Russian 8W high-power reciprocating electric shaver


New high-power reciprocating shaver for men imported from Russia, electric shaver, rechargeable water wash


The new high-power reciprocating shaver for men imported from Russia, the rechargeable washable shaver, is a shaving tool specially designed for men.It uses reciprocating shaving technology to provide an efficient and painless shaving experience.This shaver is suitable for all types of beards, from thick to softer beards, it can handle it with ease.

One of the features of this shaver is its high-power design, which can provide a more powerful shaving effect, so that men do not need to worry about the problem of excessive beard.In addition, it also has rechargeable and washable functions, making it convenient for users to use anytime and anywhere, while also avoiding the trouble of traditional dry shaving.

This razor is suitable for head shaving and shaving, and is suitable for various occasions and needs.It is not only a practical personal care tool, but also a great choice for men to show confidence and elegance.Whether for business travel or daily use, this shaver is the ideal choice for men.



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Item number


Charging time

8 hours

usage time

65 minutes

Is it sold in bulk


Price range

101-200 yuan

Power mode

charging mode

Cleaning type

Wash with water

Is there a trimmer available



Reciprocating 3-blade head

After-sales service

Store warranty

Number of blade heads

2-layer blade

Applicable scenarios

Daily gift giving

Product Types

Personal grooming/cleaning/care

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Red set 1=Razor brush cloth set red, Red shaver, nose hair dispenser, brush cloth cover, red, Red shaver blade feeding head, Cato Hu brush cloth cover, red, Red shaver blade, blade head, mesh, brush cloth cover, red, Razor blade, nose hair tool, brush cloth cover in red, Razor blade, blade, net card, nose hair holder, brush red, Razor blade, blade, net card, beard brush, cloth cover, red, Red shaver, card holder, beard brush, cloth cover, red, Razor, nose hair dispenser, Catoshu brush cloth cover, red

20 reviews for Russian 8W high-power reciprocating electric shaver

  1. Anonymous

    I just used it and it works great.The voice is very elegant! The logistics is fast.

  2. Anonymous

    Beautiful appearance, good shaving effect, no beard sticking, powerful and trustworthy!

  3. Anonymous

    Charging once can take a long time to charge, with strong power and loud sound, making it a good choice.

  4. Anonymous

    I really like it, and there are also gifts. Thank you, boss. I will continue to visit our store next time

  5. Anonymous

    As always, good quality and affordable prices. Wishing businesses prosperity and abundant financial resources.

  6. Anonymous

    The product has a strong sense of technology. After opening the packaging, I tried to scrape it once and it felt good

  7. Anonymous

    Function and effect: it hangs clean and has a high horsepower. Product quality: it has a strong hand feel, beautiful and beautiful

  8. Anonymous

    This type of duplex shaver is quite useful. This is the second one I bought, mainly because it is sturdy, durable, powerful, and hanging clean.

  9. Anonymous

    Function and effect: This one is very powerful, shaved clean and does not pinch the beard. Product quality: The appearance and feel are both good

  10. Anonymous

    The appearance is very cool, the horsepower is very high, the scraping is very clean, and it feels very comfortable to hold in the hand. Do you like it??

  11. Anonymous

    I have used many brands of razors, and this one is the best. Although it is noisy, it has enough power and shaves very clean. It received a 5-star rating!

  12. Anonymous

    It works very well and scrapes very clean, making it the cleanest razor I have ever used. Although the sound is a bit loud, cleanliness is the most important thing.

  13. Anonymous

    Function and effect: Suitable for shaving hard beard, with sufficient power and loud motor noise. Product quality: It is very heavy, textured, and has a beautiful appearance.

  14. Anonymous

    Function and effect: The shaving function is powerful, and it shaves cleanly and quickly. Product quality: Russian products have a good reputation, and the quality should not be a problem.

  15. Anonymous

    I received the goods. I didn’t expect it to be so easy to use. It’s much better than my Xiaomi shaver. The shaver is full of power and the hook is very clean! I will use this in the future!

  16. Anonymous

    Function and Effect: Timely delivery, consistent description, high power, significantly better than previously used razors, fully functional, high-quality and affordable, making it a pleasant shopping experience.

  17. Anonymous

    Received it tonight and immediately used it. Overall, I feel good, especially the power is very strong. I was a bit uncomfortable with this type of shaver when I first used it, but it only worked out after a few uses. Thank you for the small brush that the boss gave me. It has a very artistic feel.

  18. Anonymous

    Functional effect: For a reciprocating shaver, the sound is really not loud. The shaving effect is good and the appearance is good. Product quality: I didn’t expect that Russian home appliances are so well made than domestic brands of the same price. You can buy one if you need it. Absolute lightning protection

  19. Anonymous

    The seller has a good attitude and patiently replied. After receiving it, they immediately shaved it. The power is indeed strong, and it shaves very clean. The hair clipper for trimming temples is also fast, and it shaves very clean. In addition to a small brush, a large brush is also included as a gift. The razor is very effective and worth recommending for purchase!

  20. Anonymous

    It took me some time to evaluate it, shopkeeper. Objectively speaking, firstly, in terms of power, it definitely cannot be compared with those reciprocating razors that are hundreds of yuan in size. After all, there is a huge price difference, which is impossible. However, this three blade shaver has a very good shaving experience, and it shaves very clean. The main body of the shaver is designed with anti slip, and the grip feeling is particularly good. During the shaving process, it will not slip due to not being able to grip. Secondly, in terms of battery life, since receiving the product, it has not been fully charged yet. The shaving frequency is once every two days, and the battery life is still very strong. Short term business trips can be carried without a charger. Thirdly, it is easy to clean. Just remove the knife net bracket and clean it with a brush. Be careful when disassembling/installing the knife net bracket, otherwise it may break the knife head and the bracket clamp part! Pay special attention to this. Finally, in terms of price, it is very affordable. At this price point, what else would you need for a bicycle that is invincible at the same price point? It has a super high cost performance ratio, so please rest assured to buy it!

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