Private baking electric oven, commercial cake, three wheat bread


Sanmai Commercial Oven Bakes Cake, Bread, and Electric Oven for Baking Private Room, Single Layer, One Plate, Two Layers, Two Plates


Ideal choice for professional baking

This Sanmai commercial oven is a great helper for your baking business! It uses advanced technology and is suitable for baking cakes, bread and other delicacies. Its design is suitable for commercial use and can meet your needs of single-layer one-plate or double-layer two-plate, greatly improving efficiency. Whether it is private baking or professional bakery, this oven can meet your various needs.

Adopting electric oven technology, Sanmai commercial oven is efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Its precise temperature control can ensure that the food is heated evenly to achieve the best baking effect. In addition, the oven is also equipped with safety protection devices, which makes it more assured to use.

The advantages of Sanmai commercial oven also include easy cleaning, simple operation and small footprint. Its stylish appearance design can be perfectly integrated with various commercial environments. Choosing Sanmai commercial oven means choosing an efficient, safe and reliable baking partner to help your business reach a higher level!




Additional information








Zhuhai city




Chinese mainland

warranty period

12 months

heating method



Guangdong Province

control method

Microcomputer based

Inner liner material

Aluminum Alloy

Procurement location

Chinese mainland


Zhuhai Sanmai Machinery Co., Ltd

number of discs

1 plate

sort by color

[Recommended 220V 3.5kW for private baking] SES-1Y, Each layer, one plate of oven, and 6 additional plates of hair drying box SES-1Y-P 220V, SES-2Y, SES-2Y, SES-3Y, SES-2Y-P, 220V 3.5kW SEZ-1Y

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  1. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: user-friendly and worry free

  2. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Good use, good use, good use, good use

  3. Anonymous

    Excellent workmanship, considerate service, good coloring effect

  4. Anonymous

    Overall evaluation: Their oven quality is like a tank, and overall it is very good

  5. Anonymous

    The product has been received but has not been tried yet. Follow up and review the usage in the future.

  6. Anonymous

    The logistics are fast, it should be genuine, and it feels good. I will bake a cake and take a look immediately

  7. Anonymous

    The quality of the oven is very good. I did a lot of research before buying it and finally chose Sanmai. Big brands are trustworthy. The temperature control is also good, especially the slate steam function, which can unlock more flavors of bread. The attitude of the local service provider in Qingdao is also very good. The chef is enthusiastic and responsible when he comes to the door for service! I will continue to cooperate with Sanmai if necessary in the future

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