Meiling Small Office Desktop Rapid Heating Fan


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Adopting efficient heating technology, low energy consumption while ensuring comfortable indoor temperature. The Meiling small fast heating fan is the ideal choice for your home and office environment, bringing you instant warmth and comfort.

Additional information




3rd gear






228 * 97 * 248mm

Power cord length


Applicable space


placement method


Additional features


Application area

5-15 ㎡

control method


warranty period

12 months

Type of heater/heater


Net weight (including base)


Does it support timing function


Power supply mode

Alternating current

Procurement location

Chinese mainland

Heating method of the heater

Heating wire

Intelligent type

Not supporting intelligence

Maximum heating area (square meters)

Below 20m ^ 2


Hefei Meiling Group Holdings Co., Ltd.

Maximum power of electric heater

1200W (inclusive) -2000W (inclusive)

3C certificate number

two thousand and nineteen trillion and ten billion seven hundred and seven million two hundred and thirty-six thousand seven hundred and thirty-five

sort by color

Elegant White, Elegant white extended long line style, blue, White temperature control, green, Green extension cable model, Blue extension cable model, White temperature control extension cable

12 reviews for Meiling Small Office Desktop Rapid Heating Fan

  1. Anonymous

    Very user-friendly

  2. Anonymous

    Very good, another one

  3. Anonymous

    This user did not fill in a review.

  4. Anonymous

    The effect is very good, the sound is low

  5. Anonymous

    The heating effect is very good and the effect is fast

  6. Anonymous

    It’s so easy to use, I’m not afraid of cold weather!

  7. Anonymous

    The brand of Meiling is still trustworthy and of good quality.

  8. Anonymous

    The wind is strong, warm, powerful, and does not consume electricity. It is very practical to place in the office. I put it on the computer case, which does not take up any space

  9. Anonymous

    The goods have been received and will be evaluated in 2 days. They are even more ideal than I expected. They are compact and do not occupy much space in the office, and the heating effect is also great

  10. Anonymous

    The heater has been received and is used for bathing babies. It heats up in just one second, and the warm air blows out, which is very comfortable. The noise is very low, and the power consumption is not high. The appearance is also high-end, and it is very convenient to have a handle. I really like it

  11. Anonymous

    Take it apart and test the machine! Very satisfied! Heat up quickly! There must be some sound! After all, the fan needs to rotate! Within acceptable range! Mainly there are no other abnormal noises! I feel very stable! Meiling is very good! Recommended! To be used in the future depends on the situation!

  12. Anonymous

    The price-performance ratio is very high, which exceeded my expectations. I usually use it to bathe my baby, and it is a bit cold. With this, the baby will not feel cold. It is beautiful and the color is super clean. I like it. It is quite big and has enough wind. It is suitable for any position in the house. It is very convenient to carry. As soon as I turn it on, I can feel the warm wind blowing on my face. I can feel the hot wind even when I sit far away. I don’t feel dry after using it. It is very good

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