Jade Carving Machine Dental Jade Carving Shixin 204


Shixin 204 Dental Engraving Machine Small Electric Jade and Jade Dental Polishing Machine Wood Carving Nuclear Carving Jade Carving Tools


The Shixin 204 Dental Engraving Machine is a small electric jade and jade dental polishing machine designed specifically for dentists and suitable for various jade carving tools. This compact and exquisite electric dental carving machine has high precision and high efficiency, and can easily meet various jade carving needs. It has strong power and stability, ensuring accuracy during the carving process, making your work more perfect. In addition, it is equipped with various blade heads to meet different carving needs, whether it is wood carving or nuclear carving, it can be easily handled. The Shixin 204 dental carving machine is the ideal choice for your dental and jade carving studio.

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Shih Hsin

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Shixin 2.35 (55000 RPM) standard configuration, Shixin 3.0 (55000 RPM) standard configuration, Shixin 3.175 (55000 RPM) standard configuration, Shixin 3.0/2.35 universal (55000 rpm), Shixin (55000 rpm) 2.35+jade carving accessories, Shixin (55000 rpm) 2.35+wood carving accessories, Shixin (55000 rpm) 2.35+nuclear carving accessories, 102L handle 2.35 chuck (55000 rpm), 102L handle 3.0 chuck (55000 rpm), 102L handle 3.175 chuck (55000 rpm), 102L handle 2.35/3.0 universal (55000 rpm), Standard configuration of Shixin 204 2.35, Standard configuration of Shixin 204 3.0, Standard configuration for Shixin 204 3.175, Shixin 204 3.0/2.35 Universal, Shixin 204+Jade Carving Accessories, Shixin 204+Woodcarving Set, Shixin 204+Nuclear Carving Set, 102L handle 2.35 clamp, 102L Handle 3.0 Clamp, 102L handle 3.175 chuck, 102L handle 2.35/3.0 universal

20 reviews for Jade Carving Machine Dental Jade Carving Shixin 204

  1. Anonymous

    Very useful.

  2. Anonymous

    Not bad, worth buying

  3. Anonymous

    Good workmanship, good quality, low noise

  4. Anonymous

    Much easier to use than my original handle

  5. Anonymous

    Tried it and it works great, stable and powerful

  6. Anonymous

    Easy to use, conscientious merchant. Positive reviews

  7. Anonymous

    The thing is very good, full of power, enough for beginners

  8. Anonymous

    Non original, affordable and high-quality, hoping for durability.

  9. Anonymous

    The packaging is very good, and the product quality is very good.

  10. Anonymous

    Received physical item, consistent with description, positive review.

  11. Anonymous

    The machine is good, with low noise and stability, making it easy to use

  12. Anonymous

    The power is enough and the seller’s service is also good. The machine is good.

  13. Anonymous

    The boss stuff has been received and the quality is consistent with the description.

  14. Anonymous

    The machine is very good, and I can gradually improve my passion seeds in the future.

  15. Anonymous

    The quality of the baby is good, the customer service attitude is good, and we will repurchase it.

  16. Anonymous

    The machine is not good, the sound is very low, and the gifts are also quite good and comprehensive.

  17. Anonymous

    It's pretty good, and the sound isn't too loud. I just don't know if it's durable or not.

  18. Anonymous

    I made a second purchase and received positive feedback as always. Smooth operation, abundant power, worth purchasing.

  19. Anonymous

    This dental machine is very good. It is powerful enough for small engraving and cutting, and the speed has reached more than 5w.If you want to buy a small engraving machine, this store should be the place to start. The boss’s service is very attentive and enthusiastic.

  20. Anonymous

    The concentricity is slightly less than 500, so the noise is slightly louder, but the difference is not as big as the price difference of more than three times. The use is basically the same, but this one is less than 150 yuan, which is very cost-effective! I bought it before One cost more than 500, and accessories such as bearings are quite expensive. Wouldn’t it be better to buy three of these? There is really no difference in use.

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