[Hot Selling Rank 1] Power 138L Disinfection Edition


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All-in-one kitchen artifact

Weinig integrated stove is an innovative kitchen equipment that integrates gas stove, steam oven, range hood, disinfection cabinet and other functions into one, providing a one-stop solution for modern kitchens.With its excellent performance and design, this product has become the first choice for many families.

Integrated design, beautiful and elegant

Weinig integrated stove adopts an integrated design, with a simple and elegant appearance, and can be perfectly integrated with various styles of kitchen environments.With its smooth lines and exquisite craftsmanship, it shows the elegance and convenience of a modern kitchen.

Efficient cooking, steaming and grilling all in one

The gas stove provides a variety of firepower to meet various cooking needs.The steam oven has an efficient steaming and baking function, which can easily handle the preparation of various delicacies, allowing your cooking skills to be fully utilized.

Powerful suction of oil fumes to protect the kitchen environment

The range hood part of the Weini integrated stove has strong suction power, which can effectively absorb kitchen oil fumes and odors, protect the health of you and your family, and keep your kitchen fresh at all times.

Disinfection cabinet, hygiene and safety

The disinfection cabinet function of the Weinig integrated stove can effectively kill bacteria and ensure family hygiene and safety.This feature is especially important for families with children and the elderly.

Safe and reliable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly

Weinig integrated stoves use high-quality components to ensure the safety and stability of the product.At the same time, it is also energy-saving and environmentally friendly, allowing you to enjoy delicious food while also contributing to environmental protection.

In general, the Weinig integrated stove is a kitchen artifact with complete functions, excellent performance and beautiful design.It greatly improves kitchen efficiency and optimizes the kitchen environment. It is an essential equipment for modern family kitchens.








Additional information







Key type


net weight


gross weight


Rated heat load



Chinese mainland

time to market

July 2022

Smoke machine noise


Number of stove eyes


warranty period

120 months

Product Size


Package Size


Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

Limit of stacking layers

5th floor

Disinfection cabinet capacity


Smoke hood structure

Spanned airfoil

Ignition mode

Pulse electronic ignition

Gas stove panel material

tempered glass

Material of range hood panel

tempered glass

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Smoking methods

Side suction and bottom discharge

Furnace head air inlet method

Downward air intake

Range hood exhaust volume

27 cubic meters per minute

Flameout protection device

Thermocouple flameout protection

sort by color

X90TB-CW 5000W Black [750 Special Offer], X90TB-CW 5000W black [750 small size], X90TB-CW 5000W black [24m3 explosive suction air volume], X90TB-CW 5000W Black [Anti drying Storage -138L Two Layer], X90TB-CW 5000W black [stainless steel bowl rack -138L variable frequency three-layer] hot selling, X90TB-CW 5000W Black [70L Large Capacity – Healthy Air Blast] Classic, X90TB-CW 5000W Black [Steamed and roasted without cross flavor – left roasted and right steamed] Popular, X90TB-CW 5000W black [voice color screen – one meter steaming and baking disinfection] high-end, X90TB-CW 5000W black [consult customer service for surprises]

fuel type

natural gas, Liquefied gas

smoke exhaust direction

Left and right smoke exhaust

20 reviews for [Hot Selling Rank 1] Power 138L Disinfection Edition

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    Easy to clean: Yes, pumping effect: good, heating effect: good

  3. Anonymous

    The machine has been received and I am very surprised. It is easy to operate, has bright colors, and has a low operating sound. I recommend everyone to use it!

  4. Anonymous

    Is it easy to clean: it has a one click self-cleaning function. The oil extraction effect is very good, with a large air output. Heating effect: not tested, no need for it now in summer

  5. Anonymous

    Received the product. It is designed specifically for small units, with a high cost performance ratio and online appearance. The glass panel is very convenient, and we recommend purchasing it~

  6. Anonymous

    The product quality is very good! The installation service attitude is very good!! The customer service attitude is also good, very patient in recommending and explaining to me. Next time, I will also buy from Powerhouse

  7. Anonymous

    The integrated stove has a high appearance value and good effect, with an absolute cost-effectiveness. The small beads answer questions quickly and are easy to clean. It is easy to remove oil and has a good heating effect

  8. Anonymous

    The day after receiving the integrated stove, the master came to the door to install it. The things were quite good, and if you needed them, you could look at the pictures yourself. The customer service, Xiaohua Lingling, was also good

  9. Anonymous

    The blue model purchased from the Power Integrated Stove has complete steaming, baking, and frying functions, which is not bad. The master installed it quite quickly, and the customer service provided by Lingling was good, with good reviews

  10. Anonymous

    The master installed the stove in a timely manner, and the appearance of the integrated stove was grand and beautiful. Everyone in the family was very satisfied and would invite relatives and friends to come and visit here… Positive review!

