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Haier Air Conditioning Fan Refrigerator Household Electric Fan Small Mobile Air Conditioning Dormitory with Ice Water Air Conditioning Fan Air Conditioning Fan


Haier air conditioning fan is a small and practical household mobile air conditioner, suitable for dormitories and other spaces. It is equipped with a refrigerator, which can quickly lower the room temperature and bring a cool and comfortable environment. The function of adding ice water allows it to become an air conditioner or fan, providing cooler air circulation. This electric fan is designed to be lightweight, easy to move, and suitable for use anywhere. Haier air conditioning fans adopt environmentally friendly and energy-saving technology, operate with low noise, and will not disturb people around them. It is suitable for use in hot summer, providing a cool and comfortable environment for families or dormitories.

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maximum noise


Power mode


Intelligent type


working principle



1st, 2nd, 3rd gear

warranty period

12 months

control method


Water tank capacity

Above 7L

Air supply type

Super strong wind

Additional features

Negative ions

Refrigeration method

Water cooling

Does it support sleep mode


Air conditioning fan type

Single cold type

Air conditioning fan timing function


Energy efficiency rating

No energy efficiency level

Does it support water shortage and power outage protection



Qingdao Haier Smart Life Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd

3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-two trillion and one hundred and eighty billion seven hundred and two million thirty-one thousand three hundred and ninety-one

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White mechanical 10 liter water tank, White remote-controlled 10 liter water tank

20 reviews for Haier air conditioning fan refrigeration household mobile air cooler

  1. Anonymous

    Appearance Material: Beautiful Silent Effect: Can also recognize cooling and heating effects: Faster than the cooling effect of a fan

  2. Anonymous

    The appearance of the cold fan is atmospheric, with four wheels that are easy to move. After adding water and ice crystals to the water tank, the wind blown out is cool. After adding ice crystals yesterday, the wind blew cooler and the air conditioning felt better. Moreover, the water tank was large enough to last for several days when filled with water!

  3. Anonymous

    The air conditioning fan has good quality and is more useful than ordinary fans. It is placed in the living room and bedroom, and I have tried various levels of wind. The air is very fast and cool, and even without ice crystals, the cold air is cool. Usually, one or two levels are enough, and the wind is particularly strong. This is the second one I have bought, recommended for home use!

  4. Anonymous

    The cooling fan looks tall and classy. It’s really good-looking. I like the way it looks. The air-conditioning fan does not occupy a large area and can be placed in a corner to blow. Silent effect: It makes a little noise but it is within the acceptable range. Cooling: plus The ice crystals have a slightly cool feeling, which is much cooler than a fan! So it’s good, I must give it a good review!

  5. Anonymous

    I bought two white models at one time. They don’t take up much space and can be pushed around. In hot weather, they can be filled with water for about three days. The water tank can be taken out for cleaning and the design is very quiet. The sound effect is acceptable: there is no sound when the wind blows. It's very cool when you turn on the cold wind function. Putting ice crystals in it is almost like blowing an air conditioner. It's still more useful than an ordinary fan haha

  6. Anonymous

    I was not disappointed when I received it, and the price is much cheaper than the physical store. The nationwide warranty provides a formal invoice, which is very reassuring. The machine is very convenient to use, and the air outlet is one circle larger than the one I purchased before. The air volume is very sufficient, and after adding water, it really produces cold air and a cooling fan. The effect is very cool, and I am satisfied with it. The customer service is very patient and atmospheric

  7. Anonymous

    The air conditioning fan is a very practical and convenient treasure, which is very needed in summer. It can be chilled by adding water and ice. The machine itself has a high appearance and is compact and does not take up space. The 10 liter large water tank can be used for several hours. The next morning, there is still half a box of water. Sitting on the sofa can easily feel the wind, and the sound is not very loud. There can also be humidification and ice crystals to meet various requirements.

  8. Anonymous

    At noon, I was lying on the sofa with the cold wind blowing! It received a five-star rating. The water tank can be pulled out for cleaning, and the air conditioner also consumes electricity! There are wheels underneath for easy movement. The cold wind blows out for an hour, and the price/performance ratio is quite high. It is turned on It feels like an air conditioner, and it also saves energy. I watched it all day, and turned it on to a low setting when I went to bed at night. The air conditioner fan also has a shaking function.

  9. Anonymous

    Hainan is still very hot. I have been looking at it for a long time and bought a high-end, 10 liter air conditioning fan. I received it and used it for a few days. Overall, the wind is strong, and adding water and ice is more effective than a fan. It can immediately blow out cold air, which is essential for cooling. There are wheels underneath that are very convenient to move. It is very comfortable to blow cold air in the bedroom at night, and the energy-saving effect is also good compared to air conditioning. I am very satisfied

  10. Anonymous

    I tried the air conditioner and it was very cool. It was very comfortable to use the mid-range natural wind during the day. Because it was the first time I used ice crystal and I didn’t know the effect, I almost caught a cold when I went to sleep at night. I got up to cover myself in the middle of the night. It was too cold, so I turned on the low setting. It's no problem to turn on the high setting when the temperature is high, and you won't feel drying after blowing for a long time. It's much easier to use than expected.

