Sony PSVR2 Virtual Reality Helmet Exclusive PS


Sony Playstation VR2 glasses, PS specific virtual reality helmet, second-generation head worn tactile device VR


Sony PlayStation VR2 glasses are a virtual reality headset designed specifically for PlayStation gaming consoles, and are the latest upgrade to Sony VR technology. This new generation of head mounted tactile device provides a more realistic immersive gaming experience, making players feel as if they are immersed in the gaming world. PS VR2 has higher clarity, lighter materials, and a more comfortable wearing experience, while supporting multiple PlayStation games, allowing players to experience the charm of technology in entertainment. In addition, it is equipped with tactile control, which allows you to easily get started without the need for a complex operating interface and experience unprecedented gaming fun. Whether gaming enthusiasts or technology enthusiasts, PS VR2 is a product worth owning.

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PlayStation VR2

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Guoxing PlayStation VR2 [spot quick release], Guoxing PSVR2+handle charging and seat charging


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