Martian E30BX disinfection cabinet integrated stove


[Hot selling] Martian E30 Steaming and Baking Integrated Silent Stove Kitchen Home Oven Disinfection Cabinet Range Hood


The Martian E30 steaming and grilling all-in-one silent integrated stove is a hot-selling kitchen artifact. It integrates the functions of an oven, disinfection cabinet, range hood and traditional smoke stove, providing a complete kitchen solution.This integrated stove has efficient and silent performance, which not only eliminates oil smoke and noise, but also provides a comfortable and quiet cooking environment.The E30 integrated steam and grill stove has the characteristics of multi-functionality, eliminating the need to use multiple separate appliances, making the kitchen look tidier while providing excellent cooking results.Whether it’s baking, grilling, steaming or stir-frying, it can handle it with ease.In addition, its unique integrated disinfection cabinet function makes food storage safer and more hygienic.The Martian E30 integrated steam and grill stove is an ideal choice for modern kitchens, making your cooking easier and more enjoyable.

Additional information



Key type




net weight

80kg 90kg


E30BX01 E30BC01


Chinese mainland

gross weight

90kg 100kg

Number of stove eyes


Smoke machine noise


warranty period

36 months

Product Size


Rated heat load

4500W 5000W

Package Size


Body material

Stainless steel

Sterilization temperature

60 ℃

Energy efficiency rating

Level 1

Disinfection cabinet capacity


Limit of stacking layers

2nd floor

Smoke hood structure

Spanned airfoil

Ignition mode

Pulse electronic ignition

Gas stove panel material

tempered glass

time to market

September 2021 October 2021

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Material of range hood panel

Stainless steel

After-sales service

Nationwide joint guarantee

Disinfection method

Ozone ultraviolet radiation

Smoking methods

Side suction and bottom discharge

Furnace head air inlet method

Up and down air intake

Range hood exhaust volume

18 cubic meters per minute

Flameout protection device

Thermocouple flameout protection

Logistics delivery installation service

Delivery to door installation

sort by color

E30BX01 4500W black disinfection cabinet model, E30BC01 5000W Black Steamed, Roasted, and Fried One Piece

fuel type

natural gas, Liquefied gas

smoke exhaust direction

Right smoke exhaust, Left smoke exhaust

20 reviews for Martian E30BX disinfection cabinet integrated stove

  1. Anonymous

    Oil pumping effect: smokes quickly, is it easy to clean? Easy to clean. The fire is relatively high, and the appearance is also good. The installation technician is also very good, and they are all free

  2. Anonymous

    The installation was very beautiful, and the price I bought at that time was also super affordable. I was very satisfied with the shopping experience, and there was no difference in service compared to physical stores.

  3. Anonymous

    Martian integrated stove is a big brand with fast logistics, high appearance, and practical functions. The E30BX has a high cost performance ratio and a beautiful appearance. Martian installers are also very careful. Martian????????????

  4. Anonymous

    Is it easy to clean: good cleaning and oil suction effect: very good heating effect: fast heating. This is already the fourth integrated stove I have bought, and I have always trusted it. It is a standard feature of an open kitchen, and the oil fume suction effect is very perfect

  5. Anonymous

    I feel good about myself. It is a top tier brand, and I can use it with confidence and security. It feels good to use, and the smoking effect is good. The cost-effectiveness is also relatively high. It is genuine. I suggest you place an order and have an installation technician come to your door

  6. Anonymous

    The appearance of this integrated cooker is very advanced. The most important thing is that the installation is also very smooth. It can also control the size of the exhaust air manually. The oil smoke is very powerful. The installer patiently explains the use method and the price of the event awesome power. Thank you

  7. Anonymous

    The oil screen is easy to disassemble and clean, and the tabletop is clean with just one wipe. Three windshields, strong oil absorption wind, heard that Martian integrated stove is good?, Did you place an order after seeing this one?. The delivery technician provided free on-site installation, and the service was very good?

  8. Anonymous

    Is it easy to clean: The Martian integrated stove has been installed and the effect is good. It looks very atmospheric, and the smoke deflectors are detachable, making it very easy to clean the hygiene blind spots. The service attitude of the master is also very good, very professional, and very satisfied with a shopping trip!

  9. Anonymous

    I bought the Martian integrated stove for the second time. I bought the first one two years ago, which was on Double Eleven. It feels good to use, mainly with a delay function that feels user-friendly. The one I bought this time with a clock and a disinfection cabinet feels better. It has just been installed and I hope it will continue to be useful.

  10. Anonymous

    It looks very good. I carefully selected it before buying it. Although I haven’t used it yet, I still believe in the quality of the Martian integrated stove. I hope that the later use will be as good as expected. The offline staff are also very responsible and the installation is very careful. Detailed explanation, thumbs up, very good shopping experience!

  11. Anonymous

    Urgent delivery was requested. The seller delivered the goods quickly with awesome. The installer was also very responsible. He installed carefully and patiently. The installation effect was very satisfactory. The sound of the stove is not loud, and the oil fume absorption effect is also quite good. The disinfection cabinet has not been used yet, and we will evaluate it after future use.

  12. Anonymous

    The stove panel is made of glass material, which is easy to clean and easy to use. The firepower is moderate, and the width is suitable for small kitchens like ours. The gas source is natural gas, which is convenient and practical, and the cost-effectiveness is particularly high. The installation service of the Martian integrated stove is meticulous and decisive, with good reviews and good reviews

  13. Anonymous

    This is a very useful Martian integration, and the first thing I saw was him. The suction and appearance of this integrated stove, as well as its storage platform, can be used for daily seasoning. The entire tabletop or oil screen for oil fume can be wiped with a cloth, which is also why Martians sell better. And its suction is also reliable, so I chose Martians. The sound is quieter than before, and there are more suction gears. I am very satisfied!

  14. Anonymous

    I have been online for a long time and have also visited physical stores. In the end, I chose this integrated stove, which has a very stylish appearance and looks very upscale. I consulted customer service for many detailed questions, and they were very patient and answered them one by one. The installation technician was also very responsible, and the installation effect was very good! I opened it and tried it out. The sound was very low and the power was sufficient. It was a very satisfying shopping experience!

  15. Anonymous

    Is it easy to clean: easy to clean, simple and convenient for oil extraction. Effectiveness: very good. I compared many brands, and also looked at many offline. After comparing various platforms, I finally chose this disinfection cabinet. I am very satisfied with it, both in terms of material and appearance, and its appearance. High, the price-performance ratio is also very good, the installation master is also professional, the installation is completed, and he did not forget to tidy it up, like it, recommend to buy!!!

  16. Anonymous

    Is it easy to clean: The oil screen is easy to disassemble and clean, and the countertop will be clean with just one wipe, which is really good.Oil extraction effect: Three levels of wind power, the oil smoke extraction effect is excellent.The old one at home was broken. I heard that the Martian integrated stove is good. I placed an order after seeing this one. The master came to install it for free when it arrived. The service was very good. The customer service responded in a timely manner and had a good attitude.I have been using it for a few days and I am really satisfied. The range fume is really powerful, the noise is low, and the cooking becomes fragrant~ Not bad??

  17. Anonymous

    After choosing for a long time, I finally chose this Martian e30 integrated stove, and finally chose this one with a disinfection cabinet. Customer service was very patient, and I consulted many questions before sales and answered them one by one. I also received a 300 yuan decoration subsidy in the live broadcast room. This integrated stove has a very stylish appearance, and the delivery is also very fast. The installation technician installed it very carefully. Overall, it is more cost-effective than physical stores, and there are gifts. The decoration is not completed yet and cannot be used. I will follow up on it later. Is the Martian brand trustworthy? Is it easy to clean: easy to pump oil, good heating effect: very fast

  18. Anonymous

    This is a very easy-to-use Martian integrated stove. I was attracted to it at first.The suction power of this integrated stove, its appearance, and its storage platform can be used to put all daily condiments on it.Just wipe the entire countertop or the oil screen of the oil fume with a rag, which is why Martian sells it better.And its suction power is also the same. The first time I bought it was because of the advertisement, and this time it was because of trust, so I changed it to a new model. The sound is quieter than the original, and there are more suction levels.> My son said it is full of technology. , yes, the new one looks better, I am very satisfied! The installer is also from our offline store, he is very polite, the old modification is actually quite difficult, you need to get into the small space of the cabinet to operate.

  19. Anonymous

    At first, I was debating between Martian and other brands of integrated stoves. The reason why I chose Martian is because it provides free door-to-door measurement services, which I really need. After all, it is a large item, and it is safer to have a master come to the door for survey in advance. I also consulted other brands, but they did not have this service, so I decisively chose Martian. Secondly, in the field of integrated stoves, Martian is still very good, and the customer service attitude is also very good. There is no reason not to choose it for express delivery. The door-to-door service was also very fast, and the items arrived on the same day.The master contacted me on the same day to come and install it. The service was very fast. The integrated stove also looks great. It’s much cheaper than the physical store. It’s worth buying!

  20. Anonymous

    1. Demand for small houses: The kitchen at home is relatively small, and there is no space for microwaves and ovens. This kind of integrated stove is needed for baking, efficient use of space, high technology, beautiful and generous; 2. Choice of big brands: Martian big brand , whether it is product design or quality assurance, it makes people feel reassured.Moreover, the customer service attitude is very good, professional and enthusiastic, they fully answer questions and try their best to give discounts; 3. Excellent logistics and installation: offline stores need to be booked, and after taking the photo online, the goods will arrive and be installed in two days, which is very convenient .The master’s service is also very patient and does not charge excessively; 4. Use experience and sharing: significantly better than traditional range hoods: efficient range hood, no dead corners, easy to clean, no space required and convenient to use

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