste requirements. In addition, it also has an automatic temperature control function, which can automatically adjust the temperature and time according to the type of food and cooking requirements, making the cooking process simpler and more convenient. The AG925BVE-NS model microwave oven adopts high-quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure its durability and stability. Whether it is for home use or commercial use, Midea’s built-in microwave oven is an ideal choice.

Additional information



Panel Type



Over 1300W





net weight


rated power




Gross Weight




Chassis type



Chinese mainland

Part Number


control method


warranty period

72 months

Package Size


Door opening method

By door

Microwave output power


Microwave power (value)


Microwave capacity (value)


Inner liner material

Nano Silver

Energy efficiency rating

Level 2

Limit of stacking layers

6th floor

After-sales service

National warranty


Microwave barbecue light wave


20L (inclusive) -25L (inclusive)

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Microwave Oven Classification

Light wave furnace

Logistics delivery installation service

Delivery to door installation

3C certificate number

two thousand and thirteen trillion and ten billion seven hundred and fourteen million six hundred and eight thousand six hundred and three

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    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Satisfied with the service

  3. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Good service, fast service, overall pretty good

  4. Anonymous

    Capacity size: the same size as before, the opening size is just right

  5. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Satisfied with installation, responsible by the master

  6. Anonymous

    The master has installed it, the size is just right, the quality is good, and the big brand is trustworthy

  7. Anonymous

    It’s really high-end and looks great. The logistics are also fast. Don’t hesitate and choose this one. It’s very useful.

  8. Anonymous

    Installation went smoothly, customer service representative Xixiok solved the problem, and Midea embedded ovens and microwaves were arranged

  9. Anonymous

    This is my first time buying a built-in microwave oven. The appearance is very nice and the price is right! The customer service Xiaoyou responded promptly, which is great!

  10. Anonymous

    The big brand is trustworthy, with high appearance, full functions and convenient operation. The customer service for Coke and Coke is also patient, and the logistics is awesome!

  11. Anonymous

    I bought a steaming and baking machine with an embedded microwave, which matches perfectly with the dining cabinet. Thank you to customer service representative Nana for her patience and recognition!

  12. Anonymous

    I am very satisfied with receiving it. The store uses it for hot meals, which looks good and has a high-end embedded design. At the same time, I bought a Midea dishwasher, and the customer service is enthusiastic and meticulous

  13. Anonymous

    Appearance: The shipment is super fast and there is currently no embedded installation yet. It can be officially installed when the kitchen is decorated. It has been used outside for n days and the effect is excellent. It heats up quickly and well

  14. Anonymous

    Xixijia’s microwave oven? The appearance is very elegant, and I was not disappointed! When my friends came to my house, they all said it was very beautiful and asked me for the link. I bought it during the Women’s Day event, and the price was very good. Thank you Xixijia!

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