Woodpecker Small Portable Laser Carving Machine


Woodpecker second-generation laser marking and engraving machine, desktop small and portable DIY handheld fully automatic laser engraving and coding


One click operation, no need for professional training to get started. Using the Woodpecker second-generation laser marking and engraving machine, you can easily carve your own exclusive artworks, add personalized elements to gift customization, or improve production efficiency for small processing plants. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this device is your ideal laser processing tool. Buy now and embark on your creative journey!

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Warranty period



2nd generation


Aluminum alloy


Chinese mainland

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direct current


Guangdong Province

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Second generation basic model [official standard configuration], Second generation professional model [basic model+third axis], Second generation luxury model [professional model+mobile power supply+material package], For more carving materials, please consult customer service

16 reviews for Woodpecker Small Portable Laser Carving Machine

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    I really like it??, Is this printer good??

  3. Anonymous

    Very fun and easy to operate.From wooden boards to stones, it becomes more and more interesting.

  4. Anonymous

    You get what you pay for (quality assurance). Personally, I love light, medium, and strong products

  5. Anonymous

    Not bad! Completely achieving the expected goals, oxide metal (aluminum), painted metal, no problem at all.

  6. Anonymous

    To be honest, the price of the machine is much higher than the average, but the quality is excellent and the after-sales attitude is good

  7. Anonymous

    The service is fantastic, the delivery is fast, the baby is as beautiful as imagined, the size is ideal, the functions are powerful, and I am very satisfied.

  8. Anonymous

    The product is good, the carving effect is good, and I am very satisfied. The express packaging is solid, and the edges are reinforced. It is recommended to purchase

  9. Anonymous

    The product is great, the customer service is excellent, and the machine can work for a long time without getting hot. It is a trustworthy brand! Wishing our motherland prosperity and prosperity!

  10. Anonymous

    After comparing several options, I ultimately chose this product, which is lightweight and convenient, with simple and easy to understand usage. Good thing, a great DIY device. Can unleash unlimited imagination… The customer service was perfect, the attitude was very good, and it was a pleasant shopping experience.

  11. Anonymous

    The effect is very good and the carving is very delicate. For the book cover, choose environmentally friendly paper? The 2% depth is very reasonable. This is the second machine I have bought. The first one is the third generation.I don’t use it much, I bought it for collection! I occasionally take it out and carve something, and the effect is very satisfying!

  12. Anonymous

    After using it for a while, I can evaluate it. It is of good quality and low price. The system is simple and convenient to operate. It can be handheld. I regret not buying a transmission shaft. It is recommended to use a transmission shaft when engraving large pages. The engraving effect is ideal and the speed is fast. Overall it is very good. I like this Enough for small processing!

  13. Anonymous

    For a novice like me, it looks good, is easy to carry, is simple to operate, and has fast engraving speed.Wearing this protective cover is just 110 degrees. It has a preview function and can easily adjust the position.The APP is also okay. It has basic operation guidance and has three types of engraving accuracy. I use it at home and think it is very good.Now I just want to carve everything I see!

  14. Anonymous

    The all-metal body has first-class texture, heavy weight and fine workmanship.After receiving the goods, it is easy to assemble according to the video tutorial.The after-sales service is excellent, thumbs up.I tested it on a wooden board and found that the carving effect is very delicate. The app will remind you to wear goggles for protection many times. I like it again.In short, the test was successful, haha~(~▽~~)~ Let’s go back and study the parameters of different materials

  15. Anonymous

    I haven’t started using the roller yet, but I tried the engraving effect and was very satisfied with it, and the speed is also very fast.At first, there were a lot of safety prompts in the app, which made me a little scared and I didn’t dare to turn it on.After getting started, I found it to be very easy.It’s just that I didn’t master the parameters well. When I was engraving the paper, I carved the child’s name onto the base metal plate.This is acceptable for the price of the machine, but unacceptable for children to lose stationery every day, hahahahaha

  16. Anonymous

    I haven’t come to comment for a long time after receiving the goods, mainly because I have been traveling out of town and I just took the time to hand in my homework today.For merchants and products, you must like?? Like?? Like?? Reasons: 1. The delivery is very fast. Order the day before and receive the goods the next day. Basically, it will be available within 24 hours (the buyer is in Guangzhou, other places Maybe not so fast).2. The packaging is exquisite, the outer packaging is thick, waterproof and edge-sealed, clean and dust-free, indicating that it is not something that has been in stock for a long time in the warehouse.The internal packaging is reasonably divided, and several sensitive areas have anti-collision sponges or protective pads. This is actually a careful consideration.3. The product looks pleasing to the eye, and the surface material treatment is very exquisite, giving people a first impression of exquisiteness and high-end.4. Installation and operation are very simple, you can figure it out after just reading the manual.However, if you want to make good works, you still need to explore and practice and accumulate experience.Trial experience: It only took half an hour to learn the operation. I experimented on A4 paper, notebook leather cover, card reader, headphone box, old mobile phone case, cork table mat and other materials. Because I have no experience, the engraving efficiency and number of engravings When the parameters were not adjusted properly, I punched through the A4 paper, leaving marks on the machine’s backing plate; I mistook the plastic card reader for a metal material, and the result was blurred; The text typed on the black mobile phone case, You need backlighting to see it; you also need backlighting to see it on the white headphone box.Summary: The goods are good and definitely worth owning.Good technology requires buyers to be diligent in thinking and learning.Finally, I would like to give some suggestions to sellers: give some parameter suggestions for commonly used materials.

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