Idea/Dil enema laxative hydrotherapy intelligent toilet


Idea/Deer Spa Intelligent Toilet Household Breathing Integrated Vitality Nourishing and Water Pressure Limiting Toilet


No water pressure limit, all-in-one toilet for laxative and health care

IDEAR/Deer Hydrotherapy Smart Toilet is an innovative household device that integrates no water pressure limit technology and laxative and health care functions into one, bringing great benefits to your life. Bring a new comfort experience.

This smart toilet not only has an elegant design, but also leads a new toilet trend with its excellent functionality.Whether it is massage water flow or wall moistening technology, it can effectively prevent constipation and relieve constipation problems.The unique one-piece design saves space for users and eliminates the structure of ordinary toilet water tanks, truly achieving no water pressure restrictions.

The intelligent remote control design makes use more convenient. Multiple functions can be activated with one click, such as automatic washing, drying, moistening, etc.At the same time, it is also equipped with unique health-preserving functions, such as laxative massage water flow and gentle seat heating function, allowing you to enjoy comfort while also achieving health-preserving purposes.

In addition, the IDEAR/Dier Spa smart toilet also uses antibacterial materials to ensure the health and safety of users.Its tailless stainless steel nozzle technology completely solves users’ concerns about ordinary toilet nozzles easily breeding bacteria.

IDEAR/Deer Spa Intelligent Toilet – not only a toilet, but also a symbol of your quality of life.This all-in-one laxative and health-preserving toilet is an excellent choice whether it is used at home or given as a gift to family and friends.Start your journey to comfortable living now!






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Chinese mainland


Guangdong Province

load bearing

70kg and above


First Class [Standard]

Water efficiency level

Level 3

Is the cover plate buffered


Toilet flushing volume


Does it include remote control


Toilet flushing method

siphon type

Intelligent type

Other Intelligence

Toilet drainage method

Ground drainage

Same city service

Same city on-site measurement, delivery to home and installation

Additional features

Remote control automatic deodorization nozzle mobile cleaning water temperature adjustment seat heating flushing water pressure adjustment nozzle self-cleaning buttocks cleaning drying women cleaning

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Standard [First Class Cabin] (Upgraded Intelligent Toilet/Dual Medical Certification), Home hydrotherapy intelligent toilet all-in-one machine [first-class cabin, standard model], Clinical Medical Verification of Medical Device Qualification Certification in China and the United States

minimum pit distance

305mm, 400mm

17 reviews for Idea/Dil enema laxative hydrotherapy intelligent toilet

  1. Anonymous

    Intelligent function: good

  2. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  3. Anonymous

    The toilet is very intelligent, comfortable, and beautiful to use

  4. Anonymous

    Years of loyal users, multiple purchases, excellent quality and service!

  5. Anonymous

    Not bad, not only in terms of appearance comfort but also in terms of functionality

  6. Anonymous

    The most advanced toilet I have seen so far, with powerful functions and high appearance

  7. Anonymous

    Received the product with a good image. Looking forward to the experience after checking in!

  8. Anonymous

    Intelligent functions: Complete and comfortable functions, displaying high-end and grand atmosphere

  9. Anonymous

    It’s pretty good, it’s the only toilet with a backrest on the internet, and it’s also the most comfortable toilet.

  10. Anonymous

    Repurchased, the function is good, several have replaced it, the service is good, now I can’t live without this spa toilet.

  11. Anonymous

    Smart function: It’s so easy to use! It’s high-end and looks the best! It has solved my major physical problems for many years. I will buy it again! Thumbs up!

  12. Anonymous

    Design style: Beautiful and practical, fully considering the inconvenience of the elderly, with strong functionality. The old man used it and thought it was great!

  13. Anonymous

    Multiple repurchases, smart homes, standard equipment for healthy living, trusted products for family members, excellent logistics and installation services, and timely and considerate after-sales service.

  14. Anonymous

    Intelligent function: It is very convenient to use, and the enema function is very easy to use. Water output and momentum are much better than previous brands. Material and workmanship: craftsmanship spirit, beautiful appearance

  15. Anonymous

    Intelligent function: it should be the most perfect at present. Effort: very good. It is the same whether there is electricity or not. awesome uses materials and workmanship: very good design style. What is suitable for special emphasis is that the packaging is very good

  16. Anonymous

    Smart function: I finally bought the hydrotherapy toilet after looking at it for a long time, and it really didn’t disappoint me. It was the first time in three years that I got rid of the Kaisailu! Water output power: The power of the water is so powerful that the toilet brush cannot be used at all. It is a favorite among lazy lovers! Materials and workmanship: super thick and the materials used are super good!

  17. Anonymous

    Fast logistics delivery, timely installation by the installation master upon arrival, careful explanation of use, elegant and comfortable appearance, very practical. The unique intestinal hydrotherapy function of the product has had a good effect on my constipation for many years. Thank you to the manufacturer for designing such a good toilet, which solved my problem. I will share and recommend it to my friends later??????

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