FOTILE official flagship smart microwave oven, steamer, baker and fryer


Fangtai G1 Intelligent Micro Steaming, Baking and Frying Integrated Machine Embedded Electric Steaming Oven, Microwave Oven, Home Steaming and Baking Flagship Store


The Fotile G1 intelligent micro steaming, baking, and frying all-in-one machine is an embedded electric steamer, oven, and microwave oven designed specifically for home kitchens. It combines four major functions of micro steaming, baking, and frying, providing comprehensive cooking solutions to meet your various needs for food. This all-in-one machine is made of high-tech materials and has efficient thermal conductivity, ensuring that food is evenly heated and has a delicious taste. G1 also has intelligent control function, allowing users to adjust cooking time and temperature according to personal taste and ingredients, achieving personalized cooking. In addition, the Fotile G1 intelligent micro steaming, baking, and frying all-in-one machine also has an embedded design, which can perfectly integrate into modern kitchen environments and improve overall aesthetics. As a versatile kitchen appliance, the Fotile G1 micro steaming, baking, and frying all-in-one machine is the ideal choice for your home kitchen.

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Chinese mainland


Stainless steel

warranty period

60 months


Zhejiang Province

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Steam barbecue thawing

Limit of stacking layers

4th floor

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Panel material

Ordinary tempered glass

Opening and closing method

Drop-down door

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6 reviews for FOTILE official flagship smart microwave oven, steamer, baker and fryer

  1. Anonymous

    The pride of domestic production, with very high appearance and affordable prices!

  2. Anonymous

    It is used for the project model room, and the specific effect has not been clearly installed yet. It should not be bad, and I am accustomed to receiving positive reviews

  3. Anonymous

    Appearance and material: First line standard Product quality: Looking forward to the first cooking Product function: Very powerful, carefully selected and compared with many brands Delivery on time: Delivery and installation on time

  4. Anonymous

    The customer service attitude is very good, the logistics are smooth, and the technician is patient and has a good attitude during installation. The product quality is good, the steaming effect of fish is good, and the roasted sweet potato has a good effect. The microwave heating speed is fast.

  5. Anonymous

    I saw the ultra-thin models in the physical store and compared them online for a long time. Thanks to the customer service’s recommendation, I bought a whole set of range hoods, steam ovens, and dishwashers. In the end, I chose this one because it was the most favorable and the service was the best! The installation was perfect beyond my expectations, high-end and stylish, and the installation master also tested the machine on site. I believe in FOTILE! I have recommended it in our community group~

  6. Anonymous

    Delivery on time: on time. Appearance material: suitable size, feels good. The black microwave oven, steam, bake, fry and stew all-in-one machine is matched with the white smoke stove to enhance the overall appearance of the kitchen! The multifunctional five-in-one saves kitchen space and is a smart kitchen. I look forward to moving in and using it! Customer service Xiaoli is patient and professional, familiar with the business, and has a good service attitude. Whether it is pre-sales or after-sales, the service answers are very in place! Including the installation master who came to the door to install, he was also polite, careful, patiently explained, guided, and satisfied! Satisfied!

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