Children’s balance car 1-3 years old child sliding car baby walker


Children’s balance car 1 to 3 years old children’s pedalless scooter baby toddler four-wheel baby scooter




Children’s balance car for 1-3 year olds without pedals. The four-wheeled baby scooter for toddlers is a sliding car specially designed for babies aged 1-3 years old.It adopts a four-wheel design to facilitate baby’s learning to walk and balance exercises.This balance bike requires no pedals and no restraints, so babies can exercise their balance and coordination while playing freely.The body color is bright and the shape is cute. It is suitable for babies to play and can also stimulate their curiosity and desire to explore.Ideal for early exercise and entertainment as babies grow.


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18-3 years old

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2 years old, 18 months old, 3 years old

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Purple [Music Light] Gift Pack Silent Wheel [Height 75-95], Green [Music Light] Gift Pack Silent Wheel [Height 75-95], Pink [Music Light] Gift Pack Silent Wheel [Height 75-95], Light Blue [Music Light] Gift Pack Silent Wheel [Height 75-95], Purple [Music Light] Mute Wheel [Height 75-95], Green [Music Light] Mute Wheel [Height 75-95], Pink [Music Light] Mute Wheel [Height 75-95], Light Blue [Music Light] Mute Wheel [Height 75-95], Green without music or lighting, Pink without music or lighting

20 reviews for Children’s balance car 1-3 years old child sliding car baby walker

  1. Anonymous

    The car is too light, and the child keeps falling

  2. Anonymous

    Not suitable for children over a year old to play bigger

  3. Anonymous

    The seat has a small diaphragm and the rear wheels touch my feet. My child doesn’t like sitting on it.

  4. Anonymous

    The seat is a bit narrow, a bit painful**, and it can easily roll over when pulled, but otherwise it’s fine.

  5. Anonymous

    The customer service attitude is very good. The quality of the car is good. Two year old babies ride well too

  6. Anonymous

    My kids like it very much. It’s compact and convenient, and it also comes with music?? I think it’s okay for a three-year-old to ride it.

  7. Anonymous

    The car is very nice, but it’s a pity that my baby’s calves are too short to reach the ground, so it will take a while before he can play with it!

  8. Anonymous

    I received the balance car a few days ago. The quality is good, the color is nice, the music is loud enough, and there are also lights. Children like it.

  9. Anonymous

    Baby characteristics: The baby is 79 meters tall and enjoys playing in the park. I bought one for him, which is quite good, so I highly recommend it. Riding it makes me very happy

  10. Anonymous

    It’s easy to assemble and the quality is very good. It’s no big deal for my eldest daughter who weighs 30kg to sit on it. There are lights and sounds. My younger daughter likes it very much.

  11. Anonymous

    The cost-effectiveness is extremely high. Is this price the same as the quality?? The installation of the small car is simple, and babies also love to ride it. A 19 month old baby is a reference for mothers.

  12. Anonymous

    Applicable age: 1-3 years old Easy to organize: very easy Baby features: good-looking, fun, easy to get started Material introduction: very good Store service attitude, good value for money, my baby really likes it

  13. Anonymous

    Applicable age: 1-3 years old Easy to organize: very easy Baby features: good-looking, fun, easy to get started Material introduction: very good Store service attitude, good value for money, my baby really likes it??

  14. Anonymous

    Applicable age: This car can be played up to 3 years old. My daughter has been playing for almost 2 weeks now, so she can play for a long time! Does my daughter really like it?? The most desirable second day arrived haha

  15. Anonymous

    Is this car really amazing?? The appearance is impressive, and the quality is self-evident. The more you look at it, the better it looks. Upon receiving the goods, I immediately rode on the bike. The installation was simple, and the wheels were silent, making it super slippery.

  16. Anonymous

    Easy to install, the baby has just turned one year old and just walked a few steps. With this car, she can walk everywhere without fear of falling. Moreover, she loves those DJ music, and every time she rides it, she has to follow the music before she is willing to walk. Adults need to turn the direction, otherwise she will hit a wall.

  17. Anonymous

    The shape and appearance are nothing to say, the appearance is online, and it has never rolled over so far. The stability is still good, I like it very much. You can take it to shopping malls and parks and ride it casually, and your kids can ride on it. It can be moved around the house, and the size is just right for the baby to control????

  18. Anonymous

    Applicable age: Our baby is 18 months old, and I feel it can be used around 3 years old. Easy to organize: easy to install, easy to organize?? If it gets dirty, just wipe it clean. Baby features: good quality, beautiful style, I chose coffee color~Material introduction: there is no smell or burrs when opened. This car baby really likes it~With music?? And flash~Cute design with no color difference! Baby has to take it out to play every day??????

  19. Anonymous

    The appearance of the bike is okay. After trying it for a while, my child can’t walk yet. He has to put his feet on it when he is 75cm tall, so he doesn’t spend much time riding it.Secondly, I suggest that the manufacturer consider improving the vertical bar of the handle and tilt it slightly backward, because that day when I pressed the handle and pushed the car a little hard, it fell forward.Logistics is a bit violent. When I went to pick up the express delivery, the outer packaging was seriously damaged. Fortunately, nothing was lost.

  20. Anonymous

    Applicable age: My family is two years old and 2 months old. It should be able to play after one year old.Ease of arrangement: One-click installation, very smooth, children can play it when they get in the car, it plays very smoothly, and the turns are also very smooth, the stability is very good, it will not roll over, the quality is excellent, I recommend buying it if I like it.Features of the baby: The color of the baby is very beautiful, the function is strong, it has light and music, you can listen to songs while playing, and the silent wheel can hardly hear the sound.Material introduction: The material is very strong, the car is very stable, and there is no problem for adults and children to play together.

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