Lei Shi Intelligent Postmodern Chandelier Living Room Crystal


Lei Shi lighting pendant lamp Zhongshan lighting fixture French style light luxury modern minimalist restaurant lamp bedroom crystal lighting fixture


The chandelier of the NVC Lighting Zhongshan lighting series is a unique French light luxury modern simple dining room lamp and bedroom crystal lamp.With elegant lines, exquisite craftsmanship and elegant tones, this chandelier shows a noble yet simple design style and is suitable for various home environments.

Its unique design concept incorporates a variety of elements, including crystal decoration and delicate craftsmanship, to create an elegant and gorgeous appearance.In addition, high-quality materials and fine manufacturing techniques ensure the durability and stability of the product, allowing it to withstand the test of time.

This chandelier not only looks beautiful, but also has excellent lighting effects.The light is soft and even, creating a comfortable and warm atmosphere indoors.Whether dining, reading or relaxing, this chandelier provides ample lighting to meet your every need.

In addition, NVC Lighting Zhongshan Lighting Series chandeliers also have a variety of installation methods, which can be flexibly adjusted according to your needs.Whether used alone or matched with other home decoration styles, it can show its unique charm.Therefore, whether it is a newly renovated home or a home looking to upgrade, this chandelier is a very good choice.

In general, NVC Lighting Zhongshan Lighting Series Chandelier is a restaurant lamp and bedroom crystal lamp with great design, excellent quality and diverse functions.Whether you are pursuing simple elegance or a luxurious and comfortable home environment, this chandelier can add a unique style to your home.





Additional information








NVc/Lei Shi



Lamp shape


Warranty period

3 years

Number of lamp heads


Is it intelligent control


Pendant type

Iron pendant lamp

Main material of lamp body


Lamp body auxiliary material


Main material of lampshade


Lampshade auxiliary material


Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Does the lighting fixture come with a light source


Irradiation area

10 ㎡ -15 ㎡ 1 ㎡ -3 ㎡ 3 ㎡ -5 ㎡ 15 ㎡ -30 ㎡ 5 ㎡ -10 ㎡

Control type

Intelligent voice control APP controls intelligent switches, controls non intelligent controls, and others

3C certificate number

two thousand and nineteen trillion and eleven billion one million two hundred and eight thousand three hundred and eighty-three

sort by color

A [Mi Home Intelligence] Muse 60W, A [Mi Home Intelligence] Muse 120W, A [Mi Home Intelligence] One bedroom, one living room, A [Guest Dining Intelligence] Two bedroom two living room with circular dining crane, A [Guest Dining Intelligence] Two bedrooms and two living rooms with the same type of dining crane, A [Guest Dining Intelligence] Three bedrooms and one living room, A [Guest Dining Intelligence] Three bedroom, two living room with circular dining crane, A – Hot selling model [customer service intelligent] Three bedroom, two living room with the same type of dining crane, A [Guest Dining Intelligence] Three rooms and two living rooms with fans, A [Intelligent Catering] Four bedroom, two living room with circular dining crane, A [Guest Dining Intelligence] Four bedroom, two living rooms with the same dining crane

17 reviews for Lei Shi Intelligent Postmodern Chandelier Living Room Crystal

  1. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  2. Anonymous

    The wire drawing is not tight enough

  3. Anonymous

    Authentic and cost-effective, come again next time

  4. Anonymous

    Craftsman Duoduo, the installation is fast and not bad

  5. Anonymous

    Very beautiful, elevating the living room to a higher level, very satisfied

  6. Anonymous

    I received the light, but it hasn’t been installed yet. Tingmei’s service is good.

  7. Anonymous

    The lamp was received. The living room and dining room facilities are very nice. Tingmei’s service is great!

  8. Anonymous

    When I bought it, I was worried that it would not be good when I get it back, but it looks really good after installation.

  9. Anonymous

    I just waited for three weeks, but the delivery was slow and the things were very beautiful. Just installed, the three wires are very stable.

  10. Anonymous

    I bought it during an event. The light is soft and eye-friendly. It’s simple and elegant. I like it very much. It’s a big brand and I can trust it.

  11. Anonymous

    Received the goods, the packaging is very tight. A few days after the installation is completed. Take pictures and follow up on reviews after installation.

  12. Anonymous

    I bought a lot of lights. The customer service was great and the logistics was fast. I haven’t started installing them yet. I’ll comment on the pictures after I install them!

  13. Anonymous

    Yes, the crystal was bumped, so the customer service provided a reissue, but the customer service attitude was not good! The same problem was repeated many times! I was really angry!

  14. Anonymous

    There is still a big difference between the e-commerce model and the store model. How can we handle quality control? There are paint problems and peeling, while the store model has at least two to three thousand, and the workmanship is completely different.

  15. Anonymous

    Successfully popularized by Lei Shi, with good light source, not dazzling, and a sense of atmosphere when turning on the lights. The installation effect is very good. The customer service attitude is also very good in cloudy and rainy weather. It can be rushed. Rest assured to rush~

  16. Anonymous

    After the installation of the product, the wires were in a k-shaped shape. After being rejected by the installation technician for adjustment, they consulted customer service and received a perfunctory response. In the end, they had to find the technician outside to make the adjustment themselves. In fact, the adjustment process was very simple. We hope that the Leishi brand can supervise their after-sales service.

  17. Anonymous

    Opening the package, four pieces were broken. Unfortunately, I made an appointment with an installation technician at home and had to replace them with accessories. The 50% discount promotion is deeper, while the 67% discount promotion is deeper. Playing text games, I bought it at 1159 yuan and received a 50% discount of 399 yuan. Please be careful with the promotion. If you buy it at 67% discount, it will be at 67% discount. The warranty time is short and it is difficult to return it

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