  11. Anonymous

    A brand that has always been trusted by the power, with fast logistics and thoughtful service; Customer service Xiaohua is very patient and meticulous. The quality of the product is excellent, and the after-sales service provided by Xiaohua and Lingling is excellent. I hope the power will become stronger and stronger.

  12. Anonymous

    Heating effect: the gas stove works very well, and the voice effect is also very good. The smoking effect is very awesome. This is also the second smoking machine that our family bought. The service attitude of the customer service Jane is also good, and she is careful. She patiently introduces the product to us when asked.

  13. Anonymous

    Very good, very cost-effective. I didn’t expect to be able to buy such a product at this price. The customer service is also very good. There were some minor accidents in the process, but the customer service solved them perfectly. It’s not bad. I will recommend it to my friends if I have the opportunity. ,Customer service Xiaohua Lingling’s service is very good

  14. Anonymous

    The range hood is powerful and the noise is well controlled. You don’t have to worry about disturbing your family while cooking.Grilling food on the left and steaming it on the right will not cause odor transfer. It is worth choosing. The user-friendly design of the integrated stove is very outstanding. The top of the integrated stove is designed with an intimate heat preservation storage table, which can be used to warm dishes in winter.

  15. Anonymous

    I have chosen this one for a long time. The fan has a strong suction and is not very noisy, and the stove has a very strong firepower. During the test, half a pot of water boiled in less than a minute. Powerful firepower makes dishes naturally fragrant. My favorite is still the smoke stove linkage, where the range hood automatically turns on, eliminating the need for tedious copying. There is also sensing function and voice control. A very good machine.

  16. Anonymous

    The integrated stove has been installed and hasn’t been used yet! It looks good, but the range hood is so loud! It starts automatically as soon as the power is turned on. I don’t know what the switch is for? Let’s complain about the installation. The charge is too high: the opening is 120, The gas hose is 3 meters 150. I negotiated the price with the installer, and the cost of a small gas switch 35 is waived.It’s time to grab people’s attention! Remember to open the flue holes and buy hoses in advance. Installing this part is too tricky!

  17. Anonymous

    ? Beautiful and practical. The price is much cheaper than that of the physical store. Powerful authentic products are guaranteed. Moreover, the integrated cooker is very exquisite and cheap. The smoke exhaust effect is very good. The fire is also very awesome. The stir fry is fast and comfortable to use. Mom has praised several times that she bought it right! The steaming oven is easy to use, easy to operate, and quick to get started. When using the oven, it can simultaneously produce several dishes, saving time and effort. The installation technician is also very professional and up to standard, and the customer service representative patiently answers questions, giving a positive rating of 100 points.

  18. Anonymous

    The pre-sales and after-sales services are very good, answering all questions and having a warm attitude.The house is decorated and the stove is installed. I really like it. It is easy to use and easy to use. There is no smell of oil smoke outside the kitchen. The style is simple and elegant. The smoking capacity is great. The appearance is beautiful and elegant. The lines are smooth. The installation master is serious and responsible. Thank you very carefully! After comparing with many others, I finally chose the Weinli integrated stove. The price-performance ratio is really great. You will make money when you buy it! The gifts are more practical. Overall, it is really good. After using it for half a month, there is no problem at all. Good! Five-star praise!

  19. Anonymous

    After choosing an integrated stove for a long time, I finally chose this one. I didn’t know how to choose. I had a lot of questions. I consulted the customer service for several days and I didn’t get impatient. The customer service was very good. They answered my questions one by one, especially the customer service staff. Very patient. It was a very good purchase. I will recommend it to my friends next time if they need to buy it. The installer was also very good. He taught me how to use it even if I didn’t know how to use it. Everything went smoothly! The integrated stove has been put into use. , the wind is strong, and there is no noise. I am very satisfied with this. The stove has a large firepower and is sufficient for home use. I will come back to review it when the time comes. Those who are still considering it can make a decisive decision!

  20. Anonymous

    Smoking ability: The oil fume effect is very good. Appearance: I really like the appearance of this opportunity, it is very upscale. Installation service: The installation and after-sales technician is very professional, and the after-sales service is very good. Firepower effect: very powerful. Other features: high cost-effectiveness, saving a lot of space for the kitchen! Matching cabinets is very upscale! I have already recommended it to my colleagues! After comparing with other brands for a long time, I still chose the Power brand integrated stove. The key is to have a good range hood effect and save energy. The salesperson explained it very carefully. After installation and testing, the noise was not very loud, and the operation was fast and easy to get started. The appearance was also impressive, and the price was affordable. Our whole family was very satisfied!

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