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N Commercial, professional, semi-automatic, and household capsule American coffee machine. The Huijia KD310 Italian coffee machine adopts advanced semi-automatic production technology, which can provide stable and high-quality coffee. It uses commercial grade boilers to ensure stable coffee concentration and temperature, suitable for various occasions. In addition, KD310 also supports a capsule system, allowing users to choose different flavors of coffee capsules according to their own taste, which is convenient and fast. Whether for home use or commercial occasions, the Huijia KD310 is an ideal choice.

Additional information






Chinese mainland

warranty period

12 months


111V~240V (inclusive)

pump pressure

10bar and above


Italian semi-automatic

Coffee machine brand



Dongguan Jiaerde Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd

3C certificate number

two thousand and fifteen trillion and ten billion seven hundred and seventeen million eight hundred and twenty-eight thousand three hundred and forty

sort by color

silver, White [off white], blue

package type

Official standard configuration, Coffee machine+bean grinder

18 reviews for Huijia Italian coffee machine commercial fully automatic

  1. Anonymous

    Very good, recommended for purchase

  2. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  3. Anonymous

    Very good but I don’t know how to use it yet and am still learning.

  4. Anonymous

    A machine with both performance and aesthetics, and excellent store service!

  5. Anonymous

    The blue color looks nice, and this one has a better price advantage as a gift.

  6. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: I finally bought the coffee machine that I am passionate about.

  7. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Easy to operate. Temperature control effect: very good. Coffee type: suitable for all types

  8. Anonymous

    The machine has been in use for a few days and is very useful, much better than expected. It is worth recommending!!!

  9. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Very good looking.You get what you pay for, and it’s still very good to use so far.The store’s customer service attitude is also good.Thumbs up

  10. Anonymous

    Novice babies can also adapt well, and the silver color is also very durable. The controller they give is simply not too beautiful. Express delivery is fast and the seller is very responsible.

  11. Anonymous

    I like it very much. After I received it, I quickly unboxed it, tried it out, and operated it. It was quite fun. I still want to continue to explore it. I will remember the first latte I made.

  12. Anonymous

    I’ve been doing this for a long time. I bought a coffee machine and a grinder. They’re really good. They’re brand new and authentic. The seller’s service is great! I’ll recommend this to my friends!

  13. Anonymous

    Hurrying to 618, I entered the Huijia 320 coffee machine+17 N bean grinder. The mechanical style is beautiful, the operation is simple, and the milk foam is also easy to pass. I have given many gifts and really love a batch with high cost-effectiveness

  14. Anonymous

    Very good, the coffee is particularly fragrant, easy to operate, very practical, and worth recommending. Overall evaluation: Great!!! Temperature control effect: Hot water is very fast, no need to preheat. Coffee type: coffee will be purchased later, rich in oil and fat

  15. Anonymous

    After choosing for a long time and consulting with many friends, I finally placed an order for the Huijia 310. They all said that this model has a very high cost performance ratio and the body is really beautiful. I look forward to self-learning and successfully pulling out beautiful decals.

  16. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: The appearance is good and not damaged. It took a long time to send out the product due to the epidemic. The customer service staff were also very patient and started using and debugging it immediately after receiving it. It’s great! I will continue to pay attention to Huijia’s products in the future!

  17. Anonymous

    While drinking Ruixing, I suddenly had the urge to make my own coffee. I saw the kd310 from the cheapest capsule machine, and I didn’t dare to look at the hot mom above. It’s not enough to really chop my hands. The machine is good and relatively easy. After getting started, what I made was barely drinkable. I look forward to achieving a technological leap in the future.

  18. Anonymous

    To be honest (although I am too lazy to post a picture), I would like to say that it is friendly to newbies, the after-sales service is great, the milk froth is really delicious, and the appearance and materials are domineering and thick-textured.All the necessary gifts are provided, so it’s easy to pretend that you have a boutique cafe at home (the only thing missing is the barista’s hands??).It seems that the price will not fluctuate very much. This is a bonus that has nothing to do with quality but determines the experience?

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