  11. Anonymous

    Now I use it as soon as I get home. It has three settings. The wind is relatively strong. You can just add water. It is very cool. With the addition of ice crystals and the wind blown by the air conditioner, the blowing range is also large. Turn on the wind and the whole family can use it. It can blow, just turn on the lowest setting when sleeping at night. It will not be too hot this summer. I am very satisfied. The customer service attitude is very good and the answers are very clear. I have already recommended my friends to buy it. Haier is trustworthy!

  12. Anonymous

    The cooling effect is very good. The wind is really strong, and the whole body can feel very cool without feeling hot. I am very satisfied, and I can also shake my head. The wide range of cooling can make the entire room cool. The price is really good. I plan to buy one for my sister to use in the dormitory! The customer service attitude is also particularly good. We have returned customers, and the service attitude and quality of the merchants are all very good. It is the first time I have met such a conscientious merchant online, and I have already followed them,

  13. Anonymous

    The baby I received is very easy to use. It can adjust the up and down wind direction. The effect is very good without adding ice. The wind is strong, the size is very suitable, it does not take up space, and the appearance is relatively simple and attractive. I am satisfied.I found that when ice crystals are not used, they can be used as a fan, and the wind speed can be adjusted. When the weather is hot, using ice crystals is really as cool as turning on the air conditioner. The key is to save electricity. Wow, the sound is also quiet! Customer Service Also super patient

  14. Anonymous

    My sister bought one last year. I went to his house a few days ago and saw this product. I took pictures and searched online and found out that it is from Haier. I am very satisfied with it after using it for a few days. The wind is also strong. I don’t need to turn on the air conditioner now, but it still works. Hot, this is just right.After adding water and ice, the cold air blows immediately. It is cool and comfortable, not stuffy at all, and the wind is strong. I am very satisfied. The remote control model has more functions and is recommended. It can touch the screen and timer shutdown, which is quite good.

  15. Anonymous

    The cooling effect is still good, but it is not as good as the air conditioner. Now I just turn on the natural wind and it is already very cold.The wind can blow about 5 meters away. The wind is very strong, and it is also equipped with a remote control. You can also control the air conditioning fan from a distance. It is very convenient and convenient. The sound is also very small and only a little wind noise. The water tank is very large. I have a fan in the water tank. After using perfume, the wind blowing out is also fragrant. Put some toilet water in it to repel mosquitoes. There is a dust filter on the back of the machine!

  16. Anonymous

    The size is very large, and the family bought the largest model.Filling the water tank is more than enough to blow out the cold wind for a day. It is already very cool after using it without adding water. After trying it out, the noise is not big and the appearance is really high-end. After a year of struggling, I finally bought one and I am satisfied with it.I will come back next time. I have been using it for a while. It is really good. When the ice crystal freezes, it does cool down when you click it. It is already very good. Every time we get off work, we turn it on. It is very windy and can be adjusted by everyone. It’s very convenient to blow to your heart’s content

  17. Anonymous

    The style of the air cooler is novel, and its appearance looks very upscale. The four wheels can be easily installed, which makes it convenient and practical. This air conditioning fan uses a 10 liter large capacity water tank with a large water storage capacity. I can use it for several days by filling it up with water. The buttons are very textured, and the thing is really good. On the first day I received it, I put the ice crystal box into the water tank and tried it out. The effect was very good, and the wind blowing out was super cool. After using this air conditioning fan, the air is not as dry anymore, and the humidification effect is really good. The store has a good service attitude and is professional and responsible

  18. Anonymous

    Before buying, I was worried that the effect would not be good, and I was worried that it might be an IQ tax. It worked very well after using it for several days. I originally wanted to buy an air conditioner, but a single air conditioner was enough to solve the problem. Firstly, the wind speed and size were relatively large. I have seen them in shopping malls before, and this size costs six to seven hundred yuan. I looked online for a long time before purchasing from the big brand Haier. A full 10 liter water tank can blow for a long time, and the cold air also cools quickly. The air conditioner at home was already broken, but now I am replacing it with this one, which is cool, comfortable, and energy-saving. The cooling is good, the noise is low, and the appearance is also beautiful. I am very satisfied

  19. Anonymous

    Guangdong has been extremely hot these days. I spent a lot of time online before buying a Haier machine. I received the machine. The size is really big and the functions are relatively complete. It has an enlarged air outlet and a closed swing leaf that can blow air up and down. It’s okay. Close it to prevent dust from entering the air outlet. The cold air blown out is very good and the temperature is much lower than that of the fan. Moreover, the power consumption is not high and it saves much more power than the air conditioner. I have driven it for a day and I checked the electricity meter and found that it consumes less. The electricity consumption reaches 1 degree, which can be said to be very energy-saving.The after-sales service is also very good, and you can get local and nationwide warranty. You are right to choose Haier!

  20. Anonymous

    The wind blowing is very cool and comfortable.Three-speed adjustment function, just turn on the sleep mode at night, the mid-range is suitable for when it is hot, and the high-level is suitable for when you have just returned from a particularly hot day outside.The cooling effect is fast, you don’t have to wait for several minutes to cool down like an air conditioner.Moreover, the air conditioner also consumes electricity. This one is only 80 watts and does not require one kilowatt hour per day. The air conditioner fan has its own humidification mode, so the air blown out is not dry. It can also be used as a humidifier by adding water.The wheel design is also very considerate. The fixed universal wheel machine will not run around. The price is also very affordable now. The customer service attitude is enthusiastic and it has a five-star rating. You can buy it with confidence!

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