Huadi Ultra Thin Ideal Home X525m3 Smoke Stove Set


[Ideal Home] Huadi X5 Ultra thin white range hood, gas stove set, meal smoke stove set, official flagship store


[Ideal Home] Huadi X5 ultra-thin white range hood gas stove set, meal smoke stove set, designed specifically for modern kitchens, perfectly combines aesthetics and practicality. This range hood set, with its ultra-thin design, breaks the height limit of traditional range hoods and unleashes more possibilities for kitchen space. The white appearance is simple and fashionable, and can perfectly match various styles of kitchen environments. The Huadi X5 range hood adopts advanced suction and exhaust technology, with strong suction force to quickly remove oil fumes, effectively preventing their spread and keeping the kitchen fresh and clean. Gas stoves use safe and reliable combustion technology, with sufficient firepower and an easy and effortless cooking process. The combination of smoke and stove sets makes the cooking process more convenient, making it an ideal choice for modern home kitchens. The official flagship store guarantees quality, and as a well-known brand, Huadi has always been committed to providing high-quality products and services. This smoking stove set undergoes strict quality control to ensure that each product meets the highest standards. Come and shop at our flagship store, and let the [Ideal Home] Huadi X5 ultra-thin white range hood, gas stove set, meal smoke stove set add a beautiful scenery to your kitchen.

Additional information







Range hood model


warranty period

60 months

Gas stove firepower


Gas stove structure


Range hood air pressure


Frequency conversion or not


Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

Type of range hood

Ultra thin range hood

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

After-sales service

Nationwide joint guarantee

Range hood exhaust volume

25 cubic meters per minute

Installation position of range hood

Side suction type

Material of control panel for range hood

tempered glass

Category of Smoke Stove Disinfection Set

Smoke stove combination

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-two trillion and ten billion seven hundred and sixteen million four hundred and seventy-eight thousand three hundred and eighty

sort by color

+73B (5.0kW adjustable stove), Recommended+75B (5.2kW detachable stove), White+91B (5.2kW detachable stove), +79B (5.2kW timed stove), +501H (5.5kW stir fry stove), +I13035 (Smoke stove three piece set), +211-16 (Smoke Stove Hot Three Piece Set)

fuel type

natural gas, Liquefied gas

19 reviews for Huadi Ultra Thin Ideal Home X525m3 Smoke Stove Set

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Easy to clean: Easy to clean. Oil pumping effect: Good heating effect: Fast delivery on time: On time

  3. Anonymous

    I bought two of them together. They can be cleaned automatically and the exhaust sound is low. They are good products and highly recommended.

  4. Anonymous

    After careful selection, I finally decided to purchase this popular range hood from Huadi. The effect after use is really great, strongly recommended!

  5. Anonymous

    Huadi is an old user, whether to choose Huadi or change to a new house. It was a satisfying shopping experience, and the customer service attitude was very good!

  6. Anonymous

    It’s installed but not used yet. It looks really good. The installation service was also very good. I haven’t moved into the new house yet. I’ll tell you the details after it’s used.

  7. Anonymous

    Delivery on time: Not bad, looks great online, looks very textured, can switch with gestures, ultra-thin, family members can rush, and the installation technician is also very professional.

  8. Anonymous

    Delivery on time: The master installs professionally and quickly without overcharging. I bought a three piece range hood and a gas stove. And a 16 liter water heater. Big brands can still be trusted.

  9. Anonymous

    Vantage is very cost-effective, affordable, and the quality is relatively reliable. It is a trustworthy big brand. The gas stove and range hood make very little noise. Jiezi's service is good and quick to respond.

  10. Anonymous

    The Huadi X5 Ideal Home+75B set that was photographed has a beautiful exterior and great usage effect, which is better than expected. It received a five-star rating and a pleasant shopping experience. The plum service was also good.

  11. Anonymous

    Good looks, good service, easy installation, high-quality style, super thin, not too loud, just what I want. I haven’t tried the suction yet, but it seems to be okay. The customer service responded very promptly. Overall, I’m satisfied.

  12. Anonymous

    It has good looks and good performance. Vantage is an old brand and is trustworthy. I look forward to the later use results. I just like this product because of its strong suction and strong wind pressure. My home has an open kitchen, so I hope it won’t overturn.

  13. Anonymous

    Yang Yang’s service is very good, the delivery is very punctual, the products are also very good, easy to clean, and the appearance is simple and beautiful. Vantage is a good value.Is it easy to clean: Yes Oil extraction effect: Fast and good Heating effect: Good Delivery On time: On time

  14. Anonymous

    Is it easy to clean: The range hood that I first noticed, although there were some minor incidents during the logistics process, customer service quickly and properly handled it. The installation technician was very professional, and the smoke exhaust effect was also very good after trying it out. I am very satisfied

  15. Anonymous

    Delivery on time: I bought a hood and stove set. For electrical appliances, it is better to buy a brand. The quality is guaranteed, so you can rest assured when you use it. The firepower of the stove is very powerful. My husband said that the stir-fry is very good. The hood is slim and does not take up much space. The place and size are just right, and they fit perfectly into my cabinets [good]

  16. Anonymous

    On time delivery and fast installation; We are a loyal user of Huadi range hoods. The Huadi range hood X5 adopts a simple and fashionable black design in its appearance, and the ultra-thin model is very suitable for young people. Very strong suction, low noise, easy to clean, simple and atmospheric, with a strong sense of modernity, and simple operation. It is a very suitable and effective range hood.

  17. Anonymous

    The decoration of the new house is almost complete and we are preparing for full house customization. The designer said that we need to first determine the range hood and gas stove. After understanding the brand, we feel that the Huadi brand is very representative in this field, and the price is also as high as the other two brands and affordable. We took advantage of the event and decisively won. The packaging is solid and the delivery to your doorstep is great

  18. Anonymous

    Easy to clean: Easy to use, especially easy to get started, exceeding my expectations for oil extraction effect: The oil control effect is very good, and I have been using this brand for a long time, which is very useful and affordable. Heating effect: The heating effect is very good, it heats up quickly, very good. Appearance: The appearance is grand and very beautiful. Delivery on time: The store shipped the goods very quickly and had a good service attitude. It should be genuine and a pleasant shopping experience

  19. Anonymous

    I fell in love with this smoke stove combination at first sight.First, I read what others shared on Xiaohongshu, and then I immediately opened the orange software to read the instructions for this smoke stove combination.Very much to my liking.I inquired about the event in the anchor room, compared several platforms, and finally took the photo at the Maojia flagship store, which was the most cost-effective. Moreover, the customer service lady contacted me and Vantage after-sales service first came to measure the size of my cabinet to confirm that this set of cigarettes could be installed. I placed the order for the stove the next day, and it was delivered the next day after I paid.I came back from overseas yesterday and made an appointment with a master to come and install it. After the installation, the master taught me how to use it on the spot. The suction power is very strong. I didn’t buy a check valve, so I bought the master’s own check valve for an additional 120 yuan. Compared with What I saw was quite cheap.The master installed it quickly and the after-sales service was also very timely.The gas has been turned on today, and the stove has good firepower. It is equipped with batteries. The batteries are already provided, so you don’t need to buy them separately.

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