Romantic crystal chandelier French style bedroom in Los Angeles


Romantic crystal chandelier from Rossi, French American retro bedroom, dining room, living room, wardrobe, light luxury lighting fixtures


The Roche Romantic Crystal chandelier is a French American retro style lighting fixture suitable for bedrooms, restaurants, and cloakrooms. This pendant lamp adopts a light luxury design, integrating crystal elements, adding a noble and elegant temperament to the home. The appearance of the lighting fixtures is exquisite, using high-quality metal materials for durability. At the same time, the installation of lighting fixtures is simple, and the intensity and direction of the lights can be flexibly adjusted according to needs. The romantic crystal chandelier from Luoxi is suitable for matching with various furniture styles, adding a romantic and luxurious atmosphere to your home.

Additional information






American retro

Number of lamp heads



Chinese mainland

Number of light sources



111V~240V (inclusive)

Irradiation area

10 ㎡ -15 ㎡

Is it intelligent control


Applicable space


Main material of lamp body


Main material of lampshade


Pendant type

Crystal chandeliers

Lamp body auxiliary material


Lamp shape

Dual purpose ceiling lamp


H6480 Sun Crystal Pendant Light

Intelligent type

Connected to Tmall Genie

type of light source

LED lights, incandescent lights

Does the lighting fixture come with a light source


Same city service

Local buyers come to pick up the goods

Control type

Other, intelligent voice control, APP control, intelligent switch control, non intelligent control

3C certificate number

two thousand and eighteen trillion and eleven billion one million eighty-eight thousand four hundred and ninety-two

sort by color

40cm diameter (amber crystal), 50cm diameter (amber crystal), 65cm diameter (amber crystal), 80cm diameter (amber crystal), 40cm diameter (transparent crystal), 50cm diameter (transparent crystal), 65cm diameter (transparent crystal), 80cm diameter (transparent crystal), [Patented products, counterfeiting must be investigated]

20 reviews for Romantic crystal chandelier French style bedroom in Los Angeles

  1. Anonymous

    I like it very much?? It’s the feeling I want

  2. Anonymous

    Sisters are really super good-looking! Absolutely!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Very beautiful lamp, the shop also equipped with long expansion screws! Positive review!!!

  4. Anonymous

    If the evaluator fails to provide timely feedback, the system will default to positive feedback!

  5. Anonymous

    Two sizes, one large and one * * * color light source, the room instantly produces an effect! not bad

  6. Anonymous

    The lights are very beautiful and have a great atmosphere when installed, making them suitable for my home

  7. Anonymous

    The crystal lamp is big and flickering, and the beautiful reflection of seven colors suddenly makes the home bright and happy

  8. Anonymous

    It’s so beautiful. I didn’t install it correctly the first time and had to reinstall it. But after I installed it, I really like it.

  9. Anonymous

    A particularly beautiful crystal lamp! Assembly is also relatively simple! Assemble it by yourself! Does the crystal lamp have a good texture??

  10. Anonymous

    It’s super beautiful. I finally got the beauty of the crystal lamp. The store’s service is very timely and has a good attitude in solving problems.

  11. Anonymous

    The more I look at it, the more I like it. It is absolutely beautiful. I suggest that you buy a light panel before installation to double the beauty.

  12. Anonymous

    I like it very much, the real thing looks better.I feel like it would be better to buy a bigger one, but I’m already very satisfied!!! It’s just that it’s troublesome to install!

  13. Anonymous

    This is the most anticipated lamp, installed in the restaurant, and the size recommended by customer service is also very suitable. When you open the door, the feeling in front of you is very good??

  14. Anonymous

    The baby is good, it didn’t roll over, it’s pretty good.The seller’s service attitude is very good. The worker installed it incorrectly. I consulted the customer service, and the customer service responded enthusiastically.

  15. Anonymous

    The lamp is very beautiful, but I bought a small one, and I couldn’t understand it at first when I installed it. Later, after I understood it, I realized that I had heard of simple ones, and buying a bigger one would look better.

  16. Anonymous

    Looks good, looks good!! But there are slight flaws in the crystal, but you can’t see it when you hang it up.??I hope the seller will pay careful attention when shipping the goods.I feel that the recommended size is a bit small, you can buy 85.

  17. Anonymous

    It’s really beautiful, the texture is great, and the whole house has a better atmosphere. The packaging is very complete. I don’t have to worry about shipping across seas. Thank you to the seller for your service, which has given me a space to be envied by others.

  18. Anonymous

    The crystal chandeliers in the whole house were all purchased from his home, paired with our French style Juezi. The quality and details were done very well. Although the wall lamps were sent with the wrong accessories, the customer service was very patient and promptly replaced them. The installation service was excellent. Look at the pictures for the effect

  19. Anonymous

    The lamp is so beautiful, it’s really amazing. I can’t capture its beauty with my mobile phone. Please feel free to buy it. The seller is also very nice. He knew that I was in a hurry to join the business and helped me track the expedited shipment throughout the process. Most of the lamps They are all in stock, so choosing a strong store is such a worry-free experience!

  20. Anonymous

    Baby, it’s really great. The three-color light, no matter which kind of light, enhances the appearance of the restaurant.Especially when the lights are turned on at night, the reflected light is magnificent, crystal clear and translucent.When I chose this product, I read a lot of reviews and pictures.I placed the order after hesitation.It’s a little pricey, but it’s worth every penny and it’s great.Very good looking.The amber one looks better to me.The living room is a little inferior to him. I regret not buying this one for the living room.You get what you pay for, so those who want to place an order can do so decisively.

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