[Limited time flash sale] Daewoo air-cooled frost free small refrigerator


DAEWOO Korean Daewoo Vintage Refrigerator Frost free Small Home Refrigerator Living Room Small Unit High Beauty 128L


Living room, small unit family n n Please note that this is only a brief product introduction, and more information is needed to refer to the specific product features and advantages.

Additional information


39dB (A)

net weight




gross weight




maximum volume


total capacity



steel plate


Chinese mainland

warranty period

12 months

time to market

August 2022

Package Size


Freezing chamber volume


Box door structure

double door

Frequency conversion or not


power consumption


Refrigeration method

air cooling

Energy efficiency rating

Level 2

Refrigeration chamber volume


Panel type

PCM color coated plate

Limit of stacking layers

2nd floor

Total capacity range

101-160 liters

Refrigerator and freezer models


Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

After-sales service

Nationwide joint guarantee

Width x depth (thickness) x height



Guangdong Dayu Technology Industry Co., Ltd

Refrigeration control system

Computer temperature control

Energy efficiency filing number


3C certificate number

two thousand and twenty-two trillion and one hundred and eighty billion seven hundred and one million thirty-three thousand three hundred and seventy-four

sort by color

cream white, Fairy Green

20 reviews for [Limited time flash sale] Daewoo air-cooled frost free small refrigerator

  1. Anonymous

    My baby has a decent appearance, almost no sound.

  2. Anonymous

    Buy a cute small refrigerator for storing drinks, cold drinks, and fruits

  3. Anonymous

    I have received the refrigerator. The color is very beautiful and in line with the style at home

  4. Anonymous

    This small refrigerator has a high appearance and excellent refrigeration and freezing effect. I plan to buy another one in another house.

  5. Anonymous

    The shape is very retro, and it doesn’t take up much space, so it’s suitable for small apartments.The sound is not too loud, overall recommended~

  6. Anonymous

    I like this cream colored one, it looks beautiful. Power consumption: low running sound: light capacity. Size: just right. Refreshing effect: good

  7. Anonymous

    Running sound: I can accept it. Capacity size: just right. Appearance material: it feels good. It should be placed in the kitchen for better coordination

  8. Anonymous

    The overall appearance is adorable, but there are still some small flaws inside that are acceptable. The noise is still good, and it cools quickly after startup.

  9. Anonymous

    It’s very beautiful and very retro. It suits the retro style of my home. The storage capacity on the upper and lower floors is the same, which is what I appreciate most.

  10. Anonymous

    The appearance is both generous and cute, with a perfect blend of milky white and other home decor. After trying it out, the cooling is fine, the sound is not loud, I really like it.

  11. Anonymous

    I really like the refrigerator, and it matches my home decoration style very well. It is suitable for my small apartment, and the sound is also relatively low. Overall, it is perfect!

  12. Anonymous

    Cream white looks nice and matches well with the home decor. It has a smaller sound and is mainly used to store breast milk for the health of babies. It is also used separately from the large refrigerator at home

  13. Anonymous

    Operation sound: very quiet, unable to hear at night. Capacity size: I really like frozen capacity, bought to stock up on breast milk, very large, very good. Cold and fresh effect: the effect is very good, it freezes quickly

  14. Anonymous

    I am very satisfied with the mother and baby refrigerator I bought for my baby, which is fully equipped with refrigeration and freezing. Good appearance and quality. Did you make the right choice after doing homework for half a day????

  15. Anonymous

    The appearance and workmanship are very exquisite, surpassing most small volume retro style refrigerators. Moreover, the freezing capacity is very large, very reasonable, and the noise is not loud. It is also air-cooled and should not frost. I am very satisfied!

  16. Anonymous

    The appearance of the refrigerator is super good-looking, with a light green color.very beautiful.The capacity is suitable for small kitchens, perfect [strong] Power consumption: small Operation sound: small Capacity size: suitable Cold and fresh effect: good appearance Material: good

  17. Anonymous

    Power consumption: small Operation sound: small Capacity Size: enough for use Cooling effect: very good Appearance material: environmentally friendly and very beautiful refrigerator, good-looking, good cooling effect, air-cooling, such an exquisite refrigerator, you can make a profit after buying it Arrived, worth having!!!

  18. Anonymous

    Yesterday at 12:00 noon, the delivery guy and his wife worked tirelessly to deliver me to the sixth floor. We would like to express our sincere gratitude and say that you have worked hard! The machine test started at 9pm today, everything is normal, the noise is low, and the cooling is normal! It was a great shopping experience! This refrigerator is worth owning!

  19. Anonymous

    SF Express is extremely fast, so you can rest assured. I chose a vintage cream white color that complements the home atmosphere. The overall size and depth are exactly what I wanted, making it suitable for storing tea and baking materials… Today, I tried it out on power and was pleasantly surprised. The cooling is indeed fast, and the noise reduction effect is also good

  20. Anonymous

    The logistics are fast, and the delivery guy and I will move to the second floor alone. The delivery guy worked hard and sweated profusely. After receiving the goods, immediately open the packaging to check. The appearance and color look good, and they are all the colors chosen by my wife. The capacity is just right for a family of three. I bought a refrigerator specifically for freezing beer for my wife. Haha, the cooling effect is quite good, as described. You can get a discount next time you come! Wishing the boss a prosperous business.

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