Dolphin Mini Electric Vehicle Foldable


Little Dolphin Mini Electric Car Small Foldable Car Trunk for Work Campus Adult Scooter White and Black


Compact and portable, with a foldable design that easily fits into the car trunk; Suitable for office workers, campus students, and adults; Classic white and black color scheme, fashionable and durable. This small electric vehicle has excellent power performance, and can be easily driven with just a light step on the pedal, whether it is commuting or short distance travel, it can be easily handled. In addition, it also has multiple safety measures, such as LED lighting and seat belts, providing comprehensive safety protection for cyclists. Little Dolphin Mini Electric Car is undoubtedly your ideal choice!

Additional information


two rounds

Is it foldable




For people


Does it support apps


Does it support Bluetooth


Is it a smart car

Non intelligent vehicles

Body weight

15kg (inclusive) -25kg (inclusive)

top speed

20km/h (inclusive) -25km/h (exclusive)

Load capacity

50kg (inclusive) -100kg (exclusive)

Is it equipped with a seat

Can be equipped with seats

Pure electric range

25km (inclusive) -35km (exclusive)


fifty-six million two hundred and one thousand one hundred and fifty-four

sort by color

White car with battery relay for 50 miles, Black car with battery relay for 50 miles, spare battery, Cow colored car with battery relay for 50 miles, Pink car with battery relay for 50 miles, Red car with battery relay for 50 miles